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New titles 2017

Reklamekunst und Reisetraeume - Anton Reckziegel und die Fruehzeit des Tourismusplakates
Urs Kneubuehl & Agathon Aerni, published by Alpines Museum der Schweiz, Bern (CH) / Scheidegger & Spiess, Zuerich (CH) (2016); 160 pages, 24 x 32 cm, 327 illustrations mostly in color; hardcover; in german; ISBN 978-3-85881-532-3; CHF 59.00 (about USD 59.00)
With contributions by Urs Kneubuehl, Agathon Aerni, Roland Flueckiger-Seiler, Beat Haechler, Hans Hirt-Tenger & Christian Jaquet. The book is a monography of the austrian artist Anton Reckziegel (1865 - 1936) who created some of the best early swiss travel posters during his stay in Switzerland 1893 - 1909. The book is well and clearly written, carefully researched, profusely illustrated, admirable in every respect.
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Ecuador Poster Bienal 2016
Published by Ecuador Poster Bienal, Quito (March 2017), available from Ecuador Poster Bienal; 242 pages, 20 x 26 cm, about 700 color illustrations; softcover; in spanish and english; ISBN 978-1-36-629977-2; USD 40.00
The book includes all the posters selected from the 9620 entries in the international competition and in the national competition, as well as the posters for the invited exhibitions "41 Was to See", "Swiss Street Posters", "Peter Bankov", "Posters Birula Grafica". Christopher Scott, the President of the Bienal, and his team, have managed to organize a fresh and innovative poster biennal, clearly the start of a new era.
Bakos Istvan - Muvek / Works
Published by Istvan Bakos, Budapest (2016); 120 pages, 24 x 24 cm, about 100 color illustrations, mostly full page; softcover; in hungarian and english; ISBN 978-963-85091-3-0
Istvan Bakos writes about his book "Least year I turned 75 years old. My first book was published, presenting my posters and work over the last 50 years or so. This selection spans the trajectory of my poster art, starting with my pop-art posters, continuing with my posters with a surrealist character and finally coming to my more recent posters using the purest forms and the simplest means of expression".
The book includes texts by Balazs Feledy, Marton Keppel, Aliran Gelenczey-Mihaltz, Hedi Szepes, and a biography with a list of exhibitions
Soweit die Fuesse tragen Plakate von Holger Matthies
Published by Holger Matthies (Feb 2017); 88 pages, 15 x 21 cm, about 80 full page color illustrations; softcover; in german;
Catalogue of the Holger Matthies political poster exhibition in Hamburg, Germany, with short texts by Holger Matthies, Heiner Frost, Hellmuth Karasek and Jens Mueller, a biography and a long and detailed list of awards and exhibitions. The variation in style and the visual power of each poster from this great master is overwhelming.
Read a review of the exhibition
Ogaki Matsuri Festival - Poster Exhibition 2016
Published by Ogaki Poster Museum (JP) (Dec 2016), designed by Yoshiro Kato, Tomoko Miyagawa & Kyoko Wada; 36 pages, 15 x 21 cm, about 30 color illustrations; softcover; in japanese and english;
Catalogue of the poster exhibition at the Ogaki Poster Museum to celebrate the registration of the Ogaki Matsuri Festival in the UNESCO World Intangible Heritages. 27 designers from all over the world sent their designs which were then printed by silkscreen on genuine Mino Paper that takes pride in its 1300 year history, and is also a UNESCO World Intangible Heritage since 2014. The directors of the Ogaki poster Museum, which celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2016, are Terumichi Osako (Senior Director), Noboru Matsuura (Associate Director) and Fujio Hori (Junior Director).
Made in Japan - Mois du Graphisme d'Echirolles 2016
Edited by Michel Bouvet, published by La Ville d'Echirolles / Les Editions du Limonaire, Echirolles / Suresnes (FR) (Nov 2016); 508 pages, 17 x 23 cm, about 1000 color illustrations and photos; softcover; in french ; ISBN 979-10-94737-05-7; EUR 20 (about US$ 21)
Catalogue of the exhibitions during the Mois du Graphisme d'Echirolles 2016: I love Japan - graphisme et modernite, Hiroshima Appeals, Les grands maitres de l'affiche, Magazines in Tokyo, Light & Shadow Livres de photographie japonaise 1965 - 206, Life - Kazumasa Nagai, Made in students. A magnificient work by the eminent poster designer Michel Bouvet and his studio about current and past graphic design in Japan, with many interviews with japanese graphic designers.
Le Signe ouvre la collection - affiches anciennes et contemporaines
Published by La Ville de Chaumont, Chaumont (FR) (Oct 2016); 80 pages, 21 x 30 cm, about 300 color illustrations; softcover; in french; free of charge
Catalogue of the opening exhibition of Le Signe, centre nationale du graphisme, curated by Eric Aubert, Vincent Perrottet, Jean Schneider, with texts by Veronique Vienne, Eric Aubert, Michel Wlassikoff, Audrey Lanfrey. The catalogue shows the highlights of the collection with a short explanation of each posters background or information about its designer. The refleshingly beautiful exhibition of masterpieces, seldom seen today, and the well designed catalogue give hope that Chaumont will again become a center of poster art.
Women's Eyes
Edited by Sophia Ling-hung Shih, published by The Graphic Design Association of the Republic of China, Taipei (Dec 2016); 136 pages, 18 x 32 cm, about 200 color illustrations and photos; softcover in slipcase; in chinese and english ; ISBN 978-9868-322110; TW$ 1200 (about US$ 38)
Catalogue of an exhibition in Taipei, curated by Sophia Ling-hung Shih with recent work of 9 top women graphic designers: Shigeno Araki (JP), Yesim Demir (TR), GiGi Lee (MY), Fiona Hsiao-Pei Hou (TW), Gitte Kath (DK), Susana Machicao Pacheco (BO), Sophia Ling-hung Shih (TW), Parisa Tashakori (IR) and Lourdes Zolezzi (MX), in a well made luxurious edition.
Wierzcholek Papierowej Wiezy Babel (The tip of a paper tower of Babel)
International Poster Biennale in Warsaw 1966-2014

by Zdzislaw Schubert, published by The National Museum in Warsaw, Warsaw (PL) (2016); 303 pages, 17 x 23 cm, about 300 color illustrations, many full page, and 20 b&w photos; softcover; in polish and english ; ISBN 978-8371-008061; PLN 90 (about USD 20) incl. postage, available from the Poster Museum
Expanded catalogue of the exhibition with the same name on the occasion of the 25th International Poster Biennale in Warsaw, showing the winning entries. The accompanying 45 page text by the curator of the exhibition, Zdzislaw Schubert, gives a fascinating inside history of the Biennales, as Schubert was one of the main actors in almost all of them, on the program boards and in the preselection juries. The title of the exhibition is a quote from Jan Lenica, gold medal winner in 1966, describing the Biennale. The catalogue is a detailed and accurate encyclopedia of poster design and a tribute to Schubert and the participating artists..
Shenzhen International Poster Festival 2016
Edited by Chen Pingbo, published by Shenzhen International Poster Festival, Shenzhen (CN) (2016); 588 pages, 20 x 26 x 4 cm, about 600 color illustrations, many full page; softcover; in chinese and english ; ISBN 978-988-8453-20-7; CNY 280 (about USD 40)
Catalogue of the selected posters of the Second Shenzhen International Poster Festival. Both book design and production, as well as the posters from 40 countries are of impressive high quality. Some sample pages are on the organizers web page.

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