WEB POSTER EXHIBITION - Festival d'Affiches de Chaumont 2000


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This festival, under the guidance of Alain Weill, is getting better and bigger every year. Just compare with 1998 or 1999. Originally, on my mental map of France, Chaumont was just the place where you could look at the winning posters from the international competition, sometime in early June. But then there is also the laureate exhibition of the previous year's winner, Gunter Rambow, or the vintage poster exhibitions from the Dutailly collection.

And lots of students are always around, but it is sometimes not clear if their exhibitions are more in the streets or in one of the many exhibition halls scattered throughout Chaumont. The program has always a mixture of world class designers, like U.G. Sato or Les Graphistes Associes this year, and young or unknown talents just surfacing.

It was a particular pleasure for me to see the ICOGRADA prize go to Luba Lukova, and am happy to present some of her recent work on this occasion.

Chaumont is a good place to meet people, not only because so many interesting types are there, but also because the atmosphere is friendly and open, and there are many opportunities to run into them. I was so busy that I hardly found time to eat anything or document the ordinary street posters.

More questions? Buy the catalogue or read Le Monde.

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