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New titles 2008

  Taiwan Image, 40 posters from Taiwan / Echo of Graphic Design Taiwan & Czech Republic
Catalogue of an exhibition during the Brno Biennal 2008, curated by Jan Rajlich jun., Apex Lin Pang-Soong and Marika Kupkova, published by National Taiwan Normal University, Taipei (TW) and Brno Bienniale Association, Brno (CZ) (2008) ; 110 pages, 24 x 17 cm, many color reproductions ; softcover; ISBN 978-80-86830-08-7; in english
An exhibition of posters and other graphic design work by 15 czech and 20 taiwanese graphic designers
  Isidro Ferrer, La Galerie Legitima
edited by Isidro Ferrer, published by Xordica, Zaragoza (ES) (2004) ; 162 pages, 23 x 16 cm, many color reproductions ; hardcover in book case; ISBN 978-84-96457-00-3; in spanish; Euro 39 (about US$ 49)
Selfpromotional book by spanish graphic designer Isidro Ferrer, looks like a facsimile of his diaries and scetch books, with short texts by Felix Romeo y Nicolas Sanchez
  The 7th Ogaki International Invitational Poster Exhibition
edited by Noboru Matsuura, published by Ogaki Poster Museum, Ogaki (JP) (october 2008) ; 72 pages, 22 x 25 cm, about 140 color reproductions ; softcover; in japanese and english
Catalogue of the current exhibition at Ogaki Poster museum of contemporary international posters from Iran, Poland, Japan, France, Czech Republic, USA, Turkey, Germany, Canada, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Finland, Portugal, Denmark, Hungary, Italy, Israel and China
  Otto Baumberger
edited by Bettina Richter, essay by Martin Heller, published by Museum fuer Gestaltung Zuerich / Lars Mueller Publishers, Baden (CH) (2008) as "Poster Collection 18"; 96 pages, 24 x 17 cm, 97 color reproductions ; softcover; ISBN 978-3-03778-129-6; in german and english; CHF 36 (about US$ 32)
Catalogue of the current exhibition at the Museum fuer Gestaltung in Zuerich of posters by the famous swiss advertising pioneer Otto Baumberger (1889-1961) who saw himself as a painter and artist and did posters for a living.
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  Roslaw Szaybo - Piekno Uzyteczne (Roslaw Szaybo - Useful beauty)
Catalogue of an exhibition of posters, record covers and paintings by Roslaw Szaybo at the Biuro Wystaw Artystycznych in Pila (PL), published by BWA Pila (PL) (2008); 32 pages, 28 x 21 cm, about 80 color reproductions ; softcover; ISBN 978-83-923040-2-0; in polish
With texts by Wladyslaw Serwatowski and Danuta Wroblewska. The polish graphic designer Roslaw Szaybo, b. 1933, a student of Henryk Tomaszewski and Wojciech Fangor, worked for many years as art director of Columbia Records in London, before returning to the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw in 1993 to teach creative photography. See a review of the exhibition by Danuta Wroblewska (in polish).
  Posters of the Cold War
by David Crowley, published by V&A Publishing , London (GB) (Sep 2008); 112 pages, 28 x 21 cm, about 70 color reproductions ; softcover; ISBN 978-1851775453; in english; GBP 15.00 (about US$ 28)
"The poster was a key medium in the Cold War, used to produce both fear and loyalty at home and abroad. "Posters of the Cold War" surveys poster design from the late 1940s until the early 1990s, from 20 different countries." The cover is based on a poster by Roman Cieslewicz.
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  Les Vacances, un siecle d'images, des milliers de reves 1860 - 1960
Catalogue of an exhibition at the Bibliotheque Forney, Paris, in 2006, curated by Claudine Chevrel and Beatrice Cornet, published by Paris bibliotheques , Paris (FR) (2006); 208 pages, 29 x 21 cm, 241 color reproductions ; softcover; ISBN 978-284331154-3; in french; EUR 38.00 (about US$ 56)
French travel posters and publicity, with introductions by Andre Rauch, Claudine Chevrel and Beatrice Cornet, and an index of posters, designers and places.
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  Gunter Rambow, Laureate of the Jan Lenica Award - Posters
Catalogue of an exhibition at the National Museum in Poznan, Poland, in 2008, curated by Zdzislaw Schubert, published by the Muzeum Narodowe w Poznaniu , Poznan (PL) (2008); 96 pages, 32 x 24 cm, about 160 color reproductions ; softcover; ISBN 987-83-89053-73-2; in polish and english
Excellent catalogue with a 6 page introduction by Zdzislaw Schubert, detailed description and bibliography of each of the 151 works in the exhibition, a general bibliography on Rambow with 170 references, and a 3 page biography. As always, the poster catalogues from Poznan are models of documentation in depth and accuracy and presentation.
  Top dogs, works by the 11 jurors of the Chicago International Poster Biennial 2008
Edited by Todd Lief, designed by Legendre & Rutter, published by the Chicago International Poster Biennial Association , Chicago IL (US) (2008); 128 pages, 20 x 14 cm, about 200 page color reproductions and 11 b/w portraits; softcover; ISBN 978-0-615-20695-0; in english; US$ 18
This small book is actually a compact review of current international poster design, showing the work of John Massey, Chicago USA; Michel Bouvet, France; Shigeo Fukuda, Japan; Alfred Halasa, Canada; Yann Legendre, France/Chicago USA; Yossi Lemel, Israel; Luba Lukova, USA; German Montalvo, Mexico; Jay Ryan, Chicago USA; Lanny Sommese, USA; Martin Venezky, USA.
  Illustration posters in China, Korea, Japan
Catalogue of an exhibition curated by Takashi Akiyama at the Tama Art University Museum, edited by Takashi Akiyama, published by Tama Art University, Tokyo (JP) (2007); 216 pages, 29 x 23 cm, about 200 full page color reproductions; softcover; in japanese, english and korean.
Prof. Akiyama has assembled a very interesting poster collection for his research on the history of east asian illustration. The chinese part covers mostly cultural revolution posters, the korean part mostly contemporary posters, while the japanese part goes back to 1911. This unique collection was exhibited on the occasion of the 73. anniversary of Tama Art University.
  Europe 2020 - Pan European Design Competitions Zagreb Croatia 2002 and 2005
Edited by Boris Ljubicic, published by the Delegation of the European Commission to the Republic of Croatia, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration of the Republic of Croatia, and Croatian Designers Society, Zagreb (HR) (2006); 296 pages, 25 x 25 cm, about 500 color illustrations and thumbnails; hardcover; ISBN 953-7010-68-6; in english;
Boris Ljubicic initiated a long range design project "Europe 2020", marking to the road to the future Europe with two poster competitions. The book presents the results, and the jury works, which were exhibited in Zagreb, Croatia.
  Plakaty - Posters from the Poster Museum at Wilanow Collection
Book published on the occasion of the 40. anniversary of the Poster Museum, edited by Maria Kurpik and Agata Szydlowska, designed by Ewa Engler, published by Muzeum Narodowe w Warszawie, Warsaw (PL) (2008); 294 pages, 30 x 23 cm, about 800 color illustrations; hardcover; ISBN 978-83-7100-865-8; in polish and english;
A welcome historic survey of polish posters, and the history of the poster museum, grouped into cinema, theater, exhibitions, music, advertising, tourism, politics, social issues, circus, sports, Warsaw, with detailed texts by Maria Kurpik, Katarzyna Matul, Rafal Nowakowski, Dorota Parszewska, Agata Szydlowska, Anna Zabrzewska-Pilipajc, Dorota Folaga-Januszewska.
  Finn Nygaard
Selfpromotional book published by Finn Nygaard on the occasion of his exhibition at the Museum of Printing History in Houston TX (US) in 2008; 208 pages, 16 x 12 cm, hundreds of color illustrations; softcover; ISBN 978-87-990704-2-8; in english;
A densely packed, but nevertheless airy, small book with Nygaards posters, stamp, book, magazine and product designs, including about 300 redesigns for Micky Mouse, and more than 1000 photos from his major exhibitions, workshops and trips in Europe, India, China. This is a model of high concentration book design!
  100 beste Plakate 07 Deutschland Oesterreich Schweiz
Catalogue of the annual competition for the 100 best posters in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, designed by Gerwin Schmidt and Timo Thurner, edited by 100 beste Plakate e.V., published by Verlag Hermann Schmidt, Mainz (DE) (2008); 256 pages, 24 x 21 cm, about 200 color reproductions; hardcover; ISBN 978-3-87439-750-6; in german and english; EUR 34.80 (about US$ 55)
The traditional annual with the winners of the poster competition, this year with a 30 page supplement by Alex Jordan on "Bits and pieces of Grapus".
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  dicho y hecho - carteles anonimos de Alejandro Magallanes
Catalogue of an exhibition at the Museo de Huesca curated by Isidro Ferrer, published by the Diputacion Provincial de Huesca, Huesca (ES) (2006), available from; 166 pages, 21 x 15 cm, about 100 color illustrations and 112 poster thumbnails; softcover; ISBN 978-84-95005-73-1 ; in spanish; EUR 20 (about US$ 31)
The mexican designer Alejandro Magallanes stopped signing his posters "some six years" ago, because "posters, as public images, belong to the spectator", not to the graphic designer. In spite of the title, each of the posters is a strong personal statement.
  Tolerance - A global challenge
Catalogue of the 1. international student poster competition, Skopje, Macedonia (2008), edited by Ondrei Misek and Laze Tripkov, published by Plakart / Museum of the City of Skopje, Skopje (MK) (2008); 72 pages, 22 x 23 cm, about 170 color reproductions; softcover; ISBN 978-9989-2882-0-3 ; in english and macedonian
The results of an international competition, exhibited in Skopje in June/July 2008.
  beyond graphic design - Klasse Fons Hickmann
by Fons Hickmann and Christof Nardin, published by Verlag Hermann Schmidt, Mainz (DE) (2007); 388 pages, 23 x 17 cm, hundreds of color illustrations; hardcover; ISBN 978-3874397414 ; in german and english; EUR 35.00 (about US$ 55)
The students of Prof. Fons Hickmann of the University of Applied Arts in Vienna, Austria, present recent work in communication design.
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  A century of olympic posters
catalogue of an exhibition curated by Margaret Timmers at the Victoria & Albert Museum, London (GB) (2008); 144 pages, 28 x 21 cm, 150 color reproductions; softcover; ISBN 978-1-85177-538-5; in english; GBP 24.99 (about US$ 50)
Posters from the museum's collection from english precursors in 1851 to the infamous logo of the 2012 games in London
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  Plakaty Posters Misek
by Karel Misek, published by Misek Design, Prague (CZ) (2007); 80 pages, 12 x 9 cm, 68 full page color reproductions ; softcover; in english
A small, charming self-promotional booklet with cultural posters, mostly for the opera and the theater from 1987 -2004.
  Posters by Erhard Gruettner / Dialogue with Kan Tai-keung
Catalogue of a traveling exhibition starting at Hong Kong City Hall in 2008, organized by the Hong Kong Heritage Museum, edited by Kan Tai-keung, published by Anhui Fine Arts Publishing House, Hefei (CN) (2008); 242 pages, 26 x 19 cm, 96+96 full page color reproductions ; softcover; ISBN 978-7-5398-1817-7; in english, german and chinese; CNY 57 (about US$ 8)
On 96 double pages, a poster by Kan Tai-keung is shown together with one by Erhard Gruettner. The two designers, one from Hong Kong, the other from Dessau, Germany, are both born in 1942, and the similarity of many of their posters is surprising in view of the vastly different cultural background.
  Politik, Pop und Afri-Cola, 68er Plakate
catalogue of an exhibition curated by Alexander Groenert at the Deutsches Plakat Museum, Essen (DE) (2008); 192 pages, 22 x 16 cm, about 120 color reproductions; softcover; ISBN 978-3-89355-963-3; in german; EUR 19.90 (about US$ 31)
with texts by Alexander Groenert, Rene Grohnert and Detlev Mahnert.Please see the web exhibition for more details
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  PROHIBITED / Tommy Li Poster Works 1995 - 2007
by Tommy Li, published by Tommy Li Design Workshop, Hong Kong (CN) (2007); 22 heavy cardboard pages, 19 x 14 cm, 19 color reproductions; hardcover; in english
An assembly of posters by the Hong Kong designer Tommy Li that were banned for various reasons in Hong Kong, Taiwan or China, or all of the above, with short texts contemplating the character and reason of censorship.
  Gerwin Schmidt - New Generation of Design Series
edited and designed by Jianping He, published by Page One Publishing, Singapore (SG), available from Index Book, Barcelona (ES); 216 pages, 25 x 21 cm, about 300 color illustrations; softcover; ISBN 978-84-96774-61-2; in english; EUR 27 (about 42 US$)
Gerwin Schmidt has his own design office in Munich, and is professor at the State Academy of Art and Design in Stuttgart, Germany
  Alejandro Magallanes - New Generation of Design Series
edited and designed by Jianping He, published by Page One Publishing, Singapore (SG), available from Index Book, Barcelona (ES); 216 pages, 25 x 21 cm, about 300 color illustrations; softcover; ISBN 978-84-96774-62-9; in english; EUR 27 (about 42 US$)
Alejandro Magallanes, a highly productive poster designer active on social and cultural subjects, runs a design office in Mexico City.
  Jianping He - New Generation of Design Series
edited and designed by Jianping He, published by Page One Publishing, Singapore (SG), available from Index Book, Barcelona (ES); 216 pages, 25 x 21 cm, about 300 color illustrations; softcover; ISBN 978-84-96774-63-6; in english; EUR 27 (about 42 US$)
Jianping He, a chinese graphic designer living in Berlin, has a design and publishing company in Berlin and Shanghai, and has published many poster and graphic design books.
  Isidro Ferrer - New Generation of Design Series
edited and designed by Jianping He, published by Page One Publishing, Singapore (SG), available from Index Book, Barcelona (ES); 216 pages, 25 x 21 cm, about 300 color illustrations; softcover; ISBN 978-84-96774-64-3; in english; EUR 27 (about 42 US$)
Isidro Ferrer, trained as an actor and now graphic designer and illustrator, works in Huesca, Spain
  Laboratoires CCCP = Dr. Peche + Melle. Rose - New Generation of Design Series
edited and designed by Jianping He, published by Page One Publishing, Singapore (SG), available from Index Book, Barcelona (ES); 216 pages, 25 x 21 cm, about 300 color illustrations; softcover; ISBN 978-84-96774-65-0; in english; EUR 27 (about 42 US$)
The mysterious Dr. Peche and Mlle. Rose are highly experimental designers and photographers in Orleans, France
  Mistrzowie Plakatu i ich uczniowie - Poster masters and pupils
by Zdzislaw Schubert, book design by Lech Majewski, published by Przedsiebiorstwo Wydawnicze Rzeczpospolita, Warsaw (PL); 240 pages, 30 x 24 cm, about 750 color reproductions; hardcover; ISBN 978-83-60192-62-7; in polish and english; PLZ 76 (about 36 US$)
The history of polish poster design from 1910 to 2005 as illustrated by the works of teachers and students of the famous Academy of Fine Arts (ASP) in Warsaw.
  Tell im Visier. Plakate aus der Schweizerischen Nationalbibliothek
by Mechthild Heuser und Irmgard M. Wirtz, published by Scheidegger & Spiess, Zuerich (CH) (2007); 392 pages, 23 x 17 cm, 152 color reproductions and 21 illustrations; softcover; ISBN 978-3858812025 ; in german; EUR 30 (about US$ 47)
Catalogue of an exhibition at the Swiss National Library in Bern, expanded by literary contributions from Hubertus Adam, Rémy Charbon, Gabriela Christen, Katja Fries, Marcy Goldberg, Gabriella Hanke Knaus, Mechthild Heuser, Marie-Therese Lathion, Ulrich Weber and Alexander Wildbolz.
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  The Polish Poster of the 21st Century
by Krzysztof Dydo and Agnieszka Dydo, published by and available from Galeria Plakatu Krakow, Cracow (PL); 400 pages, 30 x 24 cm, about 600 color reproductions; softcover; ISBN 978-83-905899-5-4; in polish and english;
Polish posters published between 2001 and 2007 from 88 artists representing various generations, schools and styles. With introductory essays on polish poster history, and the current condition, short artist biographies, a bibliography, and a list of recent polish poster exhibitions.
  Ahn Sang-Soo
by Ahn Sang-Soo, published by Sichuan Fine Art Publishing House, Chengdu (CN) (2006), available from; 218 pages, 29 x 22 cm, many b/w and color reproductions; hardcover; ISBN 7-5410-2999-8; in chinese; CNY 280 (about US$ 41)
An autobiography of the famous revolutionary korean typographer, poster, book, calendar and logo designer, with contributions by Sugiura Kohei, Helmut Schmid, Uwe Loesch, Esther Liu, Kan Tai-keung, Wang Xu, Tan Ping and Lv. Jing-Ren
  111 Posters: Posters of Gabor Palotai
by Gabor Palotai, published by Die Gestalten, Berlin (DE) (2007); 162 pages, 28 x 22 cm, 111 color reproductions; hardcover; ISBN 978-3-89955-175-4; in english; EUR 40 (about US$ 62)
"111 Posters presents a collection of poster art Palotai has created to date ranging from book posters for acclaimed Swedish publishing houses to exhibition posters for cultural institutions. Each page features a compelling graphic statement with texts visualized as captivating images and illustrations to be seen rather than read."
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  12 affiches 58
Catalogue of a current exhibition in Brussels, published by Plaizier, Brussels (2008); 36 pages, 15 x 10 cm, including 12 color postcards; softcover; in flemish and french; EUR 12.50 (about US$ 19)
with texts by Karl Scheerlinck, Peter Wever and Robert Lucas, and a list of 58 posters about World Expo 1958 in Brussels. See the News for more details about the exhibition.
  Pol'skaia Shkola Plakata
by Sergei Serov and Krzysztof Dydo, published by Alma Mater, Moscow (RU), 2007, available from Ruslania (FI); 300 pages, 28 x 24 cm, about 500 color illustrations; softcover; ISBN 978-5-91549-002-3; in russian; RUB 1100 (about US$ 47)
The highlights of the "polish poster school" from Krzysztof Dydo's collection, with examples from 1904 until 2007, many of them unpublished, an excellent selection.
  Nicolaus Ott + Bernard Stein, Grafikdesign
Catalogue of a retrospective exhibition at the Kunstbibliothek Berlin, curated by Anita Kuehnel, published by Kunstbibliothek, Berlin (DE), 2008; 232 pages, 28 x 25 cm, 550 color illustrations; hardcover; ISBN 9783-94093-902-9 and 9783-88609-615-2; in german; EUR 45 (about US$ 70)
A thorough review of the work of the graphic design studio in Berlin which is famous for it's typography posters. The publication is an essential extension of a previous book published in 1992, and it's content and design match the high quality of the Ott + Stein work.
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  Theophile-Alexandre Steinlen (1859 - 1923), Meester van Montmartre
Catalogue of an exhibition at the Kunsthal Rotterdam (NL) in 2007, published by Scriptum Publishers, Schiedam (NL) (2007); 160 pages, 28 x 22 cm, about 175 color illustrations; softcover; ISBN 978-90-5594-559-7; in dutch; EUR 29.95 (about US$ 46)
Most of the works (paintings, drawings, pastels, lithographs) in the exhibition are from the collection of the Musee du Petit Palais in Geneva (CH), the catalogue shows about 10 posters.
  Graphic Design China - Aktuelles Plakatdesign aus China
Catalogue of an exhibition at the Museum fuer Kunst und Gewerbe in Hamburg (DE), curated by Juergen Doering, published by Edition Braus, Heidelberg (DE) (2006); 96 pages, 28 x 24 cm, 132 color illustrations; softcover; ISBN 978-3-89904-250-4 ; in english and german; Euro 19 (about US$ 29)
The exhibition shows posters from the famous "Graphic Design China 2005" exhibition in Shenzhen, a hotspot in advanced chinese graphic design.
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  Orosz Istvan - Felhök Poloniusnak - Clouds for Polonius
Catalogue of an exhibition at the Ernst Museum in Budapest (HU) in 2006, published by Ernst Muzeum, Budapest (HU) (2006); 112 pages, 23 x 16 cm, about 100 color and b/w illustrations; softcover; ISBN 963-7032-27-4; in hungarian and english;
A very substantial catalogue with texts by Istvan Orosz and Guy d'Obonner and others discussing the technical, historical and philosophical background of Orosz obsession with impossible objects, anamorphosis, labyrinths, perspective, double meanings, skulls, mirrors, and a detailed list of exhibitions, awards and publications.
  Nie tylko Art Deco - Art Deco and more
Catalogue of an exhibition at the National Museum in Cracow (PL) in 2007, curated by Magdalena Czubinska, published by Muzeum Narodowe w Krakowie, Cracow (PL) (2007); 464 pages, 32 x 24 cm, about 75 color illustrations of posters; softcover; ISBN 978-83-89424-79-2; in polish and english; PLZ 58 (about US$ 24).
The exhibition showed polish Art Deco posters, textiles, glass works, ceramics, fabrics and fashion; about a quarter of the catalogue covers posters from 1920 to 1940, about 200 are listed in detail in the catalogue, about 100 were on loan from a superb collection in Lviv, Ukraine.
  Graphic design - a new history
by Stephen J. Eskilson, published in Europe as paperback by Laurence King, London (Oct. 2007); 464 pages, 29 x 22 cm, about 450 color illustrations; softcover; ISBN 978-1856695114 ; in english; Euro 43 (about US$ 64). A hardcover version is also available.
There is a very detailed and knowledgable review, not entirely favorable, by Alice Twemlow and Lorraine Wild in I agree with them, and miss Tomaszewski, Cieslewicz, Leupin, Savignac, Poland, Iran and China in this so-called "new history". The book is nice to look at, however.
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  Josef Mueller-Brockmann
by Kerry William Purcell, published by Phaidon Press, London (2006); 292 pages, 29 x 25 cm, 400 color and 75 b&w illustrations; hardcover; ISBN 978-0714843490 ; in english; Euro 78 (about US$ 115).
"One of the 20. century's most important graphic designers, the swiss-born Mueller-Brockmann is the father of functional, objective design and an influential figure for generations of designers around the world. ... This volume is the most definitive monograph to be published on Josef Mueller-Brockmann"
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