WEB POSTER EXHIBITION - Die 100 besten Plakate des Jahres 1999

Posters and their designers

Meinhard Baermich Meinhard Baermich Meinhard Baermich Sonja Fuesti Sonja Fuesti Volker Kuehn Volker Kuehn Fuesti .. Kuehn

Gunter Rambow Gunter Rambow Gunter Rambow Cornelia Hofmann Cornelia Hofmann Cornelia Hofmann Volker Kraft Volker Kraft Volker Kraft

Gerwin Schmidt Gerwin Schmidt Gerwin Schmidt Andi Kliem Andi Kliem Andi Kliem Andreas Homann Andreas Homann Andreas Homann

Intro Winners Jury My choice Wagenbreth Posters People Street Villeglé

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