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New titles 2012

  Plakat musi spiewac! (The poster must sing!)
Edited by Zdzislaw Schubert, published by and available from Muzeum Narodowe w Poznaniu, Poznan (PL) (2012); 372 pages, 32 x 23 cm, 737 color illustrations ; hardcover ; ISBN 978-83-89053-89-3; in polish and english; PLN 100 (about US$ 29)

Catalogue of the monumental exhibition in Poznan in 2011 with the highlights of the poster collection at the National Museum, from the Muchas of 1898 to the Rambows of 2007. Excellent texts, bibliography and documentation.

  Ben Bos, Form and Content
Published on the occasion of the 4. anniversary of Morteza Momayez's death, designed by Ben Bos, published by Nazar Research and Cultural Institute, Tehran (IR) (2011); about 120 pages, 22 x 22 cm, about 200 color illustrations ; softcover ; ISBN 978-600-152-034-1; in iranian and english

Editorial design, corporate identity, posters from 1963 to 2006, with an introduction by Jan Middendorp and a short biography

  Bruno Monguzzi, Maestro of form and function
Catalogue of an exhibition curated by Anoushiravan Momayez at the Morteza Momayez Gallery, Iranian Artists Forum, Tehran, designed by Bruno Monguzzi, published by and available from Aban Book Publisher, Tehran (IR) (2011); about 120 pages, 22 x 22 cm, about 200 color illustrations ; softcover ; ISBN 978-964-8913-70-5; in iranian and english

Posters, magazine and catalogue design, packaging from 1961 to 2010, with texts by Bruno Monguzzi, Antonio Boggeri and Majid Abbasi

  Jan Mlodozeniec 77 Plakatow
Catalogue of an exhibition at Galerie Test in Warsaw curated by Piotr Dabrowski, designed by Piotr Mlodozeniec, published by and available from The Art of Poster, Warsaw (PL) (2011); about 100 pages, 15 x 11 cm, 77 full page color reproductions ; softcover ; ISBN 978-83-932218-0-6; in polish

With short testimonials by Piotr Dabrowski, Jan Bokiewicz, Emilia and Wojtech Freudenreich, Andrzej Heidrich, Anna Mieczynska, Nina Rozwadowska, Marek Nowakowski, Filip Pagowski, Zdzislaw Schubert, Mieczyslaw Wasilewski, Wladyslaw Serwatowski, Jozef Wilkon and Maciek Wojak, a list of posters 1955 - 2000 and a short biography. Amazing how much a little book can contain if it is well done.

  Alliance Graphique Internationale, German Members / Deutsche Mitglieder 1954 - 2011
Edited by Jianping He, designed by Uwe Loesch, published by and available from Hesign Berlin, Berlin (DE) (2011); 384 pages, 26 x 18 cm, about 500 color reproductions ; softcover in transparent book case; ISBN 978-3-9810-4-6; in german and english; EUR 39.00 (about US$ 52)

The book presents the works of all 45 members of the international designers association AGI, including those who have died. It is a history of german graphic design and introduces the best german designers in chronological order, from Helmut Lortz to Niels Schrader, with their biographical details and design philosophies.

  Posters, Propaganda and Persuasion in election campaigns around the world and through history
by Steven A. Seidman, published by Peter Lang, New York NY (US) (2008); 328 pages, 22 x 16 cm, about 300 small black and white reproductions ; softcover; 978-0820486161; in english; US$ 28.00

A detailed analysis and inventory of political poster, especially election posters, from 1828 to 2004, in the US, Britain, France, and many other countries, with 50 pages of annotations, and an index of 27 pages.
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