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Winners of Shenzhen Design 2003 Show
Shenzhen, China, December 2003

The following pictures and texts were kindly provided by He Jianping, one of the winners who attended the award ceremony. The texts were translated by Sonny Kim and He Jianping.

Shenzhen Design 2003 Show

General Curator: Dong Xiaoming
Curator: Wang Xu, Wang Yuefei, Chen Shaohua, Han Jiaying, Long Zhaoshu, Yan Weixin
Date: December 18, 2003
Place: Shenzhen Guan Shanyue Art Museum

The jury
  • Garry Emery - Chairman (Australia)
  • Wang Xu (China)
  • Keiko Hirano (Japan)
  • Wang Min (China)
  • Stanley Wong (HongKong)
  • Craig Au Yeung Ying Chai (HongKong)

Garry Emery, Keiko Hirano, Stanley Wong, Wang Xu (from left to right)
Winners: Grand-prix : Zhang Dali "Design Shenzhen"

A : Category Poster Design "Shenzhen Design, Design Shenzhen"
Gold prize: none
Silver prize: none
Bronze prize: Zhang Shuang
Honour prize: Gao Ming, Ma Yin, Zhang Shuang, Wang Yefu

B1.1 : Category Publications and Books
Gold prize: Wang Yuefei «Comes from the western inspiration»
Silver prize: none
Bronze prize: Tommy Li «Vision Quest, Issue4 Game»
Honour prize: Gao Ming «Sucker-Works of Jiang Zhi», Kan Tai-keung «From Life Till Mind - Kan Tai-Keung's Art and Design», Wu Yong «Kisses Tibet with the lens», Zhang Dali «Paradox», Alan Chan «Chan´s bible», Alan Chan «Works of Alan Chan Design Company», Han Jiaying «I love you»

B1.2 : Category Campaign, Promotion and Annual Report
Gold prize: none
Silver prize: Han Zhanning, Liang Xiaowu, Zeng Jun, Huang Yang, Wang Wenliang, Hei Yiyang «6X6»
Bronze prize: none
Honour prize: Wang Gang «Birdsong, Qingdao Magazine»

B2.1 : Category Logos
Gold prize: none
Silver prize: none
Bronze prize: none
Honour prize: Chen Liyi «Decoris», Chen Xingbiao «Chen Xingbiao Studio», Hong Wei «Daily Upward Design Office»

B2.2 : Category Corporate Identity Design
Gold prize: none
Silver prize: none
Bronze prize: Eric Chan, Francis Lee «Fiona Wan Stationary»
Honour prize: Huang Yang, Zhang Yong «Huang Yang Design Studio»

B3.1 : Category Social Cultural Posters
Gold prize: Zhang Dali «Design Shenzhen»
Silver prize: Hung Lam «Life»
Bronze prize: He Jianping «75 Years China Academy of Arts»
Honour prize: Hung Lam «Fusion», Chen Yueyang, Li Shuyan «Coexistence», Cui Jianwei «UN», Guang Yi «Blank» Han Jiaying «Horizon 2001», Han Jiaying «Ambiguous», Han Jiaying «Paper», Huang An «Art is living», Tommy Li «WAR», Pan Qin «Discover Asia», Zhao Chenyin «Action Age», Zhang Dali «Character Non-character, Chart Non-chart»

B3.2 : Category Commercial Posters
Gold prize: none
Silver prize: Jiang Hua, Wu Luyuan «East Zhejiang Culture Magazine Poster»
Bronze prize: Kan Tai-keung «Big Positive Result»
Honour prize: Han Jiaying «Green Tee», He Shiyang «GoodYear», Benny Au «Paper.Life.Exhibition»

B4 : Category Package Design
Gold prize: none
Silver prize: none
Bronze prize: Kan Tai-keung «Watsons Water»
Honour prize: Du Fengsong «Present Cups», Xiao Runxiong «Wulong Tea Series», Zhang Chang-e «Tea Box»

Category Student's Work
Gold prize: none
Silver prize: none
Bronze prize: Zheng Dan «Place of the Water and Soil»
Honour prize: Xue Feng «Testimony», Za Shengli, Liu Jie «The life lies in the movement», Chen Xi «Which color is the next?», Chen Yi «Happy Character», Chen Zhimin «Wines Package»

Some of the winning posters

Zhang Dali, Design Shenzhen

Zhang Dali, Design Shenzhen

Zhang Dali, Design Shenzhen

Zhang Dali, Design Shenzhen

Hung Lam, Life

Hung Lam, Life

He Jianping
75 Years China Academy of Art

He Jianping
75 Years China Academy of Art

Some of the posters to promote the show

Bi Xuefeng Chen Shaohua Han Jiaying Han Zhanning

Liang Xiaowu Wang Xu Zeng Jun

The exhibition

The idea of a design exhibition in Shenzhen dates back to the last century.

Being a modern new city, Shenzhen was not only a miracle in economic development in the past 23 years, but also an extraordinary example of cultural pioneer. And designing artists are one of the highlights on Shenzhen´s map of culture. On this land of vitality has amassed a large number of outstanding designers, who took great liberty in making innovations and bringing their talents into full play. Shenzhen designers have left remarkable impressions on both the domestic and the international art stage. Many of the most important design exhibitions of the last century, including Graphic Design in China and The Design Art Section of the Ninth national Art Exhibition, were held in Shenzhen. These exhibitions received enthusiastic responses from art-lovers, who constantly broke the museums´record of entries. Our city gave birth to and nourished a unique culture of design, which in turn enriches our city´s cultural landscape and fosters its people´s appreciative eye.

It was at this moment that we came to observe a mature opportunity for organizing a design exhibition in Shenzhen. The art of design is a culture. As both the carrier and a component of a city´s outlook, it should express and illustrate its character and create its profile. The art of design is also a productivity. As a creative industry, it should be the dynamic for urban economy.

Designers are the hosts of design art. The exhibition was created and organized by specialized designers. Our jury panel is constituted of internationally prominent designers. All these guarantee the high standard and justness of the exhibition and promise for an integration with international design practices. The success of this exhibition owes much to the active participation of both domestic and overseas designers in not only entry submission, but also in organizational work. With over 1200 pieces of entry, the museum had an excellent learning experience, in that it has broadened its scope and has explored possibilities of reform in exhibition operations.

Innovation is the persistent theme of Shenzhen. As a new century opens its pages, with its full creativity, the art of design is ready to extend and enjoy the infinite sky of our city.

Dong Xiaoming (General Curator)

The award ceremony


Garry Emery (Jury), Wang Yuefei, Craig Au Yeung Ying Chai (Jury)

Hung Lam, Han Zhanning, Huang Lingzi, Han Jiaying, Zhang Dali

The Grand Prix winner Zhang Dali (right)
gets the 100 ' 000 Yuan cheque.

Tommy Li, Eric Chan, Kan Tai-keung, Dong Xiaoming (General Curator), Jianping He


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