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Winners of the Italian Poster Biennial 2015, Finale Ligure, Italy

Received from Italian Poster Biennial. Please visit the official web site or the call for entries for more details.

The Jury (Francesca Agate / Italy, Iva Babaja / Croatia, Pablo Di Firma / Argentina, Cinzia Ferrara / Italy, Isidro Ferrer / Spain, Ryszard Kaja / Poland, Yossi Lemel / Israel, Luba Lukova / USA, Francesco Mazzenga / Italy, Eric Olivares Lira / Mexico, Istvan Orosz / Hungary) selected the following winners:

Category A
1. Peter Bankov / Czech Republic
2. Steffen Knoell / Germany
3. Lingdan Wu / China and Jan Bajtlik / Poland

Category B
(war: homo homini lupus)
1. Klaus Pinter / Austria
2. Ahmad Allahyari / Iran and Cao Yang / China
3. Orlando Perez Sanchez / Mexico

Special Prize by the Organizers
Jan Bajtlik / Poland and Giulia Tristaino / Italy

Below are the winning posters:

Peter Bankov, Golden Bee posters biennale Moscow

Steffen Knoell, Flohribi — Flea Market at the Café Ribingurum

Wu Lingdan, Water is life

Jan Bajtlik, Jan Bajtlik exhibition in NYC, 2014

Klaus Pinter, Untitled

Ahmad Allahyari, I am not your puppet

Cao Yang, Body bag

Orlando Perez Sanchez, War is not a game

Giulia Tristaino, Bellum omnium contra omnes

Jan Bajtlik, Pinokio

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