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edited by David Tartakover, published by Am Oved Publishers, Tel Aviv (IL) (2011); 494 pages, 23 x 16 cm, about 400 full page color reproductions ; hardcover; ISBN 978-965-13-2258-7; in hebrew

A book about 40 years of David Tartakovers works, mostly political posters for Israel and some record covers, with a 90 page section of detailed description of each of the works. See a long review in english in

In 2006, I had the privilege of attending a lecture by David Tartakover in Mons (Belgium) where he was a jury member at the Triennial of the political poster. Among the many posters he showed in his talk was one called Freehand Design, and Tartakover explained that he used a press photograph of Mordechai Vanunu, an Israeli nuclear technician who had attracted the anger of the Israeli governement because he revealed for the first time the existence of Israel's nuclear weapons program.

Vanunu was then kidnapped by the Mossad in Rome and brought to Israel under great secrecy, but managed to write his story on the palm of his hand and held it up to the car's window while being driven from the airport to the prison. "This is a model of visual communication", declared Tartakover and expressed his hope that poster designers would have the same creativity in chosing their means and urgency of expression as Vanunu when spreading their message. For me, this poster is also an abstract of Tartakover's poster design philosphy in a nutshell, and an example of the power of visual communication.

My circumstances are far less dramatic than Vanunu's (who is still in prison), but since I urgently want to write a book review of this important book, and can not read hebrew, I decided to "write" this review using the language of visual communication alone, and no text. Most of Tartakover's posters speak through pictures anyway, and the Freehand Design poster reassures me that this approach will work to give an impression of Tartakover's book. Having said that, I nevertheless wish that an english version would become available as soon as possible.

Sample pages:

Title page

p. 156 - 157

p. 434 - 435

Some posters:

p.19, 1978

p.30, 1977

p.26, 1982



p.92, 1982

p.93, 1985

p.97, 1986

p.101, 1985

p.100, 1985

p.108, 1981

p.109, 1991

p.114, 1985

p.120, 1981

p.125, 1993

p.129, 2005

p.133, 1979





p.195, 2004

p.206, 1982

p.207, 1998

p.226, 1990

p.227, 1989

p.229, 1989

p.234, 1998

p.235, 1989

p.247, 1983

p.323, 1997

p.363, 2006

p.362, 2006

p.353, 2002

p.284, 2007

p.375, 2007

Shown above are mostly posters that are less well known, more of Tartakovers works are in the Links

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