WEB POSTER EXHIBITION - Mois du Graphisme d'Echirolles 2000

The Month of Graphic Design in Echirolles, a city close to Grenoble in the french Alps, is a yearly event with exhibitions, workshops, panel discussions and so on. In celebration of the millenium, the organizers invited 22 graphic designers from all over the world to send their posters, and photographs of their studios, their favorite newspaper, train tickets, a page from their agenda and other things, and this was all exhibited in Echirolles and Grenoble, and published in a catalogue. Some of the designers also attended the opening ceremonies, and the french students had a chance to chat with them.

Fortunately, the festival has a very good and up to date web site that describes the activities, and so I can just show you personal impressions on some of the graphistes and some of the visitors.

Festival poster
by Michel Quarez
(see the face ?)

Theater "La Rampe" is one of the
traditional exhibition locations

Poster by Paula Scher
shown in "La Rampe"

Poster and its reflection on the
glass walls of a tram station
in downtown Echirolles

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