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Winners of the 4. Krakowski Festiwal Plakatu 2002

The jury
(all are polish poster designers except Krzysztof Dydo from the Galeria Plakatu in Cracow)

Maciej Buszewicz

Piotr Kunce

Marian Oslislo

Jacek Cwikla

Krzysztof Dydo

On December 5, 2002, the jury met in Cracow (PL) and awarded the following prizes:

Category A : printed and published posters

  • Grand Prix: Miroslaw Adamczyk, for his total poster work

    Main prizes:
  • Bogna Otto - Wegrzyn, for REWOLUCJA
  • Jacek Staniszewski, for JOURNEES SOPOT a PARIS
  • Jakub Stepien, for FLUXOWKA
  • Szymon Salinski, for QUO VADIS
  • Wojciech Kolek, for 2 + 3D

Category B : unpublished posters to promote Poland among the countries of the European Union

  • 1. Prize: Tomasz Bierkowski, for "POLANDEUROPE"
  • 2. Prize: Studio BAKALIE (Elzbieta Skrzypek, Magda Malczynska, Katarzyna Grupinska), for POL & HISTORY
  • 3. Prize: Michal Starczewski, for OPEN THE RIGHT DOOR
  • Prize of the Sejmiku Samorzadowego Wojewodztwa Malopolskiego: Agata Kosmacz, for POLAND TRADITION and MODERNITY
  • Prize of the Galeria Plakatu w Krakowie: Weronika Ratajska, for I LOVE POLAND
To learn more about the festival, see the introduction to the 3. Krakowski Festiwal Plakatu 2001

Here are some of the winning posters:

Category A

Miroslaw Adamczyk

Miroslaw Adamczyk

Miroslaw Adamczyk

Miroslaw Adamczyk

Jacek Staniszewski

Bogna Otto-Wegrzyn

Jakub Stepien

Daniel Porada

Szymon Salinski

Wojciech Kolek

Category B

Tomasz Bierkowski

Studio Bakalie
( While trying to take a picture of the prizewinning POL & HISTORY, my look was temporarily diverted by Mother Nature, sorry, but this posters is also outstanding )

some of the winners:

Jakub Stepien

Tomasz Bierkowski

Bogna Otto

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