WEB POSTER EXHIBITION - Festival d'Affiches de Chaumont 1999


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Imagine a place where you could see hundreds of the best, newest and oldest posters there are, meet the top people in the field and have a good time all around, and no problem parking your car, easily accessible by train also, free bus service from Paris, and practice your french on top of it. Affordable hotels too.

Well, go to the Festival d'Affiches de Chaumont in France in early June next year. Read what I have written about last years festival to get an idea about the many events or look at the new program. Gunter Rambow, Michal Batory, and Niklaus Troxler were the winners in this year's poster competition on the festival theme "Musique". The young french designer Batory is less well known than Rambow and Troxler, and so I will show you some more of his work. Last years first prize winner Fang Chen from China had the traditional honor of a one man show, and many excellent works from the previous nine years competition could also be revisited.

As every year, there was also a student poster competition, with the juicy theme of love, and the young people also worked hard to decorate Chaumont's streets with their work. Poster designers often like music, and so they devote their best work to it, and this is particularly true of Annick Orliange, Heinz Edelmann and the dutch group Laboratorivm, who could be admired in exhibitions throughout the city. If this is still not enough, just open your eyes to the ordinary poster publicity that is there all year long or buy the catalogue, or press one of the buttons below.

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