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4 Aspects International Invitational Poster Show opened in Shenzhen, China, on August 23 at 10:00.
(Message and photos received from Xiao Yong on 2001.08.22, and more every few hours ever after, see also his web page)

40 designers are invited to participate, including 20 Chinese and 20 international. Over 100 posters are shown in Hexiangning Gallery (State gallery) in Shenzhen, a fast developing city beside Hong Kong in southern China. The show will be travelling to Beijing, Hangzhou, Jinan and other major cities in China in the later stage. And a catalogue will be produced too.

(digital fotos by Xiao Yong from Shenzhen)

tel/fax. 86-10-64 71 58 68
Address:Xiao Yong
mail box 100102-02, Beijing 100102

I managed to identify the following posters, maybe more are coming later:

Niklaus TROXLER (瑞士)

XIAO Yong 肖勇

Kari PIIPPO (芬兰)

And here is the complete list of invited designers:

BI Xue-feng 毕学锋(深圳)
Francois Caspar (法国)
CHEN Shao-hua 陈绍华(深圳)
Lex Drewinski (波兰)
Stasys Eidrigevicius (波兰)
Gianni Bortolotti (意大利)
Fons Hickmann (德国)
HAN Jia-ying 韩家英(深圳)
HAN Xu 韩绪(杭州)
JIANG Qing-gong 姜庆共(上海)
JIANG Hua 蒋华
KAN Tai-keung 靳埭强(香港)
Freeman LAU 刘小康(香港)

Yossi Lemel (以色列)
Tommy LI 李永诠(香港)
LIANG Xiao-wu 梁小武
Pekka Loiri (芬兰)
Luba Lukova (保加利亚/美国)
Victor Hugo Marreiros 马伟达(澳门)
MIAO Deng-yu 苗登宇(济南)
Finn Nygaard (丹麦)
Kari Piippo (芬兰)
PAN Qin 潘 沁
Jan Rajlich jun. (捷克)
Sigi Ramoser (奥地利)
Ralph Schraivogel (瑞士)
SHEN Hao-peng 沈浩鹏(上海)

David Sigman (美国)
David Tartakover (以色列)
Gianfranco Torri (意大利)
Niklaus Troxler (瑞士)
Theodore Ushev (保加利亚/加拿大)
James Victore (美国)
WANG Yue-fei 王粤飞(深圳)
Xavier Bermudez (墨西哥)
XIAO Yong 肖勇(北京)
ZHAN Man-xian 詹曼贤(汕头)
ZHANG Jing 张京(北京)
ZHANG Li (美国)
ZHAO Yan 赵燕(杭州)
ZHU E. 朱锷(北京)

and more posters, as promised:

Theodore USHEV (保加利亚/加拿大)

Theodore USHEV (保加利亚/加拿大)

and more pictures:

Opening speech by Xiao Yong
with Tommy Lee, Hon Bing-Wah from Hong Kong, Prof. Chen from Shantou, Prof. Huang from Guangzhou, and Ms. Yue, the director of the Gallery
The Hexiangning Gallery (State gallery) in Shenzhen

Downtown Shenzhen, a city with 2 million people, well developed. Most of the leading chinese designers are based there. Far tall green building is the Emperor building, 6th tallest skyscraper in the world.

and still more posters:

Luba LUKOVA (保加利亚/美国)


XIAO Yong's poster for this exhibition

and still more photos:

Zhan Manxian who planned the show together with Xiao Yong, and Mr. Liang Xiao-wu and Ms. Mu Zhenying, president of Shenzhen Int'l printing exhibition sponsor.
Posters for the show by ZHAN Manxian, a former student of Xiao Yong and one of the show planners

and still more posters:

Francois CASPAR (法国)

JIANG Hua 蒋华

Gianni BORTOLOTTI (意大利)

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