WEB POSTER EXHIBITION - 100 beste Plakate 1998


The competition for the best german posters of the year has a long tradition. It was first held in 1966 in what was then the German Democratic Republic. Miraculously, it survived the turbulent years of the reunification of east and west Germany thanks to the perseverence of the VDG, the Verband der Grafik - Designer, and since 1991 it is an all german event.

The poster culture was high on both sides of the Berlin wall, but entirely different, and so the results in the first years were regarded with curiosity and suspicion by Wessies and Ossies alike, and theories abounded as to who ate whom and why, in the field of graphic design (not to speak of politics). Look at the catalogues of the past years to form your own opinion, many of them are still available from Hermann Buechner.

17 kb
Lobby of the Berliner Stadtbibliothek
with the winning entries
19 kb
Hermann Buechner
Public relations manager
of the VGD
6 kb
Alex Jordan
Chairman of the VGD

19 kb
Hubert Riedel
10 kb
and his giant poster for the Lucian Bernhard exhibition
The opening of the exhibition of the 100 best posters on June 18, 1999, coincided with an exhibition on Lucian Bernhard in the Galerie im Marstall, just around the corner from the Berliner Stadtbibliothek. Curator was Hubert Riedel, who also regularly designs the inside of the 100 best catalogues.

To design their cover is a once-in-a-lifetime honor which this year went to Dieter Feseke and Kerstin Baarman from the group grappa.dor designbuero.

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