WEB POSTER EXHIBITION - 5. Triennale of Eco Posters "4th Block", Kharkov 2003


Jianping He's poster on cloning and Iulia Kharina's poster on the Ten Commandments

The Jury at work

The "4th Block" Poster Triennale was founded in 1991 by graphic designer Oleg Veklenko to keep the memory alive of the tragedy that happend in Chernobyl on April 24, 1986, when the 4th Block of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant exploded, and dispersed a cloud of radioactivity all over Europe.

Veklenko was one of the persons who were called to clean up the mess, and was in Chernobyl a few days after the accident, and stayed for several weeks.

Over the years, the emphasis of the posters submitted to the Triennal has shifted from Chernobyl to ecology, and also the participating countries have changed. Traditionally, Japan has always showed a strong interest, with 29 participants this year, while the Triennale seems largly unknown in Western Europe: There were only 3 designers from France, and none from Switzerland, strange. This year, the rising stars clearly were China (29) and Iran (19).

Where is Kharkov ? The second largest ukrainian city is 400 km east of Kiev, and Chernobyl, and 600 km south of Moscow, an industrial city with 1.5 Mio. people, and the place where Cassandre, the great french poster designer was born as Adolphe Mouron, the son of a french businessman, in 1901. It was my third visit to Kharkov, and I just love the place, its tree shaded streets, and it's hospitality.

Please also visit the official site of the Triennal !

The old Kharkov Art Academy

Jacek Mrowczyk studies Joao Machado
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