WEB POSTER EXHIBITION - 8. Tehran International Poster Biennial 2004


The 8th Tehran International Poster Biennial is the latest in a succession of seven national Biennials of Iranian Graphic Designers. It has been prepared for a long time, and very carefully, and has been preceeded by a number of exhibtions both in Tehran and in Europe.

In the preface of the catalogue of one of these exhibitions in 2001, Morteza Momayez, the doyen of graphic design in Iran, wrote:

Daily routine designing, lack of access to the latest international sources of reference and absence of the possibilities for a person-to-person exchange of ideas with counterparts worldwide, is gradually distancing iranian graphic designers from novel ideas and artistic movements. Naturally, continuation of such circumstance will have negative consequences, affecting this field of art at all levels from its schools to the work environment alike. ....

His analysis of the situation pointed to the need to establish international contacts, and the challenge was taken up enthousiastically by the iranian graphic design community, from student to seasoned professional alike.

After the first international biennial in Tehran, it is obvious that the ambitious goal has been reached in a very short time. Not only have some of the worlds best designers contributed and participated in Tehran, but iranian graphic designers have won international recognition and are treated as equals in world competitions.

Personally I feel that the best part is still to come once the world realizes the unique role that iranian graphic design can play due to it's long tradition of calligraphy and typography.

I had tremendous and generous support from my friends in Iran and would like to thank all of them. Please also visit the official site of the Biennial !

  Biennial poster by Mostafa Assadollahi

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