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When Jiang Hua recently sent me the catalogue of the 1999 poster exhibition "Fashion and Culture" in Ningbo (a city about 200 km south of Shanghai), I was so overwhelmed by the many interesting new posters from China that I decided to make some order in my mind and write down for my own curiosity who is who in chinese posters.

Here is my list. The selection is quite arbitrary - people I met, names that I could remember, poster that stuck in my mind, information that I found in the POSTER BIBLIOGRAPHY, recent prize winners and so on - so if you are not on this page don't panic.

Rather a poster and short biography with a portrait, or a catalogue and I will add your name. Do it quickly because I may have to limit this project if the page gets too big.

BI Xuefeng 毕学峰
b. 1963 in Hebei Province

Alan CHAN 陈幼坚
b. 1950 in Hong Kong, living in Hong Kong

photo RW CHEN Fang 陈放
b. 1959 in Wuhan, Hubei Province, living in Shantou
First prize Chaumont 1998
Encouraging prize Sofia 1998
Distinctive merit award Tokyo 1999
Honorable mention Zagreb 1999
First prize Colorado 1999
Golden Bee Award Moscow 2000
Grand prix Trnava 2000
Honorary award Lahti 2001
Mention Mons 2001
Gold Hong Kong 2001
Jury Ningbo 2001

CHEN Shaohua 陈绍华
b. 1954 in Shangyu, Zhejiang Province
Award of The President of the Brno Biennale 1998

photo RW CHEN Zhengda 陈正达
b. 1977 in Nantong, Jiangsu Province , living in Hangzhou
B.A , China Academy of Art, Visual Communication and Graphic Design
Charles B. Wang Graduation Works Scholarship Award, 2002
M.A., China Academy of Art, Mulitimedia and Web Design
Bronze Prize, Y2K-Embracing the Millennium , International Computer Art Competition ,1999
Judger Prize , Excellent Prize , China Graphic Design Competition , 2001
Invitation, Shanghai Graphic Design Association "Water" Poster Exhibition ,1999
3th International Triennial of Stage Poster Sofia , Bulgaria ,2001
8th International Biennial of Theatre Poster Rzeszow , Poland ,2001
20th International Biennial of Graphic Design Brno , Czech Republic ,2002
Invitation , Discover Asia International Poster Exhibition , Taiwan ,2002
Red Cross International Poster Exhibition , China ,2002
The First Korea International Poster Biennale ,2002

CHENG Zhaohui 成朝晖
b. 1971 in Shenyang, living in Hangzhou
Teacher at China Academy of Art, Hangzhou

HAN Jiaying 韩家英
b. 1961 in Tianjing, living in Shenzhen
Jury Ningbo 2001
Bronze medal Toyama 2000

photo RW HAN Xu 韩绪
b. 1971 Inner Mongolia, living in Hangzhou
Head of the Multimedia Center, China Academy of Art, Visual Communication Dept., Hangzhou

Jianping HE 何见平
b. 1973 in Zhejiang, living in Berlin
Honorary Award Lahti 2001

Hon Bing-Wah 韩秉华
b. 1949, living in Hong Kong
Chairman of the Hong Kong Designers Association

Jiang Hua 蒋华
b. 1973 in Zhoushan, Zhejiang Province, living in Ningbo

photo RW Jiang Qinggong 姜庆共
b. 1960 in Shanghai, living in Shanghai

KAN Tai-keung 靳埭强
b. 1942 in Guangdong, living in Hong Kong
Jury Ningbo 2001

Freeman LAU Siu Hong 刘小康
b. 1958 in Hong Kong, living in Hong Kong
Lahti 2001 Special award

LIN Jiayang 林家阳
b. 1955, living in Wuxi
Jury Lahti 2001
Expert committee Ningbo 2001

photo RW MA Degang 马德岗
living in Shanghai

Pan Qin 潘沁
living in Ningbo
Chairman of the Ningbo Graphic Designers Association

photo RW Shen Haopeng 沈浩鹏
living in Shanghai

Henry STEINER 石汉瑞
b. 1934 in Vienna (AT), living in Hong Kong

photo RW WANG Xu 王序
b. 1955 in Guangdong, living in Guangzhou
Golden Bee Award Moscow 2000
Editor of "Design Exchange"
Jury Ningbo 2001

photo RW XIAO Yong 肖勇
b. 1969 in Jinan, living in Beijing
M.A. , Univ. of Art and Design Helsinki 1995
Prof., Central Academy of Fine Arts
Guest Chief Editor of Art and Design Magazine
Bronze Asia Design Exhibition/poster serie, Hong Kong 1998
Golden Bee Award, Moscow International Graphic Biennial 1996
Bronze, Graphic Design in China exhibition 1996
Excellence award in Internatinal Chinese Graphic Design Competition 1996

photo RW YU Bingnan 余秉楠
b. 1934 in Shanghai, living in Beijing
M.A., Hochschule fuer Grafik und Buchkunst Leipzig (DE)
Professor of the Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University
AGI Member, ICOGRADA Vice President 2001-2003

Zhang Dali 张达利
b. in Xian, Shaanxi Province, living in Shenzhen
4. Prize Mons 1995

b. 1967 in Beijing. Living in Indiana, USA
Assistant Professor, Purdue University
Gold Medal Award, Creativity 1999
First Prize, Domatar Creative Awards 2000
Awards of Excellence, American Corporate Identity Annual 2000, 2001
Excellent Work of Tokyo Type Directors Club Annual Awards 2001
16th Annual World's Most Memorable Poster Competition 2001
The 17th International Poster Biennial in Warsaw, Poland, 2000
The 3rd Poster International Invitational Exhibition in Ogaki, Japan
The permanent collection of the U.S. Library of Congress
Email: Lzhang3@purdue.edu

ZHOU Feng 周峰
b. 1975 in Yueqing, Zhejiang Province, living in Hangzhou
1999 M.A., China Academy of Art
1999 International Fashion&Culture poster exhibition'99
2000 International Logo Biennial awards 2000,Bronze award
2000 International "water for human kind" poster exhibition,france
2000 Hong Kong "Design 2000" show,excellent award in the Asia region
2001 The exhibition of Chinese contemprary posters in Berlin
2001 chinese graphic design 2001 show,bronze & excellence award
2002 The exhibition of Chinese contemprary posters in Philadelphia
2002 seventh international biennial of the poster in MEXICO
2002 International Logo Biennial awards 2002,Bronze award
2002 Korea International Poster Biennale,Special Prize,selected award

Exhibition Catalogues

Most of the information above comes from the following exhibition catalogues that were kindly donated to me, and some portraits I took myself:

  • Plakate in China, Cottbus (DE) 1997 (vielen Dank Barbara Baermich Martin)
  • Shanghai International Invitational Poster exhibition 1999 (merci Ralph Schraivogel)
  • Asia-Pacific Poster exhibition, Hong Kong Heritage Museum 1999 (thank you Jessie So)
  • International Fashion and Culture poster exhibition, Ningbo 1999 (thank you Jiang Hua)
  • Das AvantgardePlakat aus China, Berlin 2001 (thank you Jianping He)
  • Chinese Poster Now, Ogaki 2001 (thank you Noboru Matsuura)

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