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Winners of the 2. International Student Poster Competition, Skopje (Macedonia) 2009

Please visit the official web site or the Call for entries for more details.

We are proud to announce the winners of the 2. International Student Poster Competition, Skopje 2009, on the theme Power vs. Poverty that were chosen by international jury:
  • Prof. Lech Majewski
    (Warsaw Poster Biennale and Academy of Fine Arts, Warsaw, Poland)
  • DAVID CARSON - Special Guest Star
  • Prof. Radovan Jenko
    (Faculty of Fine Arts, Ljubljana, Slovenia)
  • Dimitris Arvanitis
    (graphic designer, Greece)
  • Justyna Czerniakowska
    (Academy of Fine Arts, Warsaw, Poland)
  • Ngadhnjim Mehmeti
    (graphic Designer, Skopje, Macedonia)
  • Ladislav Cvetkovski
    (graphic Designer, Skopje, Macedonia)

720 posters from 426 authors were submitted to this year's competition.

First Prize Winner:
Jan Bajtlik - Poland
1500 Euros

Second Prize Winners:
Cesar Ali Hernandez Torralba - Mexico
Alireza Darbani - Iran
1000 Euros (Share Prize)

Third Prize Winner:
Angelika Topolewska - Poland
600 Euros

Special Jury Award:
Mladen Cvetkov - Macedonia

Honorary Mentions
Rachel Oglesby - USA
Velimir Andrejevic - Serbia
Sara Music - Slovenia
Urszula Janowska - Poland
Elisaveta Bejkova - Macedonia
Catherine Groya - USA

Here are the winning posters:

Jan Bajtlik

Alireza Darbani

Cesar Ali Hernandez Torralba

Angelika Topolewska

Mladen Cvetkov

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