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Winners of the 12. International Biennale of Theatre Posters Rzeszow, Poland 2009
received from Wladyslaw Serwatowski, see also the Call for entries or the official web site for more details.


The jury of the 12. Theatre Poster Biennale ( Karel Misek (chair), Thierry Sarfis, Pekka Loiri, and Krzysztof Motyka ) awarded the following prizes in October 2009, from 630 posters that were submitted:

- The First Prize: Tomasz Boguslawski - set of posters (Poland)
- The Second Prize: Katarzyna Dulinska "Major Barbara" (Poland)
- The Third Prize: Nous Travaillons Ensemble "Saison 08-09" (France)

Honorary Mentions:
- Andrzej Klimowski "Pan Twardowski" (Poland)
- Vanja Cuculic "Iliada 2009" (Croatia)
- Gitte Kath "I+II" (Danmark)
- Tania Stranska "[sic]" (Czech Republik)
- Joanna Górska, Jerzy Skakun "Sprawa Dantona" (Poland)

Here are some of the winning posters:

Tomasz Boguslawski

Katarzyna Dulinska

Nous Travaillons Ensemble

Vanja Cuculic

Tania Stranska

Joanna Gorska & Jerzy Skakun

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