WEB POSTER EXHIBITION - Die 100 besten Plakate des Jahres 1999

Some posters from the jury exhibition
I had the chance to personally meet some jury members, and discuss the competition with them.

Klaus Staeck, the famous political activist with hundreds of poster exhibitions to his credit, and survivor of countless attempts to bring him to court for them, noted that the interest in political posters has almost completely disappeared in Germany. This surprised me since I had been in Chaumont a few weeks before, where the field seemed to be very active. Maybe the mostly anonymous street fighters just don't care or dare to send in their posters for the competition?

Prof. Nauka Kirschner kindly explained to me that the beautiful poster by Gertrud Nolte, selected for an award by the jury, was an AIDS poster, as I could not read it's text nor understand the graphics ..

These are the people who will be expected to pay our debts
Klaus Staeck
Edition Staeck, Heidelberg

Klaus Staeck

Mother and son, movie by Aleksandr Sokurov
atelier : [doppelpunkt] :
Nauka Kirschner

Prof. Nauka Kirschner

Heike Nehl
Diana Simon
Sibylle Schlaich

Sibylle Schlaich (right)

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