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Winners of the 21. International Poster Festival of Chaumont 2010

Please visit the official web site or the Call for entries for more details.

The jury of the international competition

  • Christophe Jacquet dit Toffe (France)
  • Alejandro Magallanes (Mexique)
  • Igor Gurovitch (Russie)
  • Elliott Earls (USA)
  • Karel Martens (Pays-Bas)

The jury met in Chaumont (FR) on May 28, 2010, and awarded the following prizes from about 100 posters that the preselection jury Christophe Jacquet dit Toffe (France), Pierre Delmas Bouly (France), Frédéric Bortolotti (France), Thierry Chancogne (France), Véronique Vienne (France)) had picked:

Prize winners of the international competition

  • First prize: Ralph Schraivogel (NL), "Life"
  • Second prize: Fanette Mellier (FR) for "Specimen"
  • Third prize: Erik Belousov (RU) for "Stephan Micus"
  • Icograda Excellence Award: Niklaus Troxler (CH) for "Es guets Neus"

Here are some of the winning posters:

Fanette Mellier

Erik Belousov

Niklaus Troxler

and a video from the international exhibition in the in Entrepot des Subsistances in Chaumont:


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