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Winners of "Fourth Block"
The 6th International Triennale of Eco Posters and Graphics Art
Kharkov, Ukraine, April 2006

Please visit the official web site or the call for entries for more details.

The jury

photo R. Wanner
Laurance Madrelle, chairman (France)
photo R. Wanner
Ahn Sang-Soo
(South Korea)
photo Oleg Veklenko
Rene Wanner (Switzerland)
photo R. Wanner
Subrata Bhowmick
photo R. Wanner
Phil Risbeck (USA)
photo R. Wanner
Ruth Klotzel (Brazil)
photo R. Wanner
Yuri Surkov (Russia)
photo R. Wanner
Vladimir Lesniak (Ukraine)

At the end of April 2006, the jury met in Kharkov (UA) and awarded the following prizes, from 1112 works submitted from which 563 were selected by the preselection jury:
  • Grand Prix: Sebastien Courtois (France), for "Stop deforestation"

  • First Prize: Radovan Jenko (Slovenia), for "Tsunami"
  • Second Prize: Theo Carvalho (Brazil), for "In memory of the victims"
  • Two equal Third Prizes:
    Mehdi Saeedi (Iran), for "Let us not allow nature to become a fairy tale"
    Eduardo Barrera (Mexico), for "Chernobyl 2006"

  • Special Prize by the international jury "Chernobyl Prize", to the group of designers from Russia ( Peter Bankov and Julia Fedulova, Eric Belousov, Ilya Bryabrin, Vladimir Chaika, Evgeniy Dobrovinskiy, Alexander and Svetlana Faldin, Yuri Gulitov, Maxim Gurbatov, Igor Gurovich, Erken Kagarov, Dmitry Kavko, Alexander Knyazev, Alexander Konoplev, Andrey Logvin, Igor Maystrovskiy, Anna Naumova, Andrey Sheluto, Alexey Shtof, Vitaly Stavitskiy, Yuri Surkov, Evgeniy Taboriskiy, Boris Trofimov, Natalya Vikhlyaeva, ZungeDesign) for a series of posters "XX".

    Special Award from the Designer's Union of Ukraine to the following projects:
  • Oksana and Andrei Chumachenko (Ukraine), for "Another Life"
  • Nikolai Shtok (Russia), for a photo project
  • Ievgenia Komenko and Olexander Lubimov (Ukraine), for a performance " Pisanka"
  • Desihn Group Vse Doma (Ukraine), for "Recover"
  • Alyona Solomadina (Ukraine), for "Look Closer"

    Honorable mention by the Designer's Union of Ukraine to
  • Vladimir Chaika (Russia)
  • Evgenii Dobrovinskii (Russia)
  • Yuri Surkov (Russia)
  • Igor Maistrovskii (Canada)
  • Takada Yukichi (Japan)

Here are some of the winning posters:

Sebastien Courtois

Radovan Jenko

Radovan Jenko (detail from lower left corner)

Eduardo Barrera

Theo Carvalho

Theo Carvalho (detail)

Mehdi Saeedi

Mehdi Saeedi (detail)

The posters of the Chernobyl Prize
Please see also Sergei Serov's column in KAK for more details. The exhibition was curated by Alexander Davydov, Stanislav Ischenko, Elena Rymshina and Sergei Serov, and organized by the Academy of Graphic Design (Moscow), and the graphic design publisher LiniaGrafic! (Moscow).

Peter Bankov and Julia Fedulova

Eric Belousov

Vladimir Chaika

Evgenii Dobrovinskii

Ilya Bryabrin

Alexander and Svetlana Faldin, St. Petersburg

Yuri Gulitov

Igor Gurovich

Erken Kagarov

Dimtry Kavko

Andrey Logvin

Maxim Gurbatov

Alexander Knyazev

Igor Maistrovskii

Anna Naumova

Andrey Sheluto

Vitalii Stavitskii

Yuri Surkov

Alexander Konoplev

Alexey Shtof

Evgenii Taboriskii

Boris Trofimov

Nataliia Vikhliaeva

Zunge Design

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