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POSTER COMPETITION - Call for entries

2. International Student Poster Competition, Skopje (Macedonia), 2009

Received 2009.07.06 from Ondrej Misek
Please see the official web site for more information and an online entry form.

Message from Laze Tripkov, 2009.10.11
I wish to inform you that the Second International Poster Competition, Skopje 2009 has redefined the dates concerning the:
1. deadline of poster submission: 1st November 2009;
2. Exhibition grand opening 27th November 2009.

I also would like to inform you that this year our special guest star will be David Carson

We also planing to organize several lectures which are in phase of preparations, so we will contact you with more details soon.

Competition 2009: Subject POWER / POVERTY

About 25,000 people die every day of hunger or hunger-related causes.

This year the organizational committee of the Skopje's ISPC decided that the main topic of the 2009 poster competition should be the problem of Poverty. One person every three and a half seconds dies. Unfortunately, it is children who die most often.

We invite graphic design and visual arts students from all over the world to make a poster contribution, to this topic.

The POVERTY vs. POWER poster competition is meant to contribute to a graduate improving of the society as a whole, giving special attention to the young population. Its goal is to bring the ideas together, giving the youth a chance to express their beliefs and thoughts about the world poverty, by creating strong (poster) messages. It will have a direct effect on the society by opening new horizons and giving a strong motivation for the people to work towards a better future. This project should promote the ‘poster’ as a mean of expressing these ideas among the European and world wide youth.

This project continues to represents a base of cultural interchange, having made new friendships, realizing the importance of poverty as its major goals. Through the concretization of the ideas based on poverty the young spirit should understand its value and realize the common advantages that this concept offers, building a solid grounds for further promotion of Poverty problems on global grounds.

The project will be carried out through a partnership between PLAKART, The Museum of the City of Skopje, Warsaw Museum of Poster and AUG the Czech Graphic Design Association. It will be supported by the Ministry of Culture of Macedonia, City of Skopje, as well as City of Warsaw, and several external associates – Professors from Poland, Czech Republic, Slovenia, France, Italy, Slovakia, Turkey, Macedonia and other well-known graphic designers.

One of the goals of this project is to merge the students from world academies and Europe in the territory of the Republic of Macedonia.

"POVERTY vs. POWER” will strive for a cultural development of the young people and their social and cultural independence. One of the aspects of this situation is the lack of possibilities for self-actualization, namely achieving their aspiration and life ambitions. The organizer of this competition will continue promoting young artist and their posters around the globe, creating traveling exhibitions in Poland, Czech Republic, Serbia, Turkey, Israel...


First Prize: 1500 Euros

Second Prize: 1000 Euros

Third Prize: 600 Euros

Also, the jury will select 7 honorable mentions for the best posters that communicate the Poverty vs. Power issue.
ISPC continues with the tradition to bring the poster to the street

For a better communication with the public and stronger effect from the messages, 10 most successful posters POVERT vs. POWER from the exhibition will be displayed in front of the public at the most recurring street in Skopje, “Makedonija” on the first upcoming weekend after the opening. Every single person who passes through the “Makedonija” street, the most frequent walking zone in Skopje, will notice the selected 10 posters that in best way communicate the “Tolerance – A Global Challenge” message. This does not only form solid grounds for more efficient understanding and solving of the problems which are typical for the life of the youth, but it also raises awareness of tolerance on higher social and multiethnic grounds. With this step we go forward in giving the real meaning of the poster, which makes us more effective in promoting the messages than the similar poster manifestations, competitions and biennales in the world.

All costs will be covered by the organizer.

International Jury

prof. Lech Majewski
(Academy of Fine Arts, Warsaw, Poland)

Justyna Czerniakowska
(Academy of Fine Arts, Warsaw, Poland)

prof. Radovan Jenko
(Faculty of Fine Arts, Ljubljana, Slovenia)

Nghadnjim Mehmeti
(graphic Designer, Skopje, Macedonia)

Ondrej Misek
(lecturer, Academia Italiana, Thailand)

Terms of participation

The competition is open to art and design students registered at an educational institution for art and design including disciplines such as fine arts, graphic design, communication design, visual communication, media design and other related disciplines. There's no limit for nationality. Students may either register for the competition individually or their school/university may enter them for the competition provided that the student has given his/her consent.

Team entries are allowed; teams may consist a maximum of 3 students. If a team entry wins the competition, the prize will be equally split among all team members. Each participant / group may enter a maximum of three poster visuals.

The organizers reserve the right to refuse entries they consider morally, politically or religiously offensive. All participants need to register for the competition by completing an entry form on the web site and attach their poster in pdf format, jpg or eps not bigger than A3 format. The posters doesn't has to be sent as printed matter. The posters must be sent as printed matter of a non-commercial value statement. The printing costs will be covered by the organizer.

All posters become the property of the Organizers. The organizer will not undertake any customs clearance. The organizer will not take responsible for the delay of submition. Entry deadline is 1 October, 2009 1 November, 2009


The submitted posters must be designed by entrant. If the work has the intellective right or copyright dispute, the organizer will cancel the qualification of the entry right. The entrant must undertake all the consequences. The entrant should ensure the organizer not to generate any copyright or other intellective right dispute for the use of the posters. The organizer has the right to exhibit, publish (including digital publish) and collect the selected posters.

Important:There is no need to send a printed version of the poster. We will use the digital version to print your poster for the competition.

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