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"Fourth Block" The 6th International Triennale of Eco Posters
Kharkov, Ukraine, April 2006

Chernobyl 20 years on

20 years of Chernobyl tragedy are carried on April, 26 of 2006 year out.

20 years regarding the world’s history is a small term. But it was enough for the mankind to propel into the 21. century, to make amazing discoveries, and to bring the new technologies into everyday life of almost every person, boosting the intellectual possibilities.

20 years is the time past since the first technogenic catastrophe that struck the world at the beginning of the information epoch. For the first time the problem of human and nature coexistence was seen as a simple, yet unsolvable paradigm – to be or not to be.

20 years past Chernobyl, the mankind continues to reproduce social problems, keeps destroying its environment without seeing the real Chernobyl has not yet started. It is ahead.

The 6. International 4th Block Triennial of eco Poster of April 2006 coincides with the 20th anniversary of the of the Chernobyl tragedy and has chosen the slogan of “Chernobyl 20 years on”.

Endorsed By ICOGRADA

President of the Triennial
Honoured Artist of Ukraine, professor Oleg Veklenko /

Director of the Triennial
Lena Karin /

Manager of the Triennial
Anna Shishkova /

4th Block Ukrainian Association of Graphic Designers, Kharkov
Pro-Obraz design studio, Moscow

4th Block Museum and Gallery
Kharkov charity foundation “Chervona Strichka”
Kharkov Branch of the Ukrainian National Artists’ Union
Kharkov Branch of the Ukrainian Designers’ Union
Kharkov State Design and Arts Academy
Slavutich city Administration
Kharkov Art Museum
Kharkov City Gallery
“AVEK” Gallery

Golden Bee Association (Moscow)
European East-West-Academy for Culture and the Media (Berlin)
France Culture Centre (Kharkov)
German Culture Center “Nurenberg house” (Kharkov)
Chernobyl power plant (Slavutych)
China-Ukraine Centre of economic and culture collaboration (Kharkov)

International Judges
Ahn Sang-Soo (South Korea)
Rene Wanner (Switzerland)
Subrata Bhomik (India)
Phil Risbeck (USA)
Ruth Klotzel (Brazil)
Madrelle Laurence (France)
Yuriy Surkov (Russia)
Vladimir Lesnyak (Ukraine)

Selection Board
Valeriy Galchenko (Ukraine)
Vasil Kosiv (Ukraine)
Sergey Mishakin (Ukraine)
Olga Severina (Ukraine)
Evgeniy Taboriskiy (Russia)

– posters of all genres on environmental issues. The works should be sent in without frames, no more than 5 posters of 2 series from one author or team. Size is not defined. The printing technique is not defined either.

“Youth Environmental Projects”
– visual documentation of happenings, installations, environmental actions held earlier or at the 4th Block exposition grounds, video, animation, flash presentations, polygraph materials etc.

Participation in the Triennial is free.
Please note the works sent in should be created within the period of 2003-2005.

Deadline of sending in works 1 February, 2006. deadline extended to February 20, 2006

Grand Prix
Diplomas and special awards in nominations
Special prize of the Slavutich city administration - “Chernobyl 20 years on”
Special Diploma of Kharkov Branch of the Ukrainian Designers’ Union
Special Diploma of Kharkov State Design and Arts Academy
Special diplomas and awards from Chervona Strichka, Kharkov charity foundation

International eco poster exhibition, satellite exhibitions and the related events will take place in March-April 2006. The winners will be announced on the actual day of Chernobyl tragedy, April 26th 2006.


“Antiaids – Ukraine” As a part of Triennial “4th Block” the International Poster Competition “AntiAIDS–Ukraine” will be held. The details on the Web:

Related exhibitions will take place in Kharkov, Kiev, Odessa, Lvov, Slavutich and Sevastopol (Ukraine), Moscow and Novosibirsk (Russia), Basel (Switzerland), Berlin and Nurenberg (Germany), Cincinnati (USA).

Following the exhibition, an illustrated catalogue will be published together with a CD disk. The exhibition’s participants will have a 50 percent discount on the catalogue.
The works shall not be returned
After the exhibition all the works will stay in the 4th Block collection. 4th Block has the right to publish the received works in Triennial-related materials, such as catalogues, leaflets, albums, articles etc.

Contest Documentation
Please attach a label (or a copy) to the backside of each work, in the upper right hand corner. Fill in the label with print capitals, unless you like to see your name misspell. Please use adhesive tape to attach the labels, do not glue them to the poster. Please make a copy for each of your works.
Registration form.
Please fill in a registration form to send in with your works.
Please attach a CD with digital copies of the works you send in, 15 cm on the larger side, in TIFF or JPG formats, 300 dpi.
If possible, also send a digital copy of the registration form and the works (smaller format, up to 300 kb) via e-mail to
Anna Shishkova:
We would appreciate it if you provided some information on yourself, such as education, exhibitions, awards, and sent in a photograph of yourself or a catalogue/ booklet. Thank you.

Postal address
To send your works to:
Oleg Veklenko
32/186 - 29, prospekt 50-letiya VLKSM
Kharkov 61153, Ukraine

All shipping and insurance costs must be paid by participants. The organizing committee will not be able to pay the customs duty and receive your works, if you estimate your mailing unit at more than $20 if sent by regular mail or $5 if sent via express mail (DHL, American Express etc). Please, do not estimate your works at a sum above the indicated one!

Please contact the organizing committee by
Mob. phone +380 67 785 71 68
Tel/fax +380 57 702 35 45
Anna Shishkova

Please make the conditions of participation in 4th Block International Triennial available to your colleagues and see the original web site for more information and downloadable application forms.

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