WEB POSTER EXHIBITION - Chinese avantgarde posters in Berlin


Hochschule der Kuenste, Berlin
Poster by Jianping He
Chinese posters have invaded the international poster competitions in the last few years, and in particular the list of prize winners, and with good reason. Just when everybody began to lament some stagnation in poster design, and a convergence to an international style characterized by the Photoshop vocabulary, there comes a fresh new wave of posters that surprise and fascinate many western poster fans.

The rumbling could be heard for quite a while already, for example in the chinese poster exhibitions in Cottbus (1997), Echirolles (1997) or Mexico City (2000) and in rumors about high class chinese graphic design publications like Wang Xu's "Design Exchange" or chinese poster competitions like "Fashion and Culture" in Ningbo in 1999.

The present exhibition in Berlin which regrettably lasted only two weeks (from Sep 16 to Oct 02, 2001) owes it's existence to a fortunate constellation: A seasoned graphic design professor, Heinz - Juergen Kristahn, known for his pioneering role in early warning publications on international poster trends (Poland in 1980, Japan in 1983), his young and enthusiastic master class student Jianping He, and a common project between The Hochschule der Kuenste in Berlin, the China Academy of Art in Hangzhou, the Shanghai Graphic Designers Association, and finally, an Asia-Pacific Festival in Berlin.

For all who missed the exhibition there is a web site and an excellent catalogue, a virtual exhibition on Jianping He's work, a Who's who in chinese posters, an exhibition in Shenzhen, and the buttons below.

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