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2012.01.152012.??.??10. International Poster Triennial in Toyama, 2012
2012.01.302012.06.09100 beste Plakate 11 - Deutschland Oesterreich Schweiz
2012.02.012012.04.278. International Triennial Of Ecological Poster "The 4th Block", Kharkov (UA) 2012
2012.02.052012.03.??Nowrouz international visual arts festival in Tajikistan
2012.02.152012.??.??Posterheroes - Social Communication 50X70 Poster Contest
2012.02.192012.06.0223. International Poster Biennale in Warsaw, Poland, 2012
2012.02.192012.04.??Awakening World Awards, Tehran, 2012 deadline extended to April 8, 2012
2012.02.292012.05.??Socialdesignposter online competition - Seeds of peace, the power of dialogue, 2012
2012.02.292012.??.??Concours d’affiches et photographies 2011/12 - La banlieue au feminin
2012.02.292012.??.??European Design Awards 2012
2012.03.052012.??.??Poster Festival Chaumont (FR) International competition
2012.03.302012.??.??1. International Reggae poster contest, 2012
2012.04.012012.??.??International poster contest "To Be Human", Aarhus (DK) 2012
2012.04.302012.05.20Nextbydesign international poster competition, 2012 deadline extended to May 31, 2012
2012.05.102012.05.07Online Poster Design Project "Kalimera Mellon", Istanbul, Turkey
2012.05.182012.??.??Joseph Binder Award 2012, Vienna, Austria
2012.05.302012.??.??4. International Socio-Political Poster Biennale, Auschwitz, Poland, 2012
2012.05.312012.07.25International poster competition "Mut zur Wut 2012", Heidelberg, Germany
2012.06.152012.??.??2012 Taiwan International Design Competition
2012.06.152012.12.??5. International Student Poster Competition, Skopje, Macedonia, "Money for Free" deadline extended to October 15, 2012
2012.07.102012.12.10Poster for tomorrow 2012 - Gender equality now!
2012.07.15????.??.??Trnava Poster Triennial 2012, Trnava (SK)
2012.08.152012.10.06Tomorrow, International poster competition for students, Lucerne (CH), 2012
2012.08.152013.02.??Taiwan International Student Design Competition, 2012
2012.08.312013.03.12International student poster competition, Berlin, Germany - "Energy Efficiency"
2012.10.102013.11.??5. World Biennial of Student Poster, Novi Sad, Serbia
2012.11.20????.??.??Exhibition and book "Contemporary Graphics of Iran", vol. 1 Poster
2012.11.30????.??.??Posters for peace in Syria
2012.11.30????.??.??Poster for the Polish Institute in Vienna
2012.12.202013.11.??12. International Triennial of the Political Poster Show, Mons (BE), 2013
2013.04.302013.11.20Biennal del cartel Bolivia BICeBe, 2013
2013.05.092013.11.??3. International Art Festival of Resistance, Tehran, 2013
2013.05.132013.09.307. International Triennial of Stage Poster, Sofia, 2013

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