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New titles 2000

Otto Treumann; T. Lauwen; 010 Publishers, Rotterdam (NL) (1999); design Irma Boom, 144 pages, 19 x 24 cm; softcover; ISBN 90-6450-311-7 dutch edition, 90-6450-312-5 english edition; NLG 65 ( about US$ 27 )
Treumann, born 1919, was a pioneer in the modernization of dutch graphic design

Was kostet Grafik-Design? (The cost of graphic design); H. Hackenberg; Verlag form, Frankfurt/M (D), fax +49 (0) 69 - 509597 310; 160 pages, 10 color illustrations, 14 x 21 cm; softcover; ISBN 3-931317-29-3; in german; DEM 88 (about US$ 40)
Practical guide for graphic designers and their clients about financial aspects of various graphic design projects

le silence des yeux - ronald curchod, affiches, peintures, illustrations, photographies et travaux graphiques 1992 - 2000; Catalogue of a personal exhibition at Les Silos, maison du livre et de l'affiche, Chaumont (F) (Dec 2000), with introductions by Patrick Giraudy and Vincent Perrottet; Editions Dumerchez, Reims (F); available from Les Silos,; catalogue and booklet in a folder, together 108 pages, about 150 color illustrations, 20 x 24 cm; softcover; ISBN 2-912927-47-1; in french; FFR 160 (about US$ 22)
A great painter has transported his art into the world of theater posters without compromise (see the web exhibition on Ronald Curchod

Graphistes autour du monde, Catalogue of an exhibition during the Mois du Graphisme d'Echirolles 2000 under the direction of Diego Zaccaria; Les Editions Textuel, 48 rue Vivienne, F-75002 Paris,, (Nov 2000); about 400 unpaginated pages, 16x21 cm, probably more than 1000 color illustrations; softcover; ISBN 2-84597-012-9; in french and english; FFR 345 (about US$ 47)
This heavy tome shows works of Garth Walker, Cyan, Neville Brody, Fantasma de Heredia, Ken Cato, Rafic Farah, Wang Xu, Ahn Sang-Soo, Idrissa Diara, Peret, David Tartakover, Keizo Matsui, German Montalvo, Celeste Prieto, Rick Vermeulen, Lech Majewski, Andrej Logvin, Werner Jeker, Bulent Erkmen, Paula Scher, Nancy Aquino and Saki Mafundikwa, and also photos of their studios, agendas, cities .. (see the web exhibition about Echirolles 2000)

Die Poesie des Konkreten, Plakate und Graphik der Kasseler Schule, by Anita Kuehnel, Kunstbibliothek, Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, Preussischer Kulturbesitz (Sept 2000); 94 pages, 19x24 cm, about 20 color and 100 b/w illustrations; softcover; ISBN 3-88609-445-6; in german; DEM 27.00 (about US$ 12)
Well researched catalogue of 174 items from a recent exhibition at the Kunstbibliothek. The Werkakademie in Kassel with teachers such as Hans Leistkow or Michael Engelmann trained a whole generation of leading german graphic designers (and teachers): Isolde Baumgart, Karl Oskar Blase, Frieder Grindler, Hans Hillmann, Gunter Rambow, Wolfgang Schmidt, Helmut Schmidt Rhen, Juergen Spohn, to name just a few at the top of the class.

The design story of Shin Matsunaga, by Shin Matsunaga, Agosto Inc., 4F Onda Bldg., Rokubancho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0085 (Oct 2000); 271 pages, 14x20 cm, 31 pages of color illustrations, few posters; hardcover; ISBN 4-901054-07-4; in japanese; 2500 Y (about US$ 25.00)
It's a sensual pleasure to hold it in your hands, I wish I could also read it

Cine Mexicano : Poster Art from the Golden Age, 1936-1956, by Rogelio Agrasanchez, Chronicle Books (November 2000); hardcover; ISBN 0811830586 ; US$ 15.16
$$$ Buy it now from!

Trouville - Deauville a l'affiche, catalogue of an exhibition at Musee de Trouville (F), by Frederic Citera - Bullot (1999); 96 pages, 46 color illustrations; softcover; ISBN 2-911855-20-5; in french; 180 FFR (about US$ 25)
From vintage travel posters to Raymond Savignac

Les affiches du Salon des Cent, catalogue of an exhibition at the Fondation Neumann, 1276 Gingins, Switzerland, by H. Bieri Thomson (2000); 96 pages, 24 x 27 cm, 46 full page color illustrations; softcover; ISBN 2-940126-08-9; in french
The posters of Bonnard, Ensor, Grasset, Ibels, Mucha, Toulouse-Lautrec

David Dellepiane - peintre, affichiste, illustrateur, by F.A. Beudon, with a chapter on Dellepiane's posters by Patrick Boulanger; Editions Parentheses, Marseille (F) (1999) 224 pages, 25 x 30 cm, about 400 color illustrations, 24 on posters; hardcover; ISBN 2-86364-098-4; in french; FFR 250 (about US$ 35.00)
Catalogue of an exhibition in Marseille (1999)

Ludek Marold 1865 - 1898, by Jana Orlikova, with a chapter on Marold's posters by Petr Stembera; Obecni dum, Prague (CZ) (1998); 162 pages, 22 x 28 cm, many color illustrations; soft cover ISBN 80-902507-4-2, hardcover ISBN 80-902507-4-2; in czech
Catalogue of an exhibition at the Municipal House, Prague (1998)

Diseno francia mexico, Two catalogues in one folder on an exhibition of mexican and french graphic designers in 1999; available from Galerie Anatome, 38 rue Sedaine, F - 75011 Paris, fax +33 1 55 28 19 00, email; 120 pages together, about 400 color illustrations, 20 x 29 cm ; soft cover; in spanish, french and english
The catalogues show the works of 28 mexican and 14 french graphic designers on posters, editorial design and multimedia, with detailed biographies. Outstanding publication, the top posters from both countries!

L'eau pour l'humanite - Water for humankind, catalogue of an international poster competition, organized by Thierry Sarfis in 1999; available from Galerie Anatome, 38 rue Sedaine, F - 75011 Paris, fax +33 1 55 28 19 00, email; 120 pages, 13 x 19 cm, 94 color illustrations; soft cover; in french and english; 70 FFR (about US$ 10)
The pictures of the image bank can also be seen at

Diseno grafico checo 1990 - 2000, catalogue of an exhibition in Mexico, June 2000; available from Galerie Anatome, 38 rue Sedaine, F - 75011 Paris, fax +33 1 55 28 19 00, email; 48 pages, 21 x 33 cm, about 100 color illustrations; soft cover; in spanish and czech
Posters, magazines, book and disc covers by Zdenek Ziegler, Frantisek Storm, Clara Istlerova, Robert Novak, David Cajthaml, Michal Cihlar, Karel Haloun, Sudio Najbrt & Lev, ReDesign, Pode Bal.

Rene Gruau, by Rejane Bargiel and Sylvie Nissen, in the series "L'art de la publicite", directed by Christophe Zagrodzki; Le cherche midi editeur, 23 rue du Cherche-Midi, F - 75006 Paris (1999); 128 pages, 23 x 28 cm, about 300 color illustrations; hard cover; ISBN 2-86274-695-9; in french and english; 220 FFR (about US$ 30.00)
The book accompanied the 1999 exhibtion at the Musee de la Publicite in Paris, and collects many posters, press advertisements, projects and scetches by the famous painter of elegant women and high fashion, still active and creative at 90. Good bibliography, well documented illustrations.

Stasys 50 - a retrospective of Stasys Eidrigevicius, catalogue of an exhibition at BWA Cracow (1999) edited by J. Grabski; IRSA Publishing House, Cracow (PL) (1999); available from Krzysztof Dydo Galeria Plakatu, Cracow (PL); 528 pages, 24 x 26 cm, 282 full page color reproductions, and about 800 documentary thumbnails; hard cover; ISBN 83-90675-3-2; in polish and english; PLZ 325.00 (about US$ 75.00)
A summary of Stasys' works up to age 50, including Ex Libris and book illustration, drawings, paintings, miniatures, posters, performances, photographs. 80 pages of texts by J. Grabski, R. Kapuszinski, W. Skrodzki, W. Wierzchowska, V. Sgarbi and others. The documentation shows 226 posters, among many other works.

Gisbert Combaz (1869-1941) : Fin de siecle Artist, by Jane Block; published by Pandora, Antwerp (B), (1999); 143 pages, 54 color and 114 b/w illustrations; ISBN 9053251758; in english with a resume in french and dutch;

Jan Lenica, catalogue of an exhibition at Centrum Sztuki Wspolczesnej, Warsaw (PL), (April 2000); 128 pages, 21 x 27 cm, about 100 color reproductions, soft cover; ISBN 83-88277-06-5; in polish;
Movie posters, illustrations, drawings, costumes; with texts by E. Czerwiakowska, J. Lenica, M. Gizycki, A. Conrad

Yokoo Poster Art, recent works of poster art by Tadanori Yokoo, published by Jitsugyo No Nihon Sha, 1-3-9 Ginza Chuo-ku, Tokyo # 104-8233; (May 2000); 198 pages, 16 x 24 cm, 135 color reproductions, hard cover; ISBN 4-408-10390-X; in japanese and english; Y 3300 (about US$ 31.00)
Posters from 1995 to 2000, with introductions by N. Sawaragi and M. Sylvestrova, and comments on many of his posters by Yokoo himself. An explosion of colors, ideas, pictures, dreams.

Polski Plakat Teatralny - Polish Theater Poster 1899 - 1999, by Krzysztof Dydo; available from Krzysztof Dydo Galeria Plakatu, Cracow (PL); (June 2000); 320 pages, 21 x 29 cm, 820 color reproductions; ISBN 83-905899-6-6; in polish and english; PLZ 120.00 (about US$ 30.00)
The standard work on polish theater posters, an incredibly rich selection of of graphic design, and at 30 $ a real steal. Includes 70 pages of text, a detailed description of the posters and their designers, and index of plays and theaters and a theater poster bibliography.

A.M. Cassandre en zijn Nederlandse opdrachtgevers 1927-1931, catalogue of an exhibition at the Railwaymuseum in Utrecht (1999); by Peter van Dam and Philip van Praag; published by Uniepers, Abcoude (1999); 128 pages, 22 x 28 cm, 65 color and ca. 80 black and white illustrations; ISBN 90 6825 221 6; HFL 34.90 (about US$ 15.00)
This booklet deals with an important phase in Cassandre's career, who had many orders for international dutch companies like Philips, Heemaf, Holland-Amerika Lijn, Maatschappij Zeeland. There is also a section on his influence on dutch graphic designers and a catalogue raisonne of his work for dutch companies

Krakow w plakacie 1900 - 2000, catalogue of an exhibition at the Center for Contemporary Art "SOLVAY", Cracow (2000); available from Dydo Poster Collection & Gallery, Cracow ; 70 pages, 80 color illustrations, many full page; 22 x 31 cm; softcover; ISBN 83-912885-3-6; in polish; 15 PLZ (about US$ 4.00)
mostly tourist posterswith short biographical notes on about 60 polish poster artists

Le fonds Dutailly, L'age d'or de l'affiche illustree dans les collections de la Mediatheque de Chaumont; with articles by J. Moris, A. Weill, V. Dupont and H. Dutailly; supplement au no. 220 juillet/aout/septembre 2000 Arts & Metiers du Livre; 16 pages, 21 color illustrations; 21 x 29 cm; softcover; in french
Brief description of Gustave Dutailly's collection of 19th century posters now kept in Chaumont (F)

Aubrey Beardsley; by S. Calloway, V & A Publications, London (March 2000),; 224 pages, 50 color and 140 bw illustrations; 19 x 25 cm; paperback edition of the hardcover version published in 1998; ISBN 1-85177-218-9; GBP 14.95 (about US$ 22)

Holger Matthies, i-d. Die wirklichkeit des Unerwarteten. Plakate; Doelling & Galitz, Hamburg (D), published by Museum der Arbeit (July 2000); 144 pages, 340 illustrations; hardcover; ISBN 3-933374-74-X; DEM 48 (about US$ 23)

Jan Mlodozeniec ; edited by A. Stroka; Armarium, Warsaw (June 2000), available at Galeria Grafiki i Plakatu, ul. Hoza 40, 00-516 Warsaw (PL), fax +48 - 22 -621 4077; 160 pages, about 130 color illustrations, many full page; 25 x 32 cm; hardcover; ISBN 83-913481-1-3; in polish and english
A luxurious edition with many of Jan Mlodozeniec best posters and paintings

Waldemar Swierzy; edited by A. Stroka; Armarium, Warsaw (June 2000), available at Galeria Grafiki i Plakatu, ul. Hoza 40, 00-516 Warsaw (PL), fax +48 - 22 -621 4077; 160 pages, about 130 color illustrations, many full page; 25 x 32 cm; hardcover; ISBN 83-913481-0-5; in polish and english
A luxurious edition with many of Swierzy's best posters and paintings

Political posters in central and eastern Europe 1945-95; J. Aulich and M. Sylvestrova; Manchester University Press (1999); 227 pages, 476 color and b/w illustrations; 22 x 28 cm; hardcover ISBN 0-7190-5418-4, softcover ISBN 0-7190-5419-2
A detailed history and analysis of political posters in communist Europe

Katalog 4, Schoene und seltene Plakate; Burkhard Suelzen, Stromstr. 23, D-10551 Berlin (1999); 30 pages, 124 b/w illustrations; 15 x 21 cm; softcover; in german
Sales catalogue for 124 posters, mostly from Germany and Austria

Made by children, Dix ans d'activites de l'Atelier d'Arts Plastiques du College Brizeux, campagnes d'affiches d'utilite publique pour la ville de Quimper 1991 -2000; catalogue printed for the exhibition "Un petit bout du Monde" at the Moulins de Villancourt in Echirolles (F), May 2000; available from Maison du Livre et de l'Affiche, Chaumont (F); about 80 pages with full page color illustrations, and a 2 page introduction by "Le prof."; 15 x 21 cm; softcover; in french
Social posters from Alain Le Quernec's students

Bruno Monguzzi, ggg books-48, edited by Ikko Tanaka; published by Ginza Graphic Gallery, Tokyo, (February 2000), available from TransArt, 13-12 Kanda Suda-ch 2-chome, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0041, Japan; 64 pages, about 50 color reproductions, 19 x 13 cm, hardcover; ISBN 4-924956-48-1; 1165 Y (about US$ 11) in japanese and english
Mostly posters from one of the best swiss typographers

Posters of Kazumasa Nagai [Life], catalogue of an exhibition at the National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo (1998); published by the National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo; 96 pages, 85 full page color reproductions, 30 x 21 cm, softcover; in japanese and english
Nagai's animal posters from 1987 - 1998

hoch die kampf dem 20 Jahre Plakate autonomer Bewegungen; published by HKS 13, Verlag Libertaere Assoziation, Hamburg (D) (1999); 240 pages, 603 color reproductions, another 3000 jpg illustrations on a CD (included), 22 x 22 cm, hardcover; ISBN 3-922611-73-7; in german; DEM 39.80 (about US$ 20)
German political posters from the far left

The 11th Colorado International Invitational Poster exhibition; Colorado State University, Fort Collins CO, USA (September 1999); 64 pages, about 100 color reproductions, 22 x 22 cm, softcover
An indispensible companion to CSU's web site on the exhibition

Les Graphistes Associes, Liquidation Totale; Editions Dumerchez, BP 80356, 60312 Creil cedex, et 34, rue du Jard, F-51100 Reims (March 2000); 296 pages, about 300 full page color reproductions, 22 x 16 cm, softcover; ISBN 2-912927-35-8; in french; FFR 200 (about US$ 30.00)
Published for the exhibition at Maison du livre et de l'affiche, Chaumont (F), and a farewell to the famous french group of graphic designers around Vincent Perrottet, which ceased to exist in May 2000. La vie continue.

L'engagement politique et social; 11e rencontres internationales des arts graphiques, edited by Alain Weil; Ville de Chaumont (F) (2000); available from Maison du Livre et de l'Affiche, Les Silos, Chaumont; 103 pages, about 150 color reproductions, 24 x 21 cm, softcover; ISBN 2-9511428-2-X; in french; FFR 150 (about US$ 22.00)
The catalogue of the festival, with 19th century posters from the collection Dutailly, new theater posters from Gunter Rambow, covers from the south african magazine I-Jusi, french posters for city life, 13 of U.G. Sato's fax art posters against nuclear testing, political posters from Germany, and the 91 selections from the international poster competition

Plakat; Reihe Grundlagen der Medienkommunikation Bd. 5, by J. Kamps; Max Niemeyer Verlag, Tuebingen (D) (1999); 106 pages, no illustrations, 22 x 14 cm, softcover; ISBN 3-484-37105-6; in german; DEM 19.80 (about US$ 10.00)
A very concentrated summary of all kinds of aspects of german posters: Definition, production, distribution, legal aspects, theory, types of posters, posters research, poster history, bibliography
$$$ Buy it now from!

Movie poster price almanac 2000; edited by John Kisch; Separate Cinema® Publications, Hyde Park NY 12539, USA (2000), Fax (914) 454 7131, email ; 652 pages, 23 x 16 cm, hardcover; ISBN 0-9661482-2-3; US$ 49.95
A truly amazing compilation of 100'000 prices from posters sold in 1999, 30'000 from internet sales. See also the review of the 1998 edition, or go to the Posterprice website

Movie Poster Design; by Mike Salisbury; Rotovision (June 1999); 176 pages, hardcover; ISBN 2880463572; US$ 39.95
$$$ Buy it now from!

Werbung an der Grenze, Provokation in der Plakatwerbung der 50er bis 90er Jahre; by Angela Schulze, Deutscher Universitaets-Verlag, Wiesbaden (D) (1999); 350 pages, 59 small b/w illustrations, 15 x 21 cm, softcover; ISBN 3-8244-4358-9; in german; DEM 78.00 (about US$ 37 )
A PhD thesis on provocative german publicity, from Klaus Staeck and sex to Benetton

Golden Bee 1 - 5. The best posters of 90's; by S. Serov, Moscow (2000); available from RIP Holding; US$ 60
"The best posters created by designers who participated in the Moscow biennali, each with single poster except the laureates. Moreover, the album will include a full report on what was happened in the 90's under the aegis of Golden Bee"

Politisch / soziales engagement & grafik design; Berlin (2000); available from NGBK, Oranienstr. 25, Berlin; 128 pages with color illustrations; ISBN 3-926796-62-6; DEM 22 in the exhibition, DEM 38 (about US$ 20) in bookshops
Catalogue of an exhibition at the NGBK in May 2000, of french and german political posters, with interviews with les graphiste associés, Klaus Staeck, nous travaillions ensemble, Linke Hände, ne pas plier, fabrique d'Image, Pascal Colrat, Manfred Butzmann, Büro für Ungewöhnliche Maßnahmen, etc.

Istvan Orosz, etchings and posters, text by Andras Torok and Roberta Lord; GrafikARCHIVE Publishing, L. Barton & G. Kortuem, Kansas City (1999); second, limited edition, available in Europe from Nijhof&Lee, elsewhere from ; 78 pages with b/w and color illustrations (about 13 posters and 28 etchings), 20 x 23 cm; ISBN 0-9678409-1-0; hardcover; NLG 125 / US$ 50

Fotografia w plakacie japonskim, z kolekcji Muzeum Narodowego w Poznaniu (Photography in japanese posters, from the collection of the National Museum Poznan), by Anna Grabowska; National Museum Poznan (PL) (2000); 40 pages, 19 color reproductions; 14 x 24 cm, softcover; ISBN 83-85296-97-2; in polish; PLZ 8.00 (about US$ 3.00)
Well made catalogue of an exhibition of 51 japanese posters using convetional photography, with a 10 page introduction

Picasso, Die Plakatkunst, by M. Gundel; Prestel, Munich (D) (2000); 96 pages, 66 reproductions; ISBN 3-7913-2277-X; DEM 68.00 (about US$ 35.00)
Catalogue raisonne of "all posters of Picasso", accompanying an exhibition in Munich (D)

Graphisme en France 2000, et en Allemagne, Angleterre, Espagne, Italie, Pays-Bas, Suisse; available from Marsha Emanuel, Delegation aux arts plastiques, Ministere Culture Communication,; 14 pages, 21 x 30 cm; in french
A reduced online version is on
A real useful brochure with lots of information, calendar of events, telephone numbers, mail, web and email addresses of museums, revues, festivals, libraries, designer associations ...

Die Avantgarde und das Plakat, Kuenstlerplakate vom Historismus bis zum Bauhaus; Birgit Doering; Museum fuer Kunst und Gewerbe, Hamburg (D) (1998); 204 pages, 106 b/w illustrations, 20 x 26 cm, softcover; ISBN 3-923859-39-2; in german
Revised edition of a PhD thesis at the Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universitaet Bonn (D), on german artist posters from 1883 to 1930

Plakat. Kunst., Ueber die Verwendung eines Massenmediums durch die Kunst; O. Mittmannsgruber, M. Strauss (Hrsg.) (2000); Springer Wien (A); 248 pages, 88 small b/w illustrations, 17 x 24 cm, softcover; ISBN 3-211-83412-5; in german
Mostly theory. Sample quote from p.69: "Die grobianistische, man koennte auch sagen: avantgardistische Stroemung von Dada ueber Neo-Dadaismen bis zu Auto-Destruction Art und Plagiarismus zielte auf entweder die Zerstoerung oder auf die Verarschung des Formalaesthetischen."

Spiegel der volmaaktheid: De kleurrijke filmaffiches van Frans Bosen, by Bastiaan Anink & Paul van Yperen (1999); Arcadia, PO Box 2356, 2002 CJ Haarlem, The Netherlands, fax +31 23 525 9784; 96 pages, 44 illustrations, 16 in color; in dutch; HFL 24.50 (about US$ 10)
Posters from Frans Bosen (1891-1949), one of the dutch film poster pioneers

Anschlag, Polnische Plakate 1952 - 1982, Sammlung Seefelder, Kunstverein Ludwigshafen am Rhein e.V., Bismarckstraße 44-48, D - 67059 Ludwigshafen Deutschland, fax 0049 - 621 - 504 2591; 64 pages, 55 color reproductions, 21 x 26 cm, softcover; in german
Catalogue of an exhibition at the Kunstverein 2000.01.25 - 2000.03.05

Buero Destruct, R. Klanten, publisher, Verlag Die Gestalten, Berlin (1999); available from Die Gestalten or Nijhof & Lee; 192 pages, about 500 color reproductions, 24 x 28 cm, softcover; ISBN 3-931126-24-2; in german and english; DEM 69.00, US$ 44.00
Fresh new graphic design from a young swiss group

Plakaty 1941 goda, Katalog kollektsi belorusskogo gosudarstvennogo Muzeia Istorii Velikoi Otechestvennoi Voini (Posters from 1941, catalogue of the whiterussian Museum of the History of World War 2);G.V. Pavlovskaia, I. Iu. Voronkova; Minsk, Belorossia, Asobny Dakh (1998); available from Edan Collector Inc., Brooklyn NY; about 96 pages, about 100 color reproductions, 14 x 21 cm, softcover; ISBN 985-6356-08-03; in russian; US$ 19.95
Russian World War2 propaganda posters, 4 page introduction

Gino de Finetti, Manifesti, dipinti e disegni; Diego Arich; Marsilio Editori, Venice, Italy (Dec 1999); 127 pages, about 200 color and b/w reproductions, 21 x 28 cm, softcover; ISBN 88-317-7369-0; in italian
Excellent catalogue of an exhibition at the Musei Provinciali di Gorizia (1999), with detailed descriptions of Finetti's works, biography, bibliography

Angura : Posters of the Japanese Avant-Garde ; David G. Goodman; Princeton Architectural Press (Jul 1999); 22 x 20 cm, softcover; ISBN 1568981783; US$ 16.96
Underground theater posters of the 60's and 70's
$$$ Buy it now from!


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