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POSTER COMPETITIONS - Call for entries

2. Italian Poster Biennial, Finale Ligure (IT) 2015
received from Sergio Olivotti, please see the original website for more information

The contest is open to everyone except for members & families of the jury.
There is no fee for entry to the competition.
The number of entries submitted by each competitor must not exceed 3 works as amount.
Posters will be evaluated and selected by the Jury Panel formed by distinguished designers as mentioned before. Few changes to the jury panel may take place for serious reasons but not will affect the ongoing of the Biennial.

Posters submitted may participate in the following categories and with these formats:

1. Category A Posters on cultural, artistic, political and social issues and activities (poster size format must not be less than 40 x 60 cm. in this category; posters must be created between 2014 and 2015);
2. Category B Unpublished posters on the topic: “WAR /// Homo homini lupus” (look at the section BRIEF to have more info. Poster for this category must be 50x70 cm in vertical format; poster of Category B should be original, unpublished, not previously printed or digitally published posters, including social networks, blogs, websites or other calls).

Designers can submit up to 3 posters as amount.
The second edition of Italian Poster Biennial doesn't have a category for posters for commercial events, products or services and advertising in general.

By participating every designer accepts the rules of the competition of the Biennale and declares that submitted posters are the result of his creativity and declares to own all rights for them. We remind participants that if an image is not created by ourselves (for example is downloaded from the Internet!) very probably it belongs to someone else...

How to send low resolution files
Digital files of works are to be submitted in a single mail from 9th December, 2014 up to 15th April, 2015 using the form on ItalianPosterBiennial website.
[ file: max 35cm. 72dpi the wider side /// JPG or Pdf /// color model RGB /// max 2mb]
(selected designers will be asked for the high resolution files later)

How to send printed posters and high resolution files
In case of being selected, the designer agrees to send one printed copy, the high resolution files and the filled form of each selected poster. Not complying with this term would mean automatic elimination from the selection. The Inscription Form ( will be printed, filled and stuck with masking tape (not glue) in the bottom right corner of each poster. The form must be filled in English or Italian only. The author must sign the entry form, which indicates his/her acceptance of the terms and conditions of the contest. The final shipment of the posters should be in a poster tube with edge protection on each poster to prevent damage. Damaged posters will not be accepted. Italian Poster Biennial will not accept or pay additional costs and taxes of shipments. All shipping and insurance costs must be paid by participants. Shipment information and address will be provide to each selected designer by email. The shipment must be sent with “NO COMMERCIAL VALUE/SENZA VALORE COMMERCIALE” declared and the phrase beared on the tube too. The organizers reserve the right to refuse the participation of posters that are considered offensive to morality or culture of any country and that of those who do not comply with the requirements of this solicitation. Members of the Jury panel will have spaces for a selection of their works to be exposed into the Biennial. The address to send printed poster and the email address to send high resolution files of the selected posters will be comunicated at the same time of the jury verdict.

9th December, 2014 > The contest opens for entries.
15th April, 2015 > Entries close on midnight (Rome time). Poster uploaded after will be excluded from competition.
16th April, 2015 > Jury starts to select posters.
30th May, 2015 > Selection ends.
15th June, 2015_ Selected poster are announced and selected designers starts sending printed posters / high resolution files / form
15th September, 2015 _ Last day to receive printed posters / high resolution files / form
8th December, 2015 > Opening of the 2nd Italian Poster Biennial _ Proclamation of the 3 winners of each category.

Categories A
First Prize - Medal / diploma / graphic design books
Second Prize Medal / diploma
Third Prize Medal / diploma
Category B
First Prize - Medal / diploma / graphic design books
Second Prize Medal / diploma
Third Prize Medal / diploma

Entries must be dated 2013-2015.
The number of entries submitted by each competitor must not exceed 3 works as amount.
Posters submitted must be enterley original. For the category B are accepted only unpublished artworks (published posters, including social networks, blogs, websites or other calls will not be accepted)
Posters must not include any copyrighted material, they must not contain any logos, and should not offend anyone and/or be in contrast with the peacefull spirit of the Biennial.
Posters of the category B must be relevant to the brief.
Posters received after deadline or that don’t match all the requirements as specified in previous rules will be excluded from the competition at the discretion of the jury and of the organization committee too.
The organizing committee will be entrusted to make decisions for unforeseen events.
By submitting an entry, the designers automatically agree all the previous rules.

All submitted works remain in the Italian Poster Biennial collection and are not to be returned.
Organizers have the right to reproduce the posters submitted to the Biennial, in catalogs, exhibitions, electronic media, promotion activities, fundraising campaigns, events of the Biennial respecting the credit of the authors. Designers retain full ownership of their entry. Designers are guaranteed the right to be credited every time their entry is published or displayed.

The images should speak by themselves. For this reason we do not recommend to use in the poster too many words". Naturally this is only a suggestion and not a strict rule. We also suggest the designers to deal the debate honestly and thoroughly, to avoid rhetorical posters.
As Thumper says in Bambi: "If you can't say something nice... don't say nothing at all"
We suggest you to focus the attention on the theme of the contest fro Category B.

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