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Winners of the 4. International Student Poster Competition, Skopje, Macedonia, 2011 - HIV/AIDS

Received from Isa Sadeghi
Please visit the Official web site or the Call for entries for more details.

The jury (Thierry Sarfis, Lech Majewski, Safet Spahiu, Kari Pippo, Neda Firfova) selected the following winners on December 1, 2011:

First Prize
Anna Klamczynska & Jan Bajtlik, POLAND

Second Prize
Morteza Farahnak, IRAN <

Third Prize
Christoph Buettner, GERMANY

Seven honorable mentions:
Dimitar Torbakov, Onur Askin, Adan Paredes Barrera, Katerina Nikolovska & Violeta Kocev, Dusan Popovic, Isa Sadeghi, Sebastian Cabaj.

Here are the winning posters:

Anna Klamczynska+Jan Bajtlik

Morteza Farahnak

Christoph Buettner

Adan Paredes Barrera

Dimitar Torbakov

Dusan Popovic

Isa Sadeghi

Onur Askin

Sebastian Cabaj

Katerina Nikolovska & Violeta Kocev

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