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Winners of the Samsun International Poster Competition, Samsun (TR), 2016
Received from Ali Tomak
Please see the official web site or the Call for entries for more details.

The members of the online jury Ali Can Metin / TURKEY, Ali Seylan / TURKEY, Ali Tomak / TURKEY, Alice Drueding / USA, Aysegül Izer / TURKEY, Byoung IL Sun / KOREA, Christopher Scott / ECUADOR, Darius Allahyari / IRAN, Didem Çatal / TURKEY, Dogan Aslan / TURKEY, Elizabeth Resnick / USA, Elmer Sosa / MEXICO, Hatice Öz Pektas / TURKEY, Laze Tripkov / MACEDONIA, Levent Mercin / TURKEY, Luba Lukova / USA, Mario Fuentes / ECUADOR, Mehdi Saedi / IRAN, Parisa Tashakori / IRAN, Rene Wanner / SWITZERLAND, Savas Çekiç / TURKEY, Selçuk Özis / TURKEY, Sergio Olivetti / ITALY, Tarik Yazar / TURKEY, Ugur Atan / TURKEY, Yossi Lemel / ISRAEL, Yusuf Kes / TURKEY

of the competition with the subject "Urban Aesthetics" selected the posters below from 1025 posters submitted

Ruifeng Wang / China
First Prize

Tomaso Marcolla / Italy
Second Prize

Ismail Cem Kiliç / Turkey
Third Prize

Resul Ay / Turkey
Honorable Mention

Orhan Ardahanli / Turkey
Honorable Mention

Ahad Taghipour / Iran
Honorable Mention

Ardan Ergüven / Turkey
Honorable Mention

Oktay Barkin / Turkey
Honorable Mention

Murat Kara / Turkey
Honorable Mention

Kübra Semiz / Turkey
Honorable Mention

Züleyha Yavan / Turkey
Honorable Mention

Alper Zeki / Turkey
Honorable Mention

Piotr Depta / Poland
Honorable Mention

Please see the Top 100 posters on the original website.

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