WEB POSTER EXHIBITION - Die 100 besten Plakate des Jahres 1999

The jury (chairman Klaus Staeck, Werner Jeker, Prof. Nauka Kirschner, Wolf-Dieter Pfennig, Petra Reichenbach, Sibylle Schlaich, Wim Westerfeld) awarded honorary diplomas to the following works (see also their press release ):

Gertrud Nolte
Warten 2000
"Warten ist unsportlich, doch natuerlich"

Fons M. Hickmann, Ulrike Kleine-Ebeling
Oldenburgisches Staatstheater
2 of a series of 6 posters

Ljubomir Stoimenoff (CD)
One of a series of 3 posters for Rowenta
Publicis Werbeagentur: A. Schoor (AD), J. Gruen (AD), M. Schneider (Text) S. Klein (Text), T. Orth (Kundenbetreuung)

Student honorary diploma
Christian Dworak
One of a series of 6 posters

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