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New titles 2011

  Konfrontace (Czechoslovak and polish film posters)
by Pavel Rajcan, with texts by Pavel Rajcan and Michal Poniz, published by Terry Posters, Prague (CZ) (2010); 248 pages, 24 x 16 cm, about 150 full page color reproductions ; softcover; ISBN 978-80-254-8641-2; in czech, polish and english; EUR 17 (about 23 US$)

Catalogue of a movie poster exhibition in 2010 in Lodz (PL) that compared 42 pairs of czech and polish posters for the same movie, the catalogue adds another 32 pairs. The posters are from 1955 to 1988, and often include cult films like Wajda's Ashes and Diamonds, Foreman's Loves of a blonde, or Fellini's Amarcord, or Polanski's Chinatown. An index of the 67 designers gives short biographies of them. .

edited by David Tartakover, published by Am Oved Publishers, Tel Aviv (IL) (2011); 494 pages, 23 x 16 cm, about 400 full page color reproductions ; hardcover; ISBN 978-965-13-2258-7; in hebrew

A book about 40 years of David Tartakovers works, mostly political posters for Israel and some record covers, with a 90 page section of detailed description of each of the works. See a long review in english in

  In Series - Poster Collection 23
edited by Bettina Richter, essay by Fabian Wurm, published by Museum fuer Gestaltung Zuerich / Lars Mueller Publishers, Baden (CH) (2011) as "Poster Collection 23"; 96 pages, 24 x 17 cm, 203 color reproductions ; softcover; ISBN 978-3-03778-266-8; in german and english; CHF 36 (about US$ 41)
The cover is based on a poster series designed by Delpire Publicite in 1969 for Citroen cars.

Catalogue of the current exhibition at the Museum fuer Gestaltung in Zuerich about posters that come in series. Many examples are shown, mostly for theater plays or concerts for a season, but also commercial posters, from 1951 to 2009.

  Joao Machado - Selos (Joao Machado - Stamps)
by Joao Machado, with an introduction by Rene Wanner, published by Caleidoscopio, Casal de Cambra (PT) (2010); 160 pages, 26 x 15 cm, about 160 color illustrations; hardcover; ISBN 9789896580896; in portuguese and english; EUR 24.80 (about US$ 34)

Internationally famous for his posters, Joao Machado has also designed many portuguese postage stamps since 1994. This beautiful book shows them, together with short descriptions, magnified details, or design studies for each of the stamps.

  The silver screen in the golden age - Romanian film posters 1965 - 1989
by Christopher Landry, published by NOI Media Print, Bucharest (RO) (Dec 2010); 208 pages, 34 x 24 cm, more than 300 color illustrations, many full page; hardcover; ISBN 978-973-1805-73-3; in romanian and english; RON 99 (about EUR 24)

A history of romanian movies during the communist era as illustrated by movie posters, mostly from Romania, some also from Poland, Czech Republic, Cuba and East Germany. Included are short texts about directors and poster designers, and an index of movie titles. This excellent collection is the only book about a completely neglected chapter of movie poster history.

  HAP Grieshaber - Serien und Plakate
Published by Museum Folkwang, Grafische Sammlung und Deutsches Plakatmuseum in Edition Folkwang / Steidl, Goettingen (DE) (Jan 2011); 232 pages, 26 x 21 cm, about 200 reproductions, about 50 from posters ; hardcover; ISBN 978-3869302720; in german; EUR 34 (about US$ 46)

Catalogue of the current exhibition of the german woodcut artist Grieshaber (1909 - 1981) at the Museum Folkwang in Essen (DE), with texts by Hartwig Fischer, Tobias Burg and Rene Grohnert, and an index of works by the artist in the museum.
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  Danske Turist-Plakater
Text by Elsebeth Aasted Schanz, published by Den Gamle By, Arhus (DK) (2010); 76 pages, 15 x 11 cm, 35 full page color reproductions ; hardcover; ISBN 978-87-89328-52-2; in danish; DKK 42 (about US$ 8)

A small book with a selection of danish tourist posters from 1924 to 2003 by Aage Rasmussen, Viggo Vagnby, Ib Antoni, Per Arnoldi, Thor Bogelund and many other classic danish designers, with detailed comments about each poster. The cover is a poster by Rasmussen from 1946, it won a prize in a competition juried by A.M. Cassandre.


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