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New titles 2002

Before 30 - The works of Jianping He
Edited by Jianping He and Harald G. Hentrich, published by Hentrich & Hentrich Verlag, Teetz (DE) (Nov 2002), available from Jianping He,; 160 pages, 17 x 24 cm, about 100 mostly full page color illustrations; softcover; ISBN 3-933471-38-9; in english, german and chinese; Euro 40.00 (US$ 40.00)
With texts by Heinz-Juergen Kristahn, Frieder Mellinghoff, Pierre Mendell and Jianping He; with a detailed list of 63 works (mostly posters, some free work, photographs, book covers, logos), a biography, and a list of awards
Kamekura Yusaku
Visual Message Books, published by Zhu E, Beijing (CN) (2000); 64 pages, 11 x 14 cm, about 50 color reproductions; softcover; ISBN 7-80625-719-5; in chinese and english; 10 Yuan (about US$ 1.20)
Posters and book covers, with a short biography, a portrait and a list of the selected works of Yusaku Kamekura (1915 - 1997), the designer of the Tokyo Olympics 1964 poster.
Contemporary design in China - 100 posters
Edited by Zhao Yan, published by College of Media Art & Design, Drexel University, Philadelphia PA (US) and Visual Communication Design Departement, China Academy of Art, Hangzhou (CN), (2002); 104 pages, 21 x 24 cm, 100 color reproductions; softcover; in english and chinese
Catalogue of an exhibition at Drexel University 2002.02.04 -2002.02.23, with introductions by Jack Cliggett and Zhao Yan, the curators of the exhibition.
Just posters
Edited and designed by Sandy Kaltenborn / bildwechsel, published by edition solitude, Berlin (DE) (2002); 96 pages, 11 x 15 cm, about 100 color reproductions and photographs; softcover; ISBN 3-929085-75-5; in english; Euro 6.50 (about US$ 6.50)
Sandy K. is a young, politically active graphic designer in the tradition of Grapus. In this unpretentious small book he shows how he fights against ignorance and injustice and discrimination in Berlin with (visually very attractive!) posters, and carefully explains their context.
4th Ogaki International Invitational Poster Exhibition
Edited and designed by Noboru Matsuura, published by Ogaki Poster Museum, Ogaki (JP) (2002); 93 pages, 25 x 22 cm, 168 color reproductions; softcover; ISBN 7-5394-0820-0; introduction in japanese, catalogue text in english
91 international designers have been invited to show their latest works. I wish all poster catalogues would be as well designed an printed as this one!
Koichi Sato - new generation graphic designer
Visual Message Books, published by Zhu E, Beijing (CN) (1999); 162 pages, 21 x 29 cm, 189 color reproductions; softcover; ISBN 7-5394-0820-0; in chinese; 98 Yuan (about US$ 12)
with a list of posters and logos, and a detailed biography
Il manifesto Fiat 1899 - 1965 Das Fiat-Plakat
Published by Andrea Wandschneider / Staedtische Galerie Am Abdinghof, Paderborn (DE) 2002; 104 pages, 24 x 28 cm, several b/w and about 60 full page color pictures; softcover; in german; Euro 12.90 (about US$ 13)
Catalogue of an exhibition in Paderborn 2002.09.08 - 2002.11.03, with texts by A. Wandschneider, A.C. Quintavalle, and E. Soleri, with detailed description of the posters from the Gaudenzio Bono collection, and short biographies of 11 of the main designers represented in the catalogue.
Design by Makoto Saito
Published by Hubei Fine Arts Publishing House, Wuhan (CN) (2001); 118 pages, 13 x 18 cm, about 120 pictures; softcover; ISBN 7-5394-1100-7 ; in chinese; Yuan 30.00 (about US$ 4)
With posters from 1983 to 2000, and a short biography. It is hard to believe that the famous "blue bone poster" by this young and rebellious japanese designer is now almost 20 years old! Contains many other works that have become classics.
Happy – das Versprechen der Werbung
Edited by C. Doswald, Museum fuer Kommunikation, Bern (CH), published by Chronos Verlag, Zuerich (CH), (2002); 280 pages, 19 x 26 cm, numerous illustrations; softcover; ISBN 3-0340-0549-0 ; in german; CHF 49.00 (about US$ 32)
Catalogue of an exhibition at the Museum fuer Kommunikation 2001.09.07 - 2002.07.28. Contains an article by Richard Frick on cuban OSPAAAL posters, together with 45 pictures of posters from his collection.
Visual strategies against AIDS Poster Collection 06, Museum fuer Gestaltung Zuerich
Essay by N. Barley; Published by Felix Studinka / Lars Mueller Publishers CH-5401 Baden (CH)(September 2002); 64 pages, 136 illustrations; 17 x 24 cm; softcover; ISBN 3-907078-90-X; in german and english; CHF 36 (about US$ 27)
"On international posters for AIDS prevention and the importance of posters for mass communication"
Typotecture Poster Collection 05, Museum fuer Gestaltung Zuerich
Essay by A. Janser; Published by Felix Studinka / Lars Mueller Publishers CH-5401 Baden (CH)(September 2002); 64 pages, 81 illustrations; 17 x 24 cm; softcover; ISBN 3-907078-89-6; in german and english; CHF 28 (about US$ 18)
"On type treated as architecture in contemporary poster design"
Keith Haring : Short messages : Posters
by Marc Gundel, published by Prestel (US) (October 2002); 96 pages, 59 full page color reproductions, 25 x 31 cm; hardcover; ISBN 3791327801 for the english edition, US$ 27.95, ISBN 3-7913-2780-1 for the german edition, Euro 39.95
with a catalogue-raisonne of the posters by Claus von der Osten
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The 7th Biennial of Iranian Graphic Designers 2002
Published by the Iranian Graphic Designers Society IGDS Tehran (IR) (2002); 170 pages, 22 x 22 cm, about 400 color illustrations; softcover; in farsi and english
Catalogue of the exhibition at the Niarvan Cultural Center Tehran, 2002.02.12 - 2002.03.19, with an introduction by Morteza Momayez and a list of about 300 exhibiting designers grouped in chapters of logo design, posters, book covers, advertising, packaging brochure design, web & multimedia and other works
Wiktor Gorka - czyli taaaka ryba ! (such a biiig fish !)
Edited by Anna Zabrzeska-Pilipajc, published by and available from Muzeum Plakatu w Wilanowie, Warsaw (PL) (2001); 62 pages, 23 x 31 cm, 106 color illustrations, many b/w photos; softcover; ISBN 83-7100-071-5; in polish and english
Catalogue of an exhibition at the Poster Museum in Wilanow, with texts by Maria Kurpik, Xavier Bermudez, Anna Zabrzeska-Pilipajc, a detailed biography and bibliography and a detailed list of 200 posters from one of the great masters of the classic school of polish posters.
HELVETICA - Homage to a typeface
Edited by Lars Mueller, published by Lars Mueller Publishers, Baden (CH) (Sep 2002); 256 pages, 13 x 16 cm, 800 color illustrations; hardcover; ISBN 3-907044-87-8; in english; Euro 26.00 (US$ 30.00)
"This book sings the praises of the shift worker and solo entertainer of typefaces, of its forgotten creator Max Miedinger and all those who have contributed to its unparalleled international march of triumph over the past forty years."
Schtarker fun ajsn, Konzert - und Theaterplakate aus dem Wilnaer Getto 1941 - 1943
( Stronger than Iron, Concert and theater posters from the ghetto in Wilna 1941 - 1943 )
Edited by Georg Heuberger, published by Jüdisches Museum, Frankfurt am Main (DE), (Sep 2002); 346 pages, 17 x 24 cm, 45 color reproductions; softcover; ISBN 3-98077-67-6-X ; in german
Catalogue of an exhibition at the Jüdisches Museum, Frankfurt am Main, 2002.09.19 - 2002.12.29, organized on the occasion of the Frankfurt Book Fair where Lithuania was this year's guest country.
Bolaffi International Posters 2003 Top prices 2002
published by Giulio Bolaffi Editore, Turin (IT) (October 2002); 174 pages, 22 x 29 cm, about 400 color reproductions; hardcover; ISBN 88-85846-10-7; in english; US$ 49
This publication lists and shows all posters that sold for more than US$ 5000 in international poster auctions between September 2001 and August 2002.
Graphis Poster Annual 2002
edited by B. Martin Pedersen, published by Graphis Press (US) (August 2002); 256 pages, 23 x 30 cm; hardcover; ISBN 1931241066; in english; US$ 49
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Travel by Train: The American Railroad Poster, 1870-1950
by Michael E. Zega, John E. Gruber, published by Indiana University Press (US) (October 2002); 122 pages, 29 x 29 cm; hardcover; ISBN 7-80625-985-6; in english; US$ 34.97
"Posters included Maurice Logan's icons of the 1920s, overland limiteds passing in the West; Adolph Treidler's wonder cities; Santa Fe's Native Americans; and Leslie Ragan's and Sascha Maurer's machine-age steamliners"
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Japan poster game
Visual Message Books, published by Zhu E, Beijing (CN) (2001); 128 pages, 13 x 18 cm, 118 full page color reproductions; softcover; ISBN 7-80625-985-6; in chinese; 35 Yuan (about US$ 5)
Posters between 1955 and 2001 from 27 contemporary japanese designers, an interesting cross section with a 3 page introduction.
The 2nd International Poster Exhibition, Ningbo 2001
Catalogue of the exhibition in Ningbo (CN) (2001); 146 pages, 21 x 29 cm, more than 300 color reproductions; softcover; ISBN 7-80580-841-4; in chinese and english; 100 Yuan (about US$ 12)
2000 posters from 756 designers and 42 countries were submitted on the theme of "Fusion" for this high level international event. Introductory pages by Xu Funing, Kan Tai-keung and Pan Qin.
The 8 Graphic Designers Poster Exhibition, Ningbo 2001
Catalogue of the jury members of the 2. International poster exhibition in Ningbo (CN) (2001); 116 pages, 21 x 29 cm, about 80 color reproductions and many photographs; softcover; ISBN 7-80580-842-2; in chinese and english; 70 Yuan (about US$ 8)
Each of the jury members Ahn Sang Soo, Philippe Apeloig, Fang Chen, Han Jiaying, Kan Tai-keung, Mitsuo Katsui, James Victore and Wang Xu is presented by a portrait, a short biography and a selection of recent posters. The cream of the cream!
The Silent Film Poster Russia 1900 - 1930
by Nina Baburina; published by Art-Rodnik Publishers, Moscow (2001), Fax (095) 151 35 12, email ; 192 pages, 25 x 32 cm, 161 full page color reproductions; hardcover; ISBN 5-88896-061-6; in english
This is the english version of the book originaly published in russian as "Plakat nemogo kino", with a 13 page introduction by Nina Baburina, former curator of the poster collection of the Lenin Library, a detailed description of the posters with the titles translated to english, and short biographies of the poster designers. Amongst the artists are Belskii, Bograd, Borisov, Dlugach, Gerasimovich, Lavinskii, Naumov, Prusakov, Rodchenko, Ruklevskii, and the Stenberg brothers; and among the posters all the breathtaking masterpieces for which this period is famous, like The Man with the movie camera, the Battleship Potemkins, and a beautiful Malevich that is not in Susan Pack's book.
Katalog 6, Schoene und seltene Plakate; Burkhard Suelzen, Stromstr. 23, D-10551 Berlin (2002), Fax 030 39036377, email; 64 pages, 106 b/w illustrations; 15 x 21 cm; softcover; in german
Sales catalogue for 106 "beautiful and rare posters", and poster publications, mostly from Germany and Austria
Cinema Posters Paul Lipschutz Collection
published by Paul Lipschutz, Stockholm (SE)(2002); available from Grafiska Punkten, PO Box 417, SE 35106, Vaxjo, Sweden, Fax +46 470 700 701, in packs of 10 books. 130 pages, 21 x 30 cm, 130 full page color reproductions; hardcover; SEK 2840 (about 300 US$) for 10 books
"Cinema Posters contains fragments of a richly faceted film history revealed through artistic posters from various countries. Celebrated stars and famous directors have collaborated in masterpieces which conjure up reminiscences and revive old memories". The book shows movie posters between 1919 and 2000, mainly from Sweden, Poland and France.
Filmovy plakat Filmovy plakat do roku 1945 ve sbirkach Moravske galerie v Brne
by Radana Melkova; Univerzita Palackeho v Olomouci (CZ), (2002) 54 pages, 15 x 21 cm, 18 color reproductions; softcover; ISBN 80-244-0403-6; in czech; CZK 138 (about 5 US$)
This publication lists 80 czech movie posters published before 1945 from the poster collection of the Moravian Gallery in Brno (CZ), with a short introduction, a list of film titles and poster designers, and a bibliography
Auf den ersten Blick / At first sight
Graphic Design fuer den Alltag / Everyday Graphic Design
by Pierre Mendell; published by Lars Müller Publishers, Baden (CH), (Sep 2002); 240 pages, 24 x 30 cm, 200 color reproductions; hardcover; ISBN 3-907078-64-0 with german cover, 3-907044-49-5 with english cover; in german and english; CHF 98 (about US$ 65)
An excellent monograph with many large scale reproductions of posters, and other applied graphics, from one of Germany's leading graphic designers.
Jan Mlodozeniec 1929 - 2000 PortArt - An attempt to show the artists heritage
Catalogue of retrospective exhibitions in Katowice and Torun (PL) in 2001, curated by Zdzislaw Schubert, with texts by Z. Schubert and E. Lewandowski; 88 pages, 21 x 29 cm, about 100 color reproductions; hardcover; ISBN 83-88254-13-8; in polish and english
A first overview, and small selection, of the artists immense work, with a detailed listing of 600 posters, poster projects, scetches, drawings, book illustrations and paintings. Included is a short biography, and an extensive list of exhibitions, awards and publications. The title refers to Mlodozeniec very last drawings shortly before he died, showing ships, sailors and ports, indicating that he was well aware that he was soon bound for the ultimate port of call. A thorough and careful catalogue, like all of Schubert's publications, and a moving homage to one of the great polish artists and poster designers.
Visual Voice Finn Nygaard
by Finn Nygaard, Kannike Graphic A/S, Denmark, available from Finn Nygaard, Fredensborg (DK) (2002); 200 pages, 22 x 30 cm, about 200 color reproductions, many photographs; softcover; ISBN 87-988916-1-8; in english
The rich and colorful poster work, and other graohic design, from the last few years is well presented, with comments by Shigeo Fukuda, Kari Piippo, Pekka Loiri, Seymour Chwast, Xiao Yong, Waldemar Swierzy, Peter Gyllan, Mervin Kurlansky and many others. Visit Finn's web site to get an impression. A particular treat are the posters for IdcN Japan !
Zebrowski Rysunki Plakaty (Drawings and posters by Zebrowski)
by Leszek Zebrowski, available from KAdruk, Szczecin (PL) (2002); about 80 pages, 21 x 30 cm, about 100 b/w reproductions; softcover; in polish
High quality reproductions of the recent black and white works of this polish master, see the web exhibition for some samples.
Defining Russian Graphic Arts from Diaghilev to Stalin 1898 - 1934
edited by A. Rosenfeld, published by Rutgers University Press (1999), available from The International Poster Gallery, Boston MA (US); 220 pages, 22 x 28 cm, about 70 color and more than 200 b/w reproductions; hardcover; ISBN 0-8135-2604-3; in english; US$ 55
Catalogue of a major exhibition organized by the Jane Voorhees Zimmerli Art Museum, with support from the National Library of Russia in St. Petersburg, with an extensive bibliography
Displace yourself_! unrealized material by Fons M. Hickmann,
Magazine - book accompanying an exhibition at the Heiligenkreuzer_Hof in Vienna (AT) (July 2002), Published by the University of Applied Arts in Vienna (AT), available from; 20 pages, 13 full page color reproductions, 32 x 46 cm; softcover; in english; 9 Euro (about US$ 9)
Works from Fons Hickmann that for one reason or another did not see the light of the day, mixed with quotes from "one of the most creative heads of the international design scene"
The Trio of Asia Poster, the power of design from Japan, Korea and Taiwan,
Catalogue of a poster exhibition in Taipei (TW) (December 2001), curated by Apex Lin Pang-soong, Organized by the Graphic Design Association of R. O. C. (GDA--Taiwan), Dept. of fine arts of National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU), fax +886--2--2365--6521, (President :Wang Su-Chao, GDA-Taiwan) ; 200 pages, 156 color reproductions, 21 x 29.7 cm; softcover, in chinese and english.
Catalogue with biographies and portraits and posters of (A) Japan, 60 posters by 30 designers : Okamoto Shigeo, Miyabayashi Michio, Nakajima Shunichi, Nishio Ken, Tanabe Masakazu, Takehara Yutaka, Asai Yoshiteru, Kosakai Yoshikatsu, Morimoto Ken, Kato Kan, Yamasaki Akira, Mizuno Mitsuo, Shoda Yoshihiro, Kato Shuzo, Hara Tadashi, Nomura Toshio, Mori Kazuyuki, Hattori Yukiharu, Yamauchi Shunyo, Takakita Yukiya, Suzuki Masaru, Niinomi Shunji , Kotani Kyoji, Narita Kimiko, Murakoshi Akihiko, Shiraki Akira, Itoh Toyotsugu, Ogawa Akio, Murata Naoya, Ito Mizuka. (B) Korea, 58 posters by 24 designers : Baik Kum Nam, Jeong Shin Kong, Lee Ho Myung, Shin Seon Ok, Kim Geum Jai, Kang Byung Don, Lee In Chull, Han Chang Kyu, Kim Sun Wha, Kim Sang Won, Lee Mi Young, Park Seung Dae, Park In Seong, Choi Bek, Kim Jun Kyo, Lee Kyoung Hyeon, Park Tae Ho, Ahn Chang Ho, Yoon Hong Yeol, Kim Byung Ok, Lee Yong Ho, Lee Jong Ho, Jeong Kyeong Mi, Ko Bong Seok and (C) Taiwan, 58 posters by 24 designers : Apex Lin Pang-Soong, David Hsin-Kong Wang, Wang Su-Chao, Ko Hung-Tu, Taddy Ho, Kao Szu-Sheng, Yang Tzung-Kuei, Lin Shui-Wang, Stony Cherng, Yu Ming-Lung, Corine Wu, Lee Yih-Shin, Lin Horng-Jer, Ben Wang, Liu Chien-Cheng, Chan Wing Kei Leslie, Ling-Hung Sophia Shih, Lee Shin-Fu, Jun-Liang Chen, Chen Ching-Wen, Yoken Wu, Leo Lin, Lee Ken-Tsai, Tien-Kuei Hwung.
I manifesti della Secessione Viennese - Die Plakate der Wiener Secession 1898 - 1905
Catalogue of exhibitions in Treviso (2001) and Bolzano (2002); available from Archivio storico della citta di Bolzano , Bolzano (IT); 64 pages, 24 x 34 cm, about 40 color illustrations; softcover; in italian and german; 13 Euro (about US$ 13)
With an 8 page introduction by Roberto Festi, a bibliography and detailed artist biographies and poster descriptions, high quality reproductions.
Russian poster
Visual Message Books, published by Zhu E, Beijing (CN) (2001); 64 pages, 11 x 14 cm, 54 color reproductions; softcover; ISBN 7-80625-883-3; in chinese; 10 Yuan (about US$ 1.20)
A selection of posters from the 1991 book by A. Egorov and V. Litvinov, Posters of Glasnost and Perestroika, including for example works by Sergei Uvarov, Aleksander Faldin, Aleksander Tarasov, Viktor Cherenov, Sergei Uvarov, Viacheslav Kozlov, Galina Korbut, Rashit Akhmanov, Sergei Smirnov, Julia and Evgenii Labi and many more.
A retrospective on classical chinese posters
Catalogue of an exhibition at the Taipei County Cultural Affairs Bureau Art Gallery, Taipei (TW) (March 2002), available from; 10 pages, 15 x 21 cm, 12 color reproductions; softcover; in chinese and english
Chinese posters from the 1920's and 30's from the collection of Trond Lovdal
Affischen i Sverige - 230 affischer fran 100 ar - Paul Lipschutz Samling
Published by Sveriges Radios Forlag (2000), 10510 Stockholm (SE), Telephone +46 (8) 784 35 31, Fax +46 (8) 660 99 32, available from the author Paul Lipschutz, Architekturvagen 83, 16832 Bromma-Stockholm (SE), Telephone +46 (8) 80 0037; 224 pages, 21 x 30 cm, 230 color reproductions; hardcover; ISBN 91-522-1818-X; in swedish
Swedish posters between 1897 and 1998 from the collection of Paul Lipschutz
Modern Dog Commercial Playing Cards Number 2
Published by and available from
Modern Dog, Seattle WA (US) (2001), featuring the works of Michael Strassburger, Robynne Raye, Vittorio Costarella and George Estrada; A set of 52 playing cards each with a color picture of a poster on it, 7 x 11 cm; in english; US$ 23 ( US$ 30 for international orders )
"This is our second deck of cards featuring 52 Modern Dog posters from 1995 through 2001. As with our first deck, which is now sold out, this is a limited edition"
18. International Poster Biennale Warsaw 2002
Published by and available from the Poster Museum at Wilanow (PL); 232 pages, about 500 color reproductions, 22 x 28 cm; softcover; ISBN 83-7100-167-3; in polish and english; 70 PLZ at the Museum, 39/50 US$ mailed.
Catalogue with the posters that were accepted for the exhibition, including the Jury and Laureate exhibitions, addresses of the participants, and introductory texts by Maria Kurpik, Frieder Mellinghoff and Dorota Folga-Januszewska.
The power of design from Taiwan, 70 posters by 17 designers
Catalogue of a poster exhibition in Seoul (KR) (June 2001), curated by Apex Lin Pang-soong, organized by the International Chinese Design Research Center, Taipei (TW), fax +886-2-2365-6521; 80 pages, 70 color reproductions, 15 x 21 cm; softcover; in chinese and english
Catalogue with biographies and portraits and posters of Apex Lin Pang-soong, Wang Su-chao, Taddy Ho, Stony Cherng Kao Szu-sheng, Lee Yih-shin, Lin Horng-jer, Chen Ching-wen, Yu Ming-lung, Ko Hung-tu, Yeh Kuo-sung, Chan Wing-kei Leslie, Ben Wang, Ling-hung Sophia Shih, Leo Lin, Lee Ken-tsai and Lin Shui-wang.
with an introduction by Ian Nobel and Tony Pritchard; available from The London Institute, London (June 2002); 20 pages, 20 color reproductions, 15 x 20 cm; softcover; ISBN 0-9540127-1-2; in english
Catalogue of the exhibition "100 + 3 swiss posters: The Odermatt collection". The mysterious title refers to the 20 posters selected for illustration in the catalogue. All 103 posters are listed on the dust cover.
Moc Topora
z predmowa Jana Gondowicza; (Roland Topor's power, with a foreword by Jana Gondowicza); Wydawnictwo L&L, Gdansk (PL)(2001), l&, fax 344 1338; 96 pages, about 80 reproductions, 22 x 30 cm; softcover; ISBN 83-88595-21-0; in polish
Catalogue of a travelling retrospective exhibition touring Poland in 2001, starting at the Panstwowe Galeria Sztuki in Sopoc, from the collection of Topor's son Nicolas; with about 10 poster reproductions.
Des loisirs et des plaisirs ... a la Belle Epoque
affiches anciennes du fonds Dutailly; available from Les silos, maison du livre et de l'affiche, Chaumont (FR); (July 2002); 32 pages, about 30 color reproductions, 16 x 24 cm; softcover; in french; Euro 4 (about US$ 4)
Catalogue of an exhibition at the Chateau du Grand Jardin, Joinville (FR) 2002.07.12 - 2002.09.15, with 4 pages of Belle Epoque prose by Marie-Florence Ehret.
American films in polish posters
Posters from the collection of Piotr Dabrowski and Agnieszka Kulon; available from The Art of Poster Gallery (April 2002); 32 pages, about 50 color reproductions, 12 x 17 cm; softcover; in english; US$ 6
Catalogue of an exhibition of 93 posters at the Polish Museum of America in Chicago, with a 3 page introduction by Piotr Dabrowski, one of the foremost collectors of polish posters.
The first TypoJanchi: Seoul Typography Biennale
Design by Ahn Sang-Soo, published by Seoul Art Center Design Gallery, fax +82 2 580 1649, Seoul (KR) (November 2001); 672 pages, more than 1000 color reproductions, 15 x 23 x 5 cm; hardcover; in korean and english
Catalogue of the 1. Seoul Typography Biennale, with the works and biographies of 90 international graphic designers with special talents in typography, and extended essays on Massin, Kohei Sugiura, Neville Brody, Kim Jin-Pyung and Saul Bass, and articles from Daniel Boyarski, Ahn Sang-Soo, Esther Liu, John Warwicker, the late Colin Banks and Fernand Baudin. A monumental work on contemporary typography.
Takashi Akiyama Posters (3)
Art Box International Inc., fax 03-3574-7155, Tokyo (JP) (June 2002); 64 pages, 25 full page and 251 small color reproductions, 19 x 23 cm; hardcover; ISBN 4-87298-599-0; in english and japanese; 2500 Yen (about US$ 21)
Takashi Akiyama, the artist formerly known as "the birdman" for his humorous bird posters, has considerably widened his range and vocabulary while still keeping a lighthearted approach to call attention to ecological and social problems. This is volume 3 in a continuing series, I hope.
Szivarvany Aruhaz es Nagyvilag - Kaldor Laszlo (1905-1963) es Gabor Pal (1913-1992)
(Parallel lives: Laszlo Kaldor and Pal Gabor, two hungarian graphic designers 1933-1963 )
Catalogue of an exhibition at the Hungarian National Gallery (2001), curated by Katalin Bakos, available from Artbooks, Budapest (HU); 112 pages, about 100 color illustrations, 22 x 28 cm; softcover; HU ISSN 0231-2387; in hungarian with an english summary; 2500 Forint (about US$ 10)
One of the rare studies on the development of graphic design in Hungary, from Dr. Bakos, curator of the poster collection of the Hungarian National Gallery.
Tapani Aartomaa afisze - TPLA - posters Pekka Loiri
Catalogue of an exhibition of posters from two finnish designers at the "Pokaz" Critics Gallery in Warsaw 2002, curated by Zdzislaw Schubert; printed in a limited, numbered and signed edition of 300 copies; 112 pages, about 100 full page color illustrations, 8 x 12 cm; softcover; in polish and english
This catalogue has everything you expect and need form a poster book: many good quality illustrations, biographies, introduction, translation of titles, and lots of good posters. Why do all other catalogues have to be oversize?
Rapprochements - concours international d'affiches (Brief encounters - international poster competition)
une production de l'activite fret de la SNCF; Thotm Editions, Paris (FR) (2002); 128 pages, about 80 color illustrations, 15 x 21 cm; softcover; ISBN 2-914531-02-8; in french and english;
The results of a poster competition organized by Thierry Sarfis for the french railways SNCF, which is now a travelling exhibition across Europe.
Olbinski Plakaty
Introduction by Steven Heller; Nahan Editions, New York NY (US), distributed by WAP, Warsaw (PL), fax 632 2115; 72 pages, 33 full page color illustrations, 28 x 42 cm; softcover; ISBN 1-878768-00-X; in polish; 23 PLZ (about 6 US$)
High quality reproductions of some of Olbinksi's most famous posters between 1986 and 1995.
Guenther Kieser
Catalogue of an exhibition at the Galeria Stuki Wozownia in Torun (PL), curated by Zdzislaw Schubert, from the collection of the National Museum in Poznan (PL). 34 pages, 37 color and 70 b/w illustrations, 24 x 32 cm; softcover; ISBN 83-915110-7-3; in polish and english;
with an introduction by Z. Schubert, a short biography, a portrait, a bibliography, and a detailed description of 75 Kieser posters. Good old hard work make Schubert's poster catalogues valuable sources for poster history, unsurpassed in their richness of information. In addition, the catalogue, designed by Jacek Zdybel, is also a pleasure to look at, a model of what good catalogue design can do to help the reader.
Michel Quarez affiches
CD ROM with 86 posters by Michel Quarez, available from éditions Thotm : where some sample pictures can be seen; for Macintosh (système 7.x, 8.x et 9.x ; systeme X en mode « classique ») and Pc (Windows 95, 98, 2000S); ISBN 2-914531-03-6 ; 43 Euros (about US$ 40)
Chaque affiche est accompagnée d'un commentaire sonore dit par Michel Quarez. Chaque CD ROM est numerote et signe par l'auteur. Le livret d'accompagnement, qui reprend l'integralite des legendes et des commentaires des affiches, est, au choix, en francais ou en anglais.
vorwaerts bis zum nieder mit – 30 jahre plakate unkontrollierter bewegungen
by Sebastian Haunss, Markus Mohr and Klaus Viehmann; HKS13 / Verlag Assoziation A (Berlin) (2001), available from; 288 pages, 815 illustrations, mostly in color, 21 x 21 cm; hardcover; ISBN 3-935936-05-2; in german; EUR 25.50 (about US$ 22)
A sequel to "hoch die kampf dem – 20 Jahre Plakate autonomer Bewegungen", includes a CD with 8300 political posters from german leftist movements
Rauschenberg Posters
by Marc Gundel; Prestel USA (December 2001); 96 pages; 25 x 31 cm; hardcover; ISBN 3791324934; in english; US$ 27.97 / GBP 19.96 / EUR 43.07
60 out of a total of 140 posters made by pop artist Rauschenberg since 1963
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Marfurt (affiches) voor Jenever en Likeur
by Karl Scheerlinck, published by Nationaal Jenevermuseum, Hasselt (BE) (2002); catalogue of an exhibition in Hasselt, 2002.01.27 - 2002.05.12; 48 pages, 21 x 30 cm, about 40 reproductions mostly in color; softcover; in flemish
Karl Scheerlinck, well known specialist on belgian posters, has written the catalogue of his favorite poster designer, swiss born Leo Marfurt, considered by many the best belgian graphic designer of his time. With a detailed biography and many photographs.
Istvan Orosz Plagaty - Posters - Plakatok
Published by Rabbit & Solution, Bratislava (SK) (2002); Concept by Vladislav Rostoka, texts by G.D. O'Bonner, D. Polackova and M. Sylvestrova; 80 pages, 23 x 31 cm, about 100 color reproductions; hardcover; ISBN 80-88947-08-1; in slovak, english and hungarian
A master of posters joins a master of book design to produce a really exceptional book. It includes a bibliography and a posterography of 182 works made between 1974 and 2001. Outstanding!
The swiss poster - Art of ten masters
Catalogue of a current exhibition at the Hofstra Museum, Hempstead NY (USA), with posters from the collection of Tom Strong, curated by Bez Ocko, with texts by Bez Ocko and Jean Benoit Levy; 32 pages, 16 x 24 cm, 23 color reproductions; softcover; in english
The catalogue reproduces two posters each from Armin Hofmann, Melchior Imboden, Jean Benoit Levy, Bruno Monguzzi, Josef Mueller-Brockmann, Ralph Schraivogel, Rosmarie Tissi, Niklaus Troxler, Wolfgang Weingart and Cornel Windlin, together with a short biography and a critical discussion of their work.
Claude Kuhn Plakate Stephan Bundi
Texts by Fred Zaugg, Peter J. Betts and Kurt Weidemann; Staempfli Verlag, Bern (CH) (2001); the book can be read from both front and back side, 2 x 95 pages, 17 x 24 cm, 2 x 80 color reproductions, many full page; softcover; ISBN 3-7272-1020-6; in german; Euro 30 (about US$ 27)
Two graphic designers living in Berne, Switzerland, show their posters in one book: Claude Kuhn is best know for his work for the Museum of Natural History, and for boxing events, while Stephan Bundi concentrates on theater and political posters.
Jan Lenica - Labirynt
by Ewa Czerwiakowska and Tomasz Kujawski, published on the occasion of an exhibition at the National Museum in Poznan (PL) curated by Zdzislaw Schubert, book and exhibition concept by Jan Lenica; published by and available from Muzeum Narodowe w Poznaniu (PL) (2002); 256 pages, 24 x 30 cm, about 500 color reproductions; hardcover; in polish and english; ISBN 83-89053-02-0; PLZ 220 (about US$ 54 )
An intimate and intensive review of the life of Jan Lenica, one of the world's greatest poster designers, with illustrations, stills from animated movies, scetches, designs for posters, photographs, and letters. The book is a fitting memorial to Lenica who died a few months before it's publication.
Lorenzo Homar Carteles 1951 - 1999
Catalogue of the exhibition "Abrapalabra La Letra Magica" at the Museo de Historia, Antropologia y Arte, Universidad de Puerto Rico, San Juan (PR), available from the curator and author Flavia Marichal Lugo, San Juan (PR) (2001); 248 pages, 23 x 30 cm, 350 color reproductions and 100 black and white photos; softcover; in spanish, with introduction, essay and chronology also in english; US$ 50
Lorenzo Homar (b. 1913) is one of the best and best known puertorrican artists. The catalogue shows all of his posters, and includes a 12 page bibliography, a well illustrated biography and detailed comments on his artistic development by Flavia Marichal Lugo . Both artist and author can be proud of their work!
Le XXe siecle s'affiche
100 affiches temoins de notre temps, by Jean-Marie Lhote; Larousse, Paris (2000); 240 pages, 23 x 29 cm, about 100 color reproductions; hardcover; ISBN 2-03-505-131-2; in french; Euro 28.01 (about US$ 25)
The book shows a wide variety of posters as witnesses of their time, roughly one per year starting with Cheret in 1893, finishing with a fashion poster by the DDB agency in 2000. Highlights are James Montgomery Flagg in 1917, Rodchenko in 1923, Cassandre in 1927, Trepkowski in 1945, Saul Bass in 1961, Tomi Ungerer in 1967, Grapus in 1976, but after that the author has apparently lost contact with the poster masterpieces.
Trouville Deauville a l'affiche
Texte de F. Citera-Bullot; Editions Cahiers du Temps, Cabourg (FR) (March 2000); 96 pages, 22 x 28 cm, 46 color reproductions of posters; softcover; ISBN 2-911855-20-5; in french; Euro 27.44 (about US$ 25)
Catalogue of an exhibition at the Musee de Trouville, mainly from the collection of Yves Aublet. The seaside resort is best known in the poster world as the summer residence of Raymond Savignac, but poster publicity started in 1880 already, and Theophile Steinlen, Alfred Choubrac, Cheret, Commarmond, Sem, Domergue and Van Dongen have also praised it's charms.
40 ans d'affiches pour la liberte - Amnesty International
Textes by Caroline Cano and Sarah Carriere-Chardon; Le cherche midi editeur, Paris (2001) ; 128 pages, 22 x 27 cm, 120 color reproductions; hardcover; ISBN 2-86274-905-2; in french; Euro 13.54 (about US$ 11)
120 posters for the 40th anniversary of Amnesty International, some by Folon, Topor, Cieslewicz, Miro, Picasso, Fukuda ...
Les Maitres de l'Affiche 1900
by Alain Weill; Bibliotheque de l'Image, fax +33 - 1 - 45 23 08 83, Paris (2001) ; 240 pages, 23 x 29 cm, about 300 color reproductions, many full page; softcover; ISBN 2-909808-66-1; in french, english and italian; Euro 25 (about US$ 22)
Not to be confused with the book of the same title published in 1900, Alain Weill's new selections offer a fresh look on the peak works of the peak poster period, including also italian, german and swiss works, and expanding the time period to 1914. Short texts explain his widened approach. An incredible bargain in view of the high quality of the posters and the book, a real "must have".
AGI - Paris - 2001
Catalogue of the exhibition Paris vu par… at the Galerie Anatome, Paris (2001); 270 pages, 17 x 22 cm, 254 full page color reproductions; softcover; Euro 38 (about US$ 33)
To celebrate AGI's 50th anniversary, 127 of it's members designed a poster with the base of the Eiffel Tower as motif. The book shows all of them, together with photographic autoportraits supplied by the designers.
Stasys Eidrigevicius Plakatai / Posters
Lietuvos Nacionalinis Muciejus, Vilnius (LT) (2002), available from the National Museum of Lithuania, Vilnius; 192 pages, 16 x 23 cm, 85 full page color reproductions, softcover; ISBN 9955-415-16-9; in lithuanian and english
Catalogue of an exhibition in Vilnius, with texts by Ingrida Korsakaite and Juozas Galkus, with a list of posters and a short biography of the major lithuanian artist, living in Poland since 1980
Movie poster price almanac 2002
edited by John Kisch; Separate Cinema® Publications, Hyde Park NY 12539, USA (2001), Fax (845) 454 7131, email ; 800 pages, 16 x 23 cm, hardcover; ISBN 0-9661482-4-X; US$ 49.95
A truly amazing compilation of more than 100'000 prices from posters sold in 2001, 250 dealer addresses, 150 movie poster links. See also the review of the 1998 edition, or go to the Posterprice website for even more prices
A century of posters
by Martijn F. Le Coultre and Alston W. Purvis; published by V + K Publishing, Blaricum (NL) (Feb 2002); 448 pages, more than 400 color illustrations, all full page; 17 x 22 cm; softcover; ISBN 90-74265-43-X; in english
A splendid survey of a private collectors treasures
Die Grundrechte im Spiegel des Plakats von 1919 bis 1999
edited by Kai Artinger; published by Deutsches Historisches Museum, Berlin (DE) (1999); 192 pages, about 150 color illustrations; 22 x 28 cm; hardcover; ISBN 3-86102-110-2; in german, Euro 19.42 (about US$ 17)
The history of Human Rights in Germany, in the mirror of posters from the collection of the German Historical Museum, Berlin
Heimatkunde 1979 - 1989 - 1999, Plakate von Manfred Butzmann
by Barbara Baermich; published by Perdita von Kraft / Brandenburgische Kunstsammlungen, Cottbus (DE); Plakatedition nr. 20 (1999); 40 pages, about 35 full page bw and color illustrations; 19 x 24 cm; softcover; ISBN 3-928696-66-1; in german
Exhibition catalogue. Butzmann made environmental posters and critical political posters in East Germany since the 1970's (no mean feat) and continues to ask uncomfortable questions in his posters until today.
Plakatwaende - ostdeutsche Grafiker 1990 - 2000
by Barbara Martin; published by Perdita von Kraft / Brandenburgische Kunstsammlungen, Cottbus (DE); Plakatedition nr. 21 (2000); 82 pages, about 80 bw and color illustrations; 15 x 21 cm; softcover; ISBN 3-928696-67-X; in german; 9 Euro (about US$ 8)
Exhibition catalogue on what happened to the east german graphic designers in the unified Germany, with samples of their work before and after the "Wende", with biographies of Meinhard Baermich, Axel Bertram, Manfred Bofinger, Helmut Brade, Feliks Buettner, Manfred Butzmann, Jutta Damm-Fiedler, Karl-Heinz Drescher, Dieter Feseke, Detlef Fiedler, Jochen Fiedler, Bernd Frank, Hans-Georg Gerasch, Erhard Gruettner, Matthias Gubig, Heinz Handschick, Bernd Hanke, Juergen Haufe, Dieter Heidenreich, Egbert Herfurth, Rolf Kuhrt, Otto Kummert, Rolf Felix Mueller, Wolf-Dieter Pfennig, Volker Pfueller, Hubert Riedel, Rudolf Sittner, Andreas Trogisch, Albrecht von Bodecker, Henning Wagenbreth, Andreas Wallat, Ekkehard Walter, Gert Wunderlich and Sonja Wunderlich.
Heinz Handschick - Handzeichen
by Barbara Martin; published by Perdita von Kraft / Brandenburgische Kunstsammlungen, Cottbus (DE); Plakatedition nr. 22 (2001); 32 pages, 41 bw and color illustrations; 21 x 30 cm; softcover; ISBN 3-928696-70-X; in german
Exhibition catalogue, with posters from 1966 to 2000
Jazz Plakate - 10 internationale Grafikdesigner
by Barbara Martin; published by Perdita von Kraft / Brandenburgische Kunstsammlungen, Cottbus (DE); Plakatedition nr. 23 (2001); 43 pages, about 45 color illustrations; 15 x 21 cm; softcover; ISBN 3-928696-74-2; in german
Exhibition catalogue of jazz posters by Feliks Buettner, Juergen Haufe, Takahiro Iwasaki, Guenther Kieser, Joao Machado, Lech Majewski, Finn Nygaard, Seppo Polameri, Waldemar Swierzy and Niklaus Troxler, with biographies.
Underground Art, London Transport posters 1908 to present
by Oliver Green; Laurence King, London (GB) (2001); 160 pages, over 200 color illustrations; 23 x 29 cm; softcover; ISBN 1-856692-42-6; in english; US$ 21
Second edition of London subway posters, updated and expanded from the original edition published in 1990
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Evil doesn't live he re, posters fr om t he bos nian war
by Daoud Sarhandi & Alina Bob oc, f orew ord by Da vid Rohde; Prin ceton Architectural Pres s, Ne w York NY (US) (2001) ; 200 pages, about 200 color illustrations; 20 x 25 cm; softcover; ISBN 1-56898-268-2; in english; US$ 17.50
An important and moving book, it would deserve a better typography.
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Etienne Delessert - Les Affiches
Jean-Charles Giroud; Patrick Cramer Editeur, Geneva (CH) (2001); 120 pages, 86 full page colour illustrations; 21 x 24 cm; hardcover; in french; 30 Euro (about 25 US$)
Catalogue raisonne of the poster work of the well known swiss illustrator now living in the US, with a detailed 25 page analysis by Giroud, the most profound and prolific author on swiss posters today.
La imagen constante - El cartel cubano del siglo XX
Jorge R. Bermúdez, Editorial Letras Cubanas, La Habana (CU) (2000); 350 pages, 166 colour ilustrations, 26 full page; 20 x 22 cm; softcover; ISBN 959-10-0536-9; in spanish
Les Annees Mao : Une Histoire de la Chine en affiche (1949-1979)
published by Editions du Pacifique, Paris (FR) (November 2001); 127 pages; softcover; ISBN 2878680618; in french; Euro 42.73 (about 36 US$)
$$$ Buy it now from!
Jules Grandjouan : Createur de l'affiche politique illustree en France
published by Editions Somogy, Paris (FR) (October 2001); 287 pages; softcover; ISBN 2850564958; in french; Euro 28.51 (about 24 US$)
$$$ Buy it now from!
La mer s'affiche
by D. Hillion; published by Editions Ouest-France, Rennes (FR) (October 2001); 275 pages, more than 250 illustrations; softcover; ISBN 2737329183; in french; Euro 28.51 (about 24 US$)
Reprint of a book originally published in 1990, and long out of print
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Ikko Tanaka, Graphik Design aus Japan
Catalogue of exhibitions in Berlin, Munich and Essen (DE) in 2000 and 2001; published by Bauhaus Archiv Berlin / Die neue Sammlung Munich / Deutsches Plakat Museum Essen (DE) (2000), designed by Ikko Tanaka, with texts by F. Hufnagel, P. Hahn, S. Takashina, a list of works, and a short biography; about 100 pages, 73 color illustrations, many full page; 21 x 30 cm; softcover; in german and english
The exhibition of posters between 1961 and 1999 shows Tanaka as a master of color and simplicity, for which he is well known, but also as a great master of typography, and catalogue design.
El Cartel Moderno Frances - Colin / Carlu / Loupot / Cassandre
by Carlos Perez et al., published by and available from Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia, Madrid (ES) (November 2001); 242 pages, 200 color illustrations; 25 x 32 cm; hardcover; ISBN 8480032812; in spanish, english, french; Euro 35.46 (about US$ 32)
Catalogue of an exhibition on the 20th century poster, 2001.11.15 - 2002.01.21
Russia 20th century, History of the country in poster
text by N.I. Baburina, artist's design by M. Luk'yanov and E. Tsvik; published by Panorama, Moscow (2000); 256 pages, about 230 color illustrations, all full page; 24 x 32 cm; hardcover; ISBN 5-85220-534-6; in russian and english; Rubel 580 (about US$ 19)
The book, an updated reprint of a softcover version published in 1993, is a survey of the development of the russian political poster, beginning with pre-revolution designs, some ROSTA windows, pre and post-war soviet propaganda posters, and a few Perestroika posters

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