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New titles 1999

Znameni doby (Signs of the times, posters in central and eastern Europe 1945 - 1995); catalogue of an exhibition at the Moravian Gallery, Brno (CZ) 1999.11.17 - 2000.01.30, with texts by J. Aulich and M. Sylvestrova; 32 pages, 50 b/w illustrations, 22 x 28 cm; softcover; ISBN 80-7027-099-3; in czech
A book on the exhibition, in english, will be published in February 2000

Hans Falk, ein Leben - das Werk ( paintings, drawings, murals, posters ); H.H. Holz; Published by Weltwoche-ABC-Verlag, CH-4002 Basel, Switzerland, fax +41-61-639 1343, email (Nov 1999); 240 pages, 278 color illustrations, 25 x 30 cm; hardcover; ISBN 3-85504-168-7; in german; CHF 128 (about US$ 82.00)

Jan Rajlich Posters - Graphics; Published by Akcent / Blok, Rooseveltova 4, CZ-602 00 Brno, Czech Republic (Nov 1999); 184 pages, about 200 color illustrations, 22 x 31 cm; softcover; ISBN 80-7268-039-0; in czech and english with german, french and russian summary; US$ 45.00
A review of the work of this famous czech graphic designer, publicist and founder of the Brno International Biennale of Graphic Design

Graphic Design 19; The Annual of the American Institute of Graphic Design; Watson-Guptill Pubns (Jan 1999); 320 pages, 18 x 30 cm; softcover; ISBN 0823072339; US$ 36.00
$$$ Buy it now from!

Milton Glaser Graphic Design; M. Glaser, J.M. Folon; Overlook Press (revised edition 1998); 242 pages, 26 x 26 cm; softcover; ISBN 0879511885; US$ 30.00
$$$ Buy it now from!

Wolfgang Weingart Typography; Lars Mueller Publishers, CH-5401 Baden, Switzerland (1999); 520 pages, 450 illustrations, 22 x 27 cm; hardcover; ISBN 3-907044-86-X; CHF 148.00 (about US$ 100); in german and english

Die Biographie der Frau Trockenthal, Plakate von Anke Feuchtenberger 1990-1997; Jochen enterprises, Berlin (Nov 1999); available from, fax +49-30-786 7019; 40 pages, 38 full page color reproductions, 20 x 20 cm; hardcover; ISBN 3-930486-38-5; DEM 19.90 (about US$ 10)

The silent screen, German film posters from the Central Saint Martins Museum & Study Collection; curated and edited by S. Backemeyer, with contributions from C.A. Surowiec and P. Rennie; available from Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design, Southampton Row, London (GB), WC1B 4AP, tel (020) 7514 7022/3; 36 pages, 15 color and about 50 small b/w reproductions; softcover; ISBN 09-46282-2-2; GBP 10.00 (about US$ 16)
Well made catalogue of an exhibition at the Central Saint Martins Museum, 1999.10.05 - 1999.12.03

Western Amerykanski : Polish Poster Art of the Western, Kevin Mulroy; University of Washington Press (Oct 1999); 240 pages; softcover; ISBN 02-9597813-9; US$ 32.00
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Mighty Movies : Movie Poster Art from Historical Epics, Lawrence Bassoff; Lawrence Bassoff Collection (Oct 1999); 152 pages, about 150 color reproductions; softcover; ISBN 1-88631014-9; US$ 28.00
Vintage Hollywood movie posters 1932 - 1970 $$$ Buy it now from!

Mao Zedong's Posters, Cheung Chung Yau, Orville Schell; Odyssey Pubns (Oct 1999); 200 pages; hardcover, ISBN 9-62217625-9 US$ 55.50; softcover, ISBN 9-62217640-2, US$ 35.00
Chinese posters between 1951 and 1978 $$$ Buy it now from!

High Art, Ted Owen; Sanctuary Pub Ltd (Oct 1999); 176 pages, 250 color reproductions; hardcover; ISBN 1-86074236-X US$ 52.50;
On "psychedelia and the imagery born of the movement"
$$$ Buy it now from!

Franciszek Starowieyski, Year 1699, ed. Andrzej Stroka, text by Jerzy Madeyski; published by Oficyna Wydawnicza Kwadrat Cracow (PL) 1999; available from Galeria Grafiki i Plakatu, Warsaw (PL), fax +48 - 22 - 621 4077, email ; 160 pages, 180 color reproductions, 24 x 31 cm; hardcover; US$ 25.00; in polish and english
An album with drawings, paintings, posters, scenography

Steinlen et l'epoque 1900, published on the occasion of an exhibition at the Musee Rath, Geneva (CH) 1999.09.23 -2000.01.30; available from Librairie des Musees d'art et d'histoire, CH-1211 Geneva, fax +41 - 22 - 418 2601; 191 pages, about 150 color and b/w reproductions, 20 x 24 cm; softcover ISBN 2-8306-0176-9; CHF 48.00 (about US$32.00); in french
The paintings, drawings and posters of Theophile-Alexandre Steinlen, and some of his contemporaries

Picturing power in the People's Republic of China, Posters of the Cultural Revolution; Harriet Evans, Stephanie Donald eds.; Rowman & Littlefield Publishers (USA) (1999); 170 pages, 32 color and 23 b/w reproductions, 17 x 25 cm; softcover ISBN 0-8476-9511-5, US$24.95; hardcover ISBN 0-8476-9510-7 US$69.00
An academic analysis of chinese propaganda posters from the 1970's, with index, bibliography, translations of poster captions

Benno Wissing, Grafische & ruimtelijk ontwerpen; catalogue of an exhibition at the Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, Rotterdam (NL) (1999), by Paul Hefting et al.; available from NAi Publishers, Rotterdam (NL); 96 pages, about 200 color and b/w reproductions, 22 x 29 cm, softcover; ISBN 90-5662-114-9; NLG 55 (about 30 US$); in dutch
A well made catalogue for this dutch graphic designer, one of the founders of the Total Design studio

"Unsere beste Werbung war stets unsere Ware", Werbung bei Bosch von den Anfaengen bis 1960; Robert Bosch GmbH, Stuttgart (D) (1998), available from Robert Bosch Unternehmensarchiv, Postfach 300220, D-70442 Stuttgart; 175 pages, about 200 color reproductions, 23 x 30 cm, softcover; ISBN 3-9804389-1-0; in german
Early advertising by the german spark plug company Bosch, with biographies of Lucian Bernhard and Willi Baumeister

Pabrue - Plakate - Bilder von Paul Bruehwiler, Benteli Verlag, Bern, Switzerland (1999); available from Paul Bruehwiler, fax +41-41-410 96 56; 240 pages, 280 color reproductions, 17 x 24 cm, hardcover; ISBN 3-7165-1203-6; CHF 78 (about US$ 50 ); in german

Paul Rand, by Steven Heller, with contributions from Armin Hofmann, Georg Lois, Jessica Helfand; London (1999), available from Nijhof & Lee; 256 pages, hardcover; NLG 152 (about US$ 75 ) (also available from Hermann Schmitt, Mainz, or Phaidon, London)

Bruno Monguzzi - A designer's perspective, by F. Nunoo-Quarcoo (Editor), Published by the Fine Arts Gallery, University of Maryland, Baltimore County ML 21250 (USA) (1998); 160 pages, 13 b/w, 160 color reproductions, 15 x 23 cm, softcover; ISBN 1-890761-01-X; I bought it for 40 CHF (about US$30 ) at the Museum fuer Gestaltung, Zuerich
Catalogue of an exhibition in Baltimore, with appreciations from Dieter Bachmann, Perluigi Cerri, Lou Danziger, Rudolph de Harak, Gene Federico, Marco Franciolli, April Greiman, Ikko Tanaka

Phil Risbeck - World Design Master, by Fang Chen (Editor), Dept. of Art & Design, Shantou University, Guangdong 515063, P.R. China (1999); 64 pages, 84 color reproductions, 21 x 29 cm, softcover; ISBN 7-80615-970-3; in chinese; 48 Yuan ( about US$ 6 )
The latest (poster) publication in the series World Design Masters, with a 7 page introduction and high quality reproductions of Risbeck's posters from 1966 until today

Poster Annual 1999, by B. Martin Pederson (Editor); Graphis Press (August 1999); 256 pages, 23 x 31 cm, hardcover; ISBN 1888001623; US$ 70.00
Formerly known as Graphis Poster $$$ Buy it now from!

Bulent Erkmen - Arbeiten - Rundum Kunst u. Kultur, Catalogue of an exhibition at the Gutenberg-Museum Mainz (D) (1997); 108 pages, about 100 color reproductions, 21 x 25 cm, softcover; in german and english
Posters, logos, book design from the internationally renowned turkish designer

Hitchcock poster art, M.H. Wolff, T. Nourmand, Overlook Press (1999); 26 x 31 cm, hardcover; ISBN 087951714X; US$ 24.50
At least one poster for each of the 39 Hitchcock films $$$ Buy it now from!

Kino brytyjskie w plakacie polskim, (British films in polish posters) catalogue of an exhibition from the collection of Jacek Jaroszyk at the Galeria Ikonosfera Zamek, Poznan (PL) (1999); available from Poster Gallery Florian Zielinski, Poznan (PL), fax +48-61-868 1111; 28 pages, about 80 color reproductions, 21 x 31 cm, softcover; in polish; PLZ 20 (about US$6)
An index with the original english film titles of the 174 posters shown is especially useful

Belgijski plakat secesyjny, (Belgian Secession Posters) catalogue of an exhibition from the collection of the Musee de la Vie Wallone, Liege (B) at the Galeria Ikonosfera Zamek, Poznan (PL) (1999); available from Poster Gallery Florian Zielinski, Poznan (PL), fax +48-61-868 1111; 20 pages, about 15 color and 15 b/w reproductions, 21 x 31 cm, softcover; in polish; PLZ 15 (about US$5)
The catalogue by J. Jaroszyk gives details about each of the 30 posters, with short biographies of the designers

L'Affiche wystawa, catalogue of an exhibition from the collection of Michal Poniz at the Muzeum Plakatu w Wilanowie, Warsaw (PL) (1999); available from Michal Poniz; 50 pages, about 80 color reproductions, 20 x 26 cm, softcover; ISBN 83-7100-021-9; in polish; PLZ 34 (about US$12)
The private Poniz collection includes some of the worlds most famous posters, from Toulouse-Lautrec to Toni Ungerer, from Hanz Rudi Erdt to W. Gorka

Roman Cieslewicz in memoriam, catalogue of an exhibition at the Muzeum Plakatu w Wilanowie, Warsaw (PL) (1998); 46 pages, 104 color reproductions and 12 b/b photographs, 23 x 31 cm, softcover; ISBN 83-7100-155-X; in polish;
With a poster by Melk Imboden and a mirror image of Cieslewicz on the cover, and two erroneous attributions in the list of posters

Paint it Red, fifty years of chinese propaganda posters; catalogue of an exhibition at the Groninger Museum, Groningen (NL) (1998), by Stefan Landsberger; available from the Groninger Museum; 80 pages, about 45 color reproductions, 21 x 25 cm, softcover; ISBN 90-71691-42-X; in dutch and english; 19 NLF (about US$ 10)
Excellent reproductions of chinese posters, mostly from the 1970's, accompanied by a thorough 15 page review from the world's authority in the field.

Jazz Blvd. Niklaus Troxler Posters, with an essay by D. Bachmann; Lars Mueller Publishers, CH-5401 Baden, Switzerland (1999); available from Jazz in Willisau, Niklaus Troxler, Postfach, CH-6130 Willisau, Switzerland; 304 pages, about 400 color reproductions, 16 x 24 cm, hardcover; ISBN 3-907044-90-8; in german and english; 88 CHF (about US$ 55.00)
A splendid survey of Troxler's posters from 1969 to 1999

Body-Bilder Koerpersignale in der Plakatwerbung; Kantonsmuseum Baselland, B. Alder (1999); available from Kantonsmuseum Baselland, Rathausstrasse 2, CH 4410, Liestal, Switzerland; 26 pages, 17 color reproductions, 16 x 23 cm, softcover; ISBN 3-905069-35-X; in german; 10 CHF (about US$ 6.00)
Catalogue of a poster exhibition on gender differences in body language

Slaska szkola plakatu (Silesian poster school); T. Grabowski, with an introduction by A. Pietsch; Urzad Miasta Katowice, ul. Mlynska 4, PL- 41-098 Katowice, Poland (1999); 190 pages, about 400 color reproductions, 23 x 28 cm, hardcover; ISBN 83-907011-1-1; in polish, english and german
A history of polish posters from Katowice, illustrated by the works of 70 designers, with artist biographies and portraits, including silesian masters like Jozef Mroszczak, Waldemar Swierzy, Tomasz Jura, Roman Kalarus, and Tadeusz Grabowski.

Alfred Ost 1884 - 1945 Affiches / Posters, oeuvrecatalogus; K. Scheerlinck; Uitgeverij Pandora, Antwerp (B) (1997); Available from Scriptum Beheer, Ghent (B), fax (09) 223 6830; 286 pages, about 400 bw and color reproductions, 25 x 31 cm, hardcover; ISBN 90-5325-064-6; in flemish, with french and english summary and figure captions; BEF 1400 (about 40 US$)
A catalogue raisonne with all 128 published and 29 unpublished posters from this early belgian master, with detailed descriptions and many preparatory sketches for each work

Shanghai International Poster Invitational Exhibition 99, introductions by Kan Tai-Keung, Wang Xu, Ma Degang; catalogue of the exhibition in Shanghai, February 1999; 156 pages, about 350 color reproductions, 21 x 28 cm, softcover; ISBN 7-5426-1217-4; in chinese and english
An international selection of recent posters by the worlds top graphic designers. Superbly printed!

Lucian Bernhard - Werbung und Design im Aufbruch des 20. Jahrhunderts, Plakate, Gebrauchsgrafik, Verpackungsdesign, Buchgestaltung, Schriftentwuerfe; concept by Hubert Riedel, texts by Hubert Riedel, Rene Grohnert, Karl Bernhard; Institut fuer Auslandbeziehungen e.V. (1999), Linienstrasse 155, D-10115 Berlin, fax +49-30-283 331; 176 pages, about 250 color reproductions, 24 x 31 cm, softcover; in german; 38 DEM (about 20 US$)
Published on the occasion of an international travelling exhibition, with a biography, bibliography, description of the exhibits and much more. This thorough book will become the standard work on the eminent german graphic designer from the beginning of the 20th century.

Brecht 100 Plakate, an international poster event organized by Berliner Ensemble and the designer association VGD (1998); Verband der Grafik-Designer e.V., Rykestr. 2, D-10405 Berlin, fax 030-441 1315; This is a kit in a cardbord box 32 x 22 x 7 cm containing a 100 page poster catalogue, a 26 page booklet with a text by Bertolt Brecht, a scetch book with 28 empty pages, a poster, a newspaper from February 10, 1998, and a pencil; in german; 35 DEM (about 20 US$)
Published on the occasion of Brecht's 100th birthday

128 Plakate aus 30 Jahren Wettbewerb "Die 100 besten Plakate des Jahres"; catalogue of an exhibition in Berlin, 1996; Verband der Grafik-Designer e.V., Rykestr. 2, D-10405 Berlin, fax 030-441 1315; 32 pages, about 135 color and b&w reproductions, 22 x 30 cm, softcover; the dustcover is a poster; in german; 18 DEM (about 10 US$)
A review of the annual poster competition that started 30 years ago in East Germany and survived (see catalogue below). The catalogue is exquisitely designed by Hubert Riedel, a longtime participant himself.

Die 100 besten Plakate des Jahres 1998; catalogue of the german poster competition and exhibition in Berlin, June 1999; Verband der Grafik-Designer e.V., Rykestr. 2, D-10405 Berlin, fax 030-441 1315; 96 pages, 108 color reproductions, 22 x 30 cm, softcover; in german; 25 DEM (about 13 US$)
All the 100 winning entries selected from over 1100 submitted posters

Tadanori Yokoo, Japanese spiritual world - my art and design; catalogue of the exhibition during the 18th Brno Biennale 1998, curator M. Sylvestrova; Moravian Gallery Brno (CZ) (1999); 24 pages, 4 color and 4 b/w reproductions, 21 x 15 cm, softcover; ISBN 80-7027-089-6; in czech and english
The catalogue contains comments by Yokoo on 54 of his posters shown at the International Symposium during the 18th Brno Biennale

Laboratorivm; published by Laboratorivm,; no title, no date, no page numbers, no ISBN, no text; about 150 pages, about 150 full size color reproductions, 22 x 15 cm, hardcover; I bought it for 100 FF at their exhibition in Chaumont
150 pages of pure provocation, some of it outstandingly delightful, by a dutch rock group and private art school, or maybe graphic design group

10e Festival d'affiches de Chaumont; "Musiques", 10e rencontres internationales des arts graphiques; A. Weill, Ville de Chaumont (1999); 111 pages, about 300 color reproductions, softcover; ISBN 2-9511428-1-1; in french; FF 129
Catalogue of the exhibitions of the festival, see the program

Plakate der SBZ/DDR, Sammlung des Deutschen Historischen Museums, Berlin; CD-ROM Edition, K.G. Saur Verlag, Munich (D) (1999); ISBN 3-598-40315-1; DM 88.00 (about 48 US$)
An illustrated CD-ROM catalogue with 7300 east german political and cultural posters

Katalog 3, Schoene und seltene Plakate; Burkhard Suelzen, Stromstr. 49, D-10551 Berlin (1999); 30 pages, 124 b/w illustrations, softcover; in german
Sales catalogue for 124 posters and 11 poster publications

Les affiches de Champagne d'hier et d'aujourd'hui; Editions Citedis, 12-14 rue Courat, F-75020 Paris (F) (1998); 122 pages, hardcover; ISBN 2-911920-12-0; in french; 250 FF (about 42 US$)

La Chine a l'affiche Preface de Z. Valdes, affiches de la collection Claude Gorsky; Editions Ramsay, Paris (F) (1997); 92 pages, 92 full page color reproductions, 25 x 23 cm, softcover; ISBN 2-84114-334-1; in french; 58 FF (about 10 US$)
Chinese posters from 1962 to 1973

Polnische Plakatkuenstler in der Welt (Polscy tworcy plakatu na swiecie), published by Muzeum Plakatu w Wilanowie, with texts by M. Ciesielska and M. Kurpik; 36 pages, 36 color reproductions, 23 x 16 cm, softcover; ISBN 83-7100-164-9; in german and polish
Catalogue of an exhibition at Polnisches Institut, Duesseldorf(D) 1999.03.23 - 1999.04.30, includes short biographies of 16 polish poster designers

Savignac affichiste, by Raymond Savignac; Durante editeur, 10 avenue Leon Bourgain, F-92400 Courbevoie, France (1998); 263 pages, 13 b/w reproductions, 21 x 13 cm, softcover; ISBN 2-912400-11-2; in french; 200 FF (about 30 US$)
Reprint of the Editions originales Robert Laffont, Paris (1975)

Fauchere Corbin Affiches 1980-1998, Les Editions de l'Image, 10 rue Quesney, F-922339 Sceaux, France (1998); 64 pages, about 70 color reproductions, 27 x 19 cm, softcover; ISBN 2-912016-01-0; in french; 80 FF (about 15 US$)
Catalogue of an exhibition in Echirolles 1998

Ch. Loupot, Ch. Zagrodzki, with foreword by Jean-Marie Loupot; Le cherche midi editeur; 23, rue Cherche-Midi, F-75006 Paris (F) (1998); also available from Posters Please Inc.; 128 pages, about 200 color reproductions, 28 x 23 cm, hardcover; ISBN 2-86274-606-1; in french; 220 FF (about 40 US$)
Catalogue raisonne of Loupot's 123 posters, his life and his time

Affiches Art Deco, A. Weill; Bibliotheque de l'Image, Paris (F) (1998), first published by Inter-Livres (1990); 44 page size color reproductions, 32 x 24 cm, softcover; in french; I paid an incredible 50 FF (about 8 US$) at a Paris flea market
French posters from the 20's and 30's, the peak period of Broders, Carlu, Cassandre, Colin, Loupot

Le grand siecle de Bibendum, O. Darmon; Hoebeke, Paris (F) (1997); about 40 poster reproductions, 31 x 24 cm, hardcover; ISBN 2-84230-037-8; in french

L'aperitif - affiches et reclames, T. Devynck et al., Bibliotheque Forney, Paris; Editions Equinoxe, F-13570 Barbentane (F); 105 color illustrations, 22 x 22 cm, softcover; ISBN 2-84135-115-7; in french

125 Jahre Internationale Schlafwagen-Gesellschaft, Die Luxuszuege - Geschichte und Plakat; A. Muehl, J. Klein; EK-Verlag, Postfach 50011, D-79027 Freiburg (D) (1998); 329 color illustrations, 30 x 24 cm, hardcover; ISBN 3-88255-684-6; in german and french

Ueberkreuz. Vom Zeichen zum Abzeichen, Plakate, Buchkunst, Grafik, Werbung
Stefan Soltek + Uwe Loesch; Verlag Hermann Schmidt, Mainz (D) (1998); published on the occasion of an exhibition at the Museum fuer Kunsthandwerk, Frankfurt/M (D); 200 pages, about 100 b/w, some color reproductions; 33 x 24 cm, hardcover; ISBN 3-87439-467-0; DEM 68.00 (about 44 US$); in german
A provocative discourse on the cross as symbol and sign. May appeal more to Loesch fans than to christians

18. Biennale Brno 1998, Proceedings of the international symposium on visual communication; with contributions by Jan Rajlich jun., Colin Banks, Xiao Yong, Yossi Lemel, Tadanori Yokoo, Vitali Shostia, Madeleine Bujatti, Vladimir Chaika, Kari Piippo, Melchior Imboden, James Victore and many more; Moravian Gallery Brno (CZ) (1998); 168 pages, many b/w illustrations , 21 x 15 cm, softcover; ISBN 80-7027-088-8; in czech and english
Poster designers and Biennale participants talk about their work, about graphic design, philosophy and life. With detailed biographical notes on the speakers.

Verfuehrungen, Plakate aus Oesterreich und Deutschland von 1914 bis 1945; Text von A. Bienert, A. Kuehnelt u.a.; Umschau Braus, Heidelberg (D) (1999); 224 pages, 260 color illustrations, 30 x 24 cm, softcover; ISBN 3-8295-7008-2; DM 59.95 (about 38 US$)
Catalogue of an exhibition from the collections of the Oesterreichische Nationalbibliothek Wien, the Kunstbibliothek Berlin and the Museum fuer Kunst und Gewerbe, Hamburg

Bolaffi international posters 1998, Top prices 1997; Giulio Bolaffi editore, Turin (I) (1997); 108 pages, 308 color illustrations, 29 x 21 cm, hardcover; ISBN 88-85846-73-4; US$ 90.00, available from Alberto Bolaffi s.r.l., Turin (I), fax 011 5620456
A summary of all 308 posters that realized a minimum of 5000 US$ in auctions from August 1996 to July 1997

Movie poster price almanac 1999; edited by John Kisch; Separate Cinema® Publications, Hyde Park NY 12539, USA (1998), Tel (914) 452 1998, Fax (914) 454 7131, email; 616 pages, 23 x 16 cm; ISBN 0-9661482-1-5; US$ 39.95
A stunning compilation of 66'000 prices from posters sold in 1998, 18'000 from internet sales. See also the review of last year's edition

Moonlight In Duneland, The Illustrated Story of the Chicago South Shore and South Bend Railroad; edited by R.D. Cohen and S.G. McShane; Indiana University Press (1998); 139 pages, 43 full page illustrations, 34 x 26 cm, hardcover; ISBN 0-253-33418-7; US$ 39.95, available from Poster Plus 200 So. Michigan Ave. Chicago, IL 60604 USA
The book covers the history of the railroad with particular attention to the posters used to promote ridership in the 1920's. It shows all 36 of the known posters from 1925-29 and 7 posters from the 1980's & 90's

Edouard Elzingre (1880 - 1966); J.C. Giroud; Patrick Cramer, Editeur, Geneve, Switzerland (1998), Fax + 41 - 22 - 738 88 22; 150 pages, about 250 color reproductions, 32 x 25 cm, hardcover; in french
The splendid, definite biography of the swiss painter, illustrator and poster designer shows 88 of his 89 known posters, and many illustrations, in a detailed Catalogue raisonne.

Polish posters 1960's - 1990's, Catalogue of an exhibition at the Musashino Art University Museum & Library, Musashino, Japan (1998), with texts by Z. Schubert and Y. Imai; 80 pages, 64 color and 268 b/w illustrations, 26 x 21 cm, softcover; in japanese and english
Good, concentrated overview on polish posters

L'enfant dans l'affiche, un siecle de creation suisse; Textes de J.C. Giroud et M. Schlup; Associations des amis de l'affiche suisse et Bibliotheque publique et universitaire, Neuchatel et Geneve, Switzerland (1998); 146 pages, 126 color reproductions, 26 x 20 cm, hardcover; ISBN 2-9700075-2-5; in french and german
A history of posters with and about children, from Steinlen's girl drinking "Lait pur sterilise" (1895) to the kid with a milkshake in a Macdonalds (1995). Excellent text, bibliography, list of designers.

Affiches francaises 1992-1997, Syndicat Nationales des Graphistes, Ville d'Echirolles; Les editions de l'image, 10 rue Quesney, Sceaux (F) (1998); 138 pages, about 100 color illustrations, 27 x 17 cm, softcover; ISBN 2-912016-02-9; 140 FFR (about 25 US$); in french, english and spanish
Catalogue of the exhibition during the Mois du graphisme d'Echirolles, November 1998, showing that the present french poster is very much alive

Gniezno Poster Meetings 3: Finland, Finnish poster 1968-1998 from the collection of the National Museum in Poznan; Catalogue of an exhibition at the Museum of the Origins of the Polish State, Gniezno, Poland(1998), curated by Irena Przymus; 44 pages, 59 color and 12 b/w illustrations, 29 x 21 cm, softcover; ISBN 83-906800-3-3; in polish, finnish and english
The catalogue with texts by Zdzislaw Schubert and Ulla Artoma, the curators of the poster collections in Poznan and Lahti, is one of the most detailed sources on contemporary finnish posters currently available, with ample literature references on each(!) poster, and many artist biographies. It is also a testimony to the friendship and sympathy between the two great poster countries.


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