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Dear Posterpage Community,

It has been one year since Rene passed away suddenly and peacefully on July 10th, 2017.

We, Rene’s family, are now in conversation with a number of private and institutional members of the poster community about his heritage: His vast poster collection, his library of design books, his extensive poster bibliography and of course the Posterpage, where he continuously inspired and informed poster fans around the globe.

We are looking for ways to make as much of his life work accessible for the benefit of the community. At this point we are openly accepting suggestions and ideas on the future use and access of all the mentioned resources and materials. You can contact us under:

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Poster by Rene, Collage of the Annunciation Angel

The annunciation angel is telling shepherds not to be afraid, a biblical motive. This collage by Rene has been present in the family for many years and provided us support and protection during difficult times.
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