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Winners of the 2006 Taiwan International Poster Design Award

Please visit the official web site and the Call for entries for more details.
The information on this page comes from Ronald Curchod, grand prix winner, and Hong Zhang, gold medal winner.

The second" Taiwan International Poster Design Award" was sponsored by Department of Commerce, MOEA and endorsed by ICOGRADA and JAGDA, which received more than 1,265 submitted works came from 31 different countries and areas by the deadline.

We invited 7 international and 3 Taiwan local judges to proceed judging works on 25th Sept, who including Melchior Imboden (Switzerland, Graphic Atelier Imboden, winner of the Icograda Excellence Award at the 2005 Taiwan International Poster Design Award), Dave Mason (Canada, Samata Mason Design Inc.), Kirti Trivedi (India, considered an Indian design authority, designer of the the Gandhi Museum), Pat Hansen (USA, Principal Hansen Design Company), Xavier Bermudez (Mexico, Matatena Visual Studio), Shigeo Fukuda (Japan, President of JAGDA, AGI Member), Maria Kurpik (Poland, Poster Museum in Wilanow), Apex Lin,Pang-soong (Taiwan, Director of Fine Art, National Taiwan Normal University, ICOGRADA Treasurer 2001~2003), Ming-shean Wang (Taiwan, Pre-President of National Taiwan University of Arts), Michael Dee (Taiwan, Executive Creative Director of DDB).

There are 22 awards and 86 final selected from 1,265 works with high quality and creativity, which including Grand Prize, ICOGRADA Excellence Award, JAGDA Excellence Award, Gold/ Silver/ Bronze medal for open category (1.Commercial, 2.Promotional) / Special theme (Sport, Sunshine, and Health) and Judges Special Award. The name of awarded and final selected are as following:

Prize winners of the international competition

  • Grand Prize Ronald Curchod (France) for the poster "Animality"
  • Icograda Excellence Award Shin Matsunaga (Japan) for the poster "MANIFESTI D'ARTISTA. 1955-2005"
  • Jagda Excellence Award Chang Hong Jiang & Qing Zhao (China) for the poster "In China"
Open Category: Promotional
  • Gold Medal Hong Zhang (Germany) for the poster "Zeitraum bekannt 1939-45 / Zeitraum unbekannt 1937-45"
  • Silver Medal Wing Kei Chan Leslie (Taiwan) for the poster "The Native Tongue between Iran and Taiwan"
  • Bronze Medal Chun Liang Leo Lin (Taiwan) for the poster " Taiwan Image "
Open Category: Commercial
  • Gold Medal Kleon Medugorac (Germany) for the poster "Anzeige"
  • Silver Medal Norito Shinmura (Japan) for the poster "Global Warming"
  • Bronze Medal Ryohei Wabi Kudo & Kazushi Sabi Nakanishi (Japan) "Flesh and Bloo"
Special theme: Sport, Sunshine, and Health
  • Gold Medal Tai Keung Kan (Hongkong) Olympic Poster
  • Silver Medal Hong Shui Zhong (China) Olympic Games in China
  • Bronze Medal Wing Kei Chan Leslie (Taiwan) Hurding / Ball Game
Judges Special Award
  • Nanshan Hou "Typochina"
  • Wojtek Korkuc "Wojtek Korkuc Korekstudio"
  • Tat Wa Yick "12 Months, 12 Stories"
  • Sing Song Cy "Chinese Typocraphy"
  • Dian Lee "Impression - Jiang Yan Poster Exhibition"
  • Kim Sung Jae "Korea Identity "
  • Shin Matsunaga "Monex University"
  • Michel Bouvet "The Changeling"
  • Brad Tzou "Viva La Vitality"
  • Hai Ping Li "10th Anniversaries of Visual Communication Design Department China Academy of Art"

Here are some of the winning posters:

Ronald Curchod

Shin Matsunaga

Chang Hong Jiang & Qing Zhao

Hong Zhang

Hong Zhang

Wing Kei Chan Leslie

Chun Liang Leo Lin

Kleon Medugorac

Norito Shinmura

Tai Keung Kan

Hong Shui Zhong


Open Category: Commercial – finalist

Fons Hickmann "Clothing Collection"
Masakazu Tanabe "Something We Can Do for the Earth"
Niklaus Troxler "Schulldogs"
Niklaus Troxler "Marty Ehrlich Quartet N.Y."
Stephan Bundi "Carmen"
Erich Brechbuehl "100mal im Schtei (100 times im Schtei)"
Julia Worbs "Lecture of Hans Eduard Meier, Type-Designer from Switzerland"
Jianping He "Antalis"
Jianping He "Antalis"
Wing Kei Chan – Leslie "Native Tongue-Queen Elizabeth II, Aborigines"
Wing Kei Chan – Leslie "Native Tongue-Newspaper Clipping, Comicbooks"
Ralph Schraivogel "Kurosawa"
Naoki Hirai "Water for Life"
Liza Ramalho & Artur Rebelo "I Love Tavora"
Siu Hong Lau – Freeman "Design and the Life in the City"
Chaz Maviyane-Davies "Eject"
Tokiyoshi Tsubouchi "Paper House Kamihyakka Image Poster '05"
Tokiyoshi Tsubouchi "Designer's Personal Binding Design Exhibition"
Mitsuo Watanabe "OS"
Toshiyuki Kato "Hair Salon"
Uwe Loesch "The Art of Fine Type"
Joao Machado "Dia Nacional da Agua (National Water Day)"
Joao Machado "Trindade"
Jun Liang Chen "Fashion, a Form of Meditation"
Giichi & Miyako "Okazaki Taiwan "Ume = Plum""
Boris Ljubicic "Museum 2006"
Peter Pocs "Peter Pocs Postermania"

Open Category: Promotional – finalist

Chen Yu Wang "Material Girl"
Leo Huang "To be Insatiably Avaricious"
Oded Ezer "Unimportant & Nothing"
Leszek Wisniewski "DYDO"
Finn Nygaard "Finn Nygaard with Friends"
Sebastian Kubica" Dydo Poster Collection"
Toshiyasu Nanbu "Peace or War"
Nanshan Hou "Typochina"
Nanshan Hou "A Hundred Flowers Blossoming A Hundred Viewpoints Contending"
Siu Chuen Ho -"William Treasuring… Life"
Xuefeng Bi "A Hundred Flowers Blossoming A Hundred Viewpoints Contending"
Hsi Lung Chen "Taiwan Image Poster 2006"
Ling Hung Shih "Beauty of Taiwan Aborigines"
Wai Kwan Lai – Gideon "Inside Out – Bones"
Alexandra Faldina & Anastasia Faldina "Menu of a Pensioner"
Hong Zhang "Philhamonie Hans Scharoun"
Hong Zhang "Juedisches Museum Daniel Libeskind"
Shi Wei Cai - Eric "The 65th Commemoration Nanjing Massacre Series"
2 x Goldstein "Acht Orte"
2 x Goldstein "Adam Seide Literaturtag"
Chien Chih Li "Night Market"
Jun Liang Chen "The Original Complex Chinese Character is Wounded"
Ming Lung Yu "Sounds of Life"
Ming Lung Yu "Beautiful of Love"
Reza Abedini "Rezvan"
Iman Raad "Morteza Zahedi Painting Exhibition"
Giorgio Pesce "Arsenic Saison"
Jianping He "100 Best Posters 05 in China"
Shigeo Okamoto "Gramics 2004 Tajimi"
Tat Wa Yick "Space : Inside Out"
Satoji Kashimoto "Imagine"
David Tartakover "Free Hand Design"
Imaya Wong "To Live"
Tai Keung Kan "Green & Life"
Tai Keung Kan "Mountains and Beyond"
Ming Lung Yu "Burning Island"
Jiong Li "Second-hand Smoke"
Qing Zhao "Decorative Art of Book Series"
Qing Zhao "Coexist Series"
Hui Zhou "A Hundred Flowers Blossoming"
Hui Zhou "Talking Freedom"
Michel Bouvet "Michel Bouvet Plakaty"

Special theme: Sport, Sunshine, and Health – finalist

Tak Meng Tsui "Step & Meet in Peking 2008"
Sebastian Kubica "Life"
Gianni Bortolotti " Impotent Message"
Siu Hong Lau – Freeman "One World - One Dream"
Siu Chuen Ho "Nature"
Hsiao Che Huang" Triathlon"
Li Wei Lin "Sport, Sunshine, and Health"
Yu Jen Kuan "Walking"
Stony Cherng "Cloud-watching Revelation"
Zhe Lun Li "Notice!"
Cao Fang "Sports-Never Stop / Health - All One's Life"
Taddy Ho "Exercise"
Taddy Ho "Must Stop it!"
Tomasz Kipka "Oostende 2005 (Flight of Postal Pigeon. Belgium-Poland)"
Tomasz Kipka "Stop Sport Corruption"

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