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Winners of "Fourth Block"
The 5th International Triennale of Eco Posters and Graphics Art
Kharkov, Ukraine, April 2003

Please visit the official web site or the call for entries for more details.

The jury

photo RW
Kari Piippo, chairman (Finland)
photo RW
Xiao Yong
photo RW
Jan Rajlich jun. (Czech Republic)
photo RW
Jacek Mrowczyk (Poland)
photo RW
Sergei Serov (Russia)
photo RW
Takashi Akiyama (Japan)

Pavel Makov (Ukraine)

Vitalii Shostia (Ukraine)

On April 28, 2003, the jury met in Kharkov (UA) and awarded the following prizes, from more than 800 works submitted from 28 countries:

Category A : Posters

  • Grand Prix: Jochen Fiedler (Germany), for "Weil mein Schatz ein Jaeger ist" (because my sweetheart is a hunter)

  • First Prize: Sung-Eik Bae (South Korea), for "Don't"
  • Second Prize: Alireza Mostafazadeh (Iran), for "Nature invites us to graphic art. Graphic art invites us to nature"
  • Third Prize: Tomi Parviainen (Finland), for "How long will it last ?"

    Honorary diploma:
  • Hyrkas Hilppa (Finland), for "Transport"
  • Inna Kirzyk (Ukraine), for "World realize itself through us"
  • Melina Mikulic (Croatia), for "Europe 2020"
  • Murata Naoya (Japan), for "Expo 2005"
  • Yukichi Takada (Japan), for "Population 2001"
  • Parisa Tashakori (Iran), for "Lets create a blue sky for our children"

Category B : Graphics

  • First Prize: no award
  • Second Prize: Istvan Orosz (Hungary), for "Mythology"
  • Third Prize: Noriaki Kondo (Japan), for "Genealogy of time"

    Honorary diploma:
  • Yasuhiro Oki (Japan), for "The air corridor 3"
  • S.W. Bot (Australia), for "Garden of Gethsemane"
  • Viacheslav Morkovin (Russia), for "Kollektsiia redkostei"
  • Vladimir Lobanov (Russia), for "Derev'ia! K vam idu!"
  • Natalia Mironenko (Ukraine), for "Visiachie sady"

Category C : Computer graphics

    Honorary diploma:
  • Moritz Schneider (Germany)

Here are some of the winning posters:

Jochen Fiedler

Sung-Eik Bae

Alireza Mostafazadeh

Tomi Parviainen

Yukichi Takada

Murata Naoya

Inna Kirzyk, series of 8 posters

Parisa Tashakori

The jury at work:

About 700 posters were exhibited, in several buldings all over Kharkov. The jury made a preselection by looking at all of them, and Jacek Mrowczyk took a picture of those on the short list with his digital camera, a Canon G1. Xiao Yong then entered them into a Powerpoint presentation on his notebook, and the final selection was made after discussion and comparison of the pictures on the monitor, sometimes going back to look at the originals.

Some of the winners:

photo RW
Jochen Fiedler (Germany)
photo RW
Alireza Mostafazadeh
photo RW
Inna Kirzyk (Ukraine)

Parisa Tashakori (Iran)

photo RW Oleg Veklenko, the president of the Triennale, with the Grand Prix

( I'm not sure if this is the true story or somebody made a joke on me. A small label on the backside of this beauty says: Warning! The shipping cost of easter eggs might be dangerous to your financial health.)

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