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Winners of the 3. International poster and animation competition Anti AIDS 2009 in Kharkov, Ukraine

Please visit the official web site, or the Call for entries for more details.

The international jury ( Majid Abbasi, Iran / Alex Jordan, France / Luba Lukova, USA / Niklaus Troxler, Switzerland / Sergei Mishakin, Ukraine / Vladimir Chaika, Russia / Dmitri Zakharov, Russia ) met in Kharkov, Ukraine, in April 2009 and awarded the following prizes:

Grand prix: Kim Do-hyung, Korea, poster "Belosnezhka"
First prize: Golubnichenko, Vikoria & Margarita, Ukraine, poster "Bud gotov!"
Second prize: Wang Chen, USA, poster "Seks bez prezervativa"
Third prize: Staranchuk, Elena, Ukraine, poster "Chistaia liubov - Chistaia krov"

Honorable mention:
- Pasha, Artem, Ukraine, poster Chto poseesh, to pozhnesh
- Udintseva, Valentina, Russia, posters #1, #2, #3, #4
- Butko, Mariia, Ukraine, poster "Liubliu tebia ochen"

Here are some of the winning posters:

Kim Do-hyung

Golubnichenko, Vikoria & Margarita

Wang Chen

Staranchuk, Elena

Pasha, Artem

Udintseva, Valentina

Udintseva, Valentina

Udintseva, Valentina

Udintseva, Valentina

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