WEB POSTER EXHIBITION - Festival d'Affiches de Chaumont 2000

Luba Lukova
ICOGRADA Excellence Award in Chaumont 2000

Lubo Lukova is one of my many virtual friends from the internet that I never met in person. A few days before leaving for Chaumont, I asked her if I could show some of her posters on Rene Wanner's Poster Page, and you can imagine how pleased I was when she got her award, although it did not come as a surprise to me. After beeing chosen as the Honor Laureate at the International Invitational Poster Exhibition in Colorado last fall, and then winning the "Best of Show" Award from the How magazine competition, her poster career has definitely taken off.

She was born and trained in Bulgaria, and used the first opportunity she had, in 1991, to escape to New York where she is still working now. It must have been quite a culture shock for her, yet she managed to keep her style, and some elements of it that remind me of the bulgarian posters that I saw in 1989, such as simple forms and bright colors, often red, yellow or black.

Over the years, the poster have acquired a New Yorkish elegance, yet simplicity has remained very important to her: "Simplicity is the core of good art. But achieving simplicity is very difficult ..." (in an interview for How Magazine, April 2000, p.59). A final point, in case you haven't noticed (always a good sign): Look at the masterful way she handles typography in the posters below:

11 kb
1987, No death for the songs, Play by F. Garcia Lorca
10 kb
1995, Anarchia, play by H. Reznikov
11 kb
199?, The caucasian chalk circle, play by B. Brecht

8 kb
199?, Virgil, play by V. Linchon
13 kb
1997, Immigrant theater festival
11 kb
1997, Theater poster exhibition

11 kb
1997, Frankenstein, play by M. Shelley
6 kb
1998, Visual metaphors, exhibition poster
12 kb
1999, The taming of the shrew, play by W. Shakespeare

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