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POSTER COMPETITIONS - Call for entries

International Samsun Poster Competition, Samsun, Turkey, 2016

Please see the official web site for more information.

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Urban Aesthetics
People gravitate to the cities with the expectation of a new life. Being able to benefit from many public services such as jobs, education, health, etc. forms the dynamics of this expectation. This huge demand which increases the trend to move to the cities brings unplanned urbanization and many other problems with it. The concept of urbanization represents the increase of human population of settlements on the one hand; and the adoption of a culture of life on the other. Adaptation to this new, planned or unplanned, habitat is possible with the adoption of the city culture; and making a contribution is possible with the consciousness of urbanity.

Humans and the environment shape, change, and transform each other. In the characteristics of this interaction, it is possible to associate priority connection to aesthetic perception. Aesthetics can also be evaluated as some kind of a reflection of a person on an object. Cities are the environments where human-human and human-space relationships are experienced the most intense, and where this reflection is intertwined. Bringing new perspectives and artistic approaches to the problems of the city and the human-city relations are aimed with the poster design competition organized in the concept of Urban Aesthetics.
Some below given topics relating to urban aesthetics can be guiding within this context:

" Public Art
" Urbanity Culture
" Urban and Community Health
" Urban Aesthetic and Tourism
" Urban Aesthetic and Structuring
" Environmental Issues and Waste Management
" Urban Transformation New Urban Ecologies

2. AIM
Urban aesthetics is an event of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality and Ondokuz Mayis University Faculty of Fine Arts. The following are intended with the poster design competition: fulfilling an educational mission by introducing new products on the subject of "URBAN AESTHETICS" into the field; the use of designs awarded and mentioned for their creative, catchy, functional, and aesthetic structure in the Samsun outdoor advertisement units; and the creation of awareness and a level of consciousness at the local and regional, national and international levels with the exhibition of 100 finalist works. Furthermore, inviting all national and international level professional designers or university students who are receiving design education to participate in this event and bringing them together in line with this purpose through the medium of poster design, which is an important outdoor advertisement application of visual communication design / graphic design, is also intended.
Samsun Metropolitan Municipality
Ondokuz Mayis University
Ondokuz Mayis University Faculty of Fine Arts

1) The competition is open to all national and international designers.
2) Each participant may participate with a maximum of three design.
3) All the designers participating in the contest are deemed to have accepted the conditions of the contest and selection committee evaluation.
4) The designs presented in the competition should be original, not participated in another competition and not published anywhere else with any justification.
5) The designers participating in the contest are deemed to agree, declare and undertake that the designs are belonged to themselves. The designers participating in the contest are not going to pay participation fee and are not demand participation payment.
6) Designs which are understood to be copies by the Selection Committee will remain out of competition, will not be awarded, the award winner will return award if it is given earlier and under the circumstances, administration's choosing opportunity for a new poster design will be accepted in advance.
7) As the result of the competition evaluation, ranking the highest and honorable mention winners', in total 13 poster designs' billboard application will be required. Also, 100 poster design considered worthy of exhibition will be selected as finalist.
8) Designs should be uploaded via web address at the latest 24:00 May 8th 2016

Technical Conditions
1) Poster designs will be designed in digital environment and provide participation by registering electronic application form at web site.
2) Samsun Metropolitan Municipality's logo must be used at designs. Slogans can be used optionally.
3) Poster designs must be uploaded size of 2953 x 4134 pixel (50x70 cm), 150 dpi resolution, RGB image type and JPG format.
4) Poster designs which receive an award or mention following the evaluation of the Selection Committee will be asked in City Light Poster size of 118,5x175 cm, and billboard size of 350x200 cm, CMYK image type, JPG format, and 72 dpi resolution.
5) The maximum allowable file size for each poster design work is 10 MB.

Competition Start Date : February 20th 2016
Application Deadline : May 8th 2016
jury Evaluation Date: 9 - 15 May th 2016
Announcement Date : May 16th 2016
Award Ceremony Date: May 25th 2016

Results that determined by the selection committee will be announced on May 16th 2016 at and the contest page.

First Prize 8.000 TL
Second Prize 6.000 TL
Third Prize 4.000 TL
10 Honorable Mention certificates

Certificate will be given to poster designs ranking the highest and Honorable Mention winners.

Award ceremony will be held by Samsun Metropolitan Municipality and Ondokuz Mayis University Faculty of Fine Arts on May 25th 2016, which is the opening day of 1st National Urban Aesthetics Symposium.

1) All copyrights of the award-winning banner designs of the contest will belong to Samsun Metropolitan Municipality. The following works will be utilised in any visual/written communication and archived by Samsun Metropolitian Municipality.
2) All of the works taking part in the contest can be used by Samsun Metropolitan Municipality for exhibiting purposes in activities, institutional web pages, media organs and catalogues of the institution, and in units affiliated to the institution. Samsun Metropolitan Municipality is not to pay any royalties to the contestants for utilising the works.
3) The selection committee may ask for technical corrections on the selected posters. Additional fees are not paid to the contestants for these correction works. Contestants who have been granted an award in the competition agree, declare, and undertake that, with the prize amount paid to them, they indefinitely transfer the copyrights and the publication rights of the awarded designs to Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, and correspondingly, in accordance with both the Law of Intellectual and Artistic Works (FSEK), and other applicable legislation, they, to the extent permitted by law, transfer all the pecuniary and non-pecuniary rights such as reproduction, processing, distribution, representation, communication to the public as set forth by the Article 20, 21, 22, 23, and 24 of FSEK, and the name specification power, the power to make changes in the work, the power to present the work to the public, the power of the author to use his/her rights against the possessor and beneficial owner as set forth by the Article 14, 15, 16, and 17 of FSEK, to Samsun Metropolitan Municipality.
4) The contestants will be responsible for any judicial and financial issues related to the originality of the designs (plagiarism etc.) ranking the highest even after the completion of the contest. Samsun courts are entitled to deal with all kinds of violations that may occur aganist this contract and its annexes.
5) In case that unfulfillment of the commitments, incorrect information in the application form or violation of the contract terms are identified by Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, no award payment is received; if already received, then the amount will be refunded to Samsun Metropolitan Municipality.
6) Samsun Metropolitan Municipality reserves the right to change any current condition, date and information without advance notice.
7) All participants taking part in the contest will be deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions described above.


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