Raymond Savignac at the Bibliotheque Forney

On September 10, two weeks before the start of the AGI congress, an exhibition on Raymond Savignac opened at the Bibliotheque Forney. It was a wise decision to keep these two events apart, as the exhibition halls were packed to the walls and would hardly have accepted all these additional visitors.

For more than an hour, wave after wave of well wishers, friends, admirers, relatives and "me too's" inundated Savignac and his wife and had their picture taken, but they both took it in stride.

At 93, Savignac is still active, and his latest works are the poster for AGI and one for the exhibition "Le nouveau Salon des Cent" . The latter is a bit too risqué to be shown here, see it at the Centre Pompidou, until December 16, 2001.

Some visitors at the opening
( Zagrodzki is a well known poster expert, Gastou director of the Centre de l'Affiche in Toulouse, all others are poster designers, Sempé is the famous caricaturist and Valy tried to stop kangaroos in Chaumont )




Michel Quarez (l)
T.A. Lewandowski (r)



David Valy


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