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front cover Was kostet Graphik - Design ?
(The cost of graphic design)
H. Hackenberg; Verlag form, Frankfurt/M (D), fax +49 (0) 69 - 509597 310; 160 pages, 10 color illustrations, 14 x 21 cm; softcover; ISBN 3-931317-29-3; in german; DEM 88 (about US$ 40)

There are no standardized fees for graphic design work in Germany, and each contract has to be negotiated separately. This book gives advice, to graphic designers as well as to their clients, on what has to be taken into account in a realistic price calculation, and shows in detail several real life case studies. Included are for example the different phases of a project, beginning with the first meeting end ending with supervision of printing.

In many countries, this information is distributed by the professional associations to their members, but this book, despite its high price, seems to fill a real need. It is already in its second printing.

In the chapter on posters, two examples are given:

If any of my readers (that means you!) are willing to mail me specific examples of amounts paid for the design of a poster, if possible together with a picture of it, I will be glad to publish it on Rene Wanner's Poster Page. Examples from the past are also welcome. I am sure this will tickle the curiosity of all poster fans about the material wealth of poster designers.

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