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3. International Poster and Computer Animation Competition "AntiAIDS-Ukraine", Kharkov (UA), 2009
2008.12.01, news received from Chervona Stricka Charitable Foundation
Please see the official web site for more information and downloadable application forms.

Terms: 26 April - 3 May, 2009
Place: Kharkiv - Autonomous Republic Crimea
Deadline: extended to March 1, 2009

In 2009 the 3rd International Poster and Computer Animation Competition “AntiAIDS-Ukraine" will be held as a competition-satellite of the VII-th International Triennial of Ecological Poster «The “4th Block” to be conducted under the aegis of the International Council of National Graphic Design Organizations (ICOGRADA) and International Biannual Coordination Committee (IBCC).

Chervona Strichka Kharkov Regional Charitable Foundation for Assistance to HIV/AIDS Affected People (Kharkiv, Ukraine)

The Kharkiv Organization of the Ukraine Designers’ Union
The Association of Graphic Designers "The 4th Block"
The Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts
The Kharkiv Regional Center for AIDS Prevention and Control
The Kharkiv Regional Organization of the Ukraine Red Cross Society
The Department for Family and Youth of the Kharkiv Oblast State Administration

Our goal is HIV/AIDS spread prevention by prevention by forming motivation to healthy way of life.

We do not want the posters and video to intimidate the audience with horrors of narcotic dependence and life of HIV-infected people. This is a passed stage in perception of complications of fighting HIV/AIDS.

We want to eliminate disbalance between the disease cause and consequences. The main thing is not why and when to die but how to live with dignity (with or without HIV status).
We want the competition works to be aimed at searching and expressing he inner world guiding lines capable (under absence of effective medicine) to help people to realize that the main AIDS protection is the brain and traditional mental and ethical values.
That is why the subheading of the competition is “Sexual counterrevolution”.

Poster: format not less than 60?90 cm made in any production technique.
Computer animation: FLASH film, animation or video made by any program means in uncompressed AVI format (PAL, 720x576 px, 25 fps not more than 30 sec.

To participate in the competition are invited: professional artists and designers, students of specialized institutions of higher education, ??????-studios and advertisement agencies and also physical persons or organizations that are concerned with the problem of HIV/AIDS spreading.


Application Form
The participant fills in the Application Form for each submitted work and sends it with the works.
One may download The Application Form from the competition site ( or to get it personally by addresses:

Chervona Strichka Kharkov Regional Charitable Foundation:
38 Danilevskogo Street
Tel./Fax: +38 (057) 705-04-64

Kharkov State Academy of Design and Arts, the Information Center:
Office 109, 3rd Block, 8 Krasnoznamennaia Street
Tel.: +38 (057) 719-21-49

To avoid mistakes and for data base formation convenience it is obligatory to send the Application Form by e-mail with full name, country, city and name of work.

In the nomination "Poster" the participant attaches the label on the backside of each work in the right lower corner. The label is filled in block letters in Ukrainian, Russian or English. The label is attached with the help of the Scotch tape (not stuck!).

In the nomination "Computer animation" the participant should put the filled-in Label into an envelope or CD disk box.

Participants in the nomination “Poster” should attach CD/DVD disk with digital image of the works (30 cm on bigger side, TIFF, RGB, 300 dpi) to submitted posters. On the disk face first and family name, and the name of work (slogan) should be written with marker.

When executing the poster the participant should include the miniature versions of Chervona Strichka Charitable Foundation and Red Cross logos (see links on competition web site).

Participants in the nomination "Compute Animation" should submit the work on CD/DVD disk on the face of which the participant's name and the name of work should be indicated with marker.

The competitive works are not reviewed and are not returned. After the competition they are passed over to Chervona Strichka Charitable Foundation.

The participants in the competition give the organizers the right to use the works submitted to the competition with non-commercial purposes and to publish them in the editions devoted to the subject of HIV/AIDS.

Term of work submission: up to February 1, 2009 extended to March 1, 2009

Post address for sending works:
Vladimir Kakurin, 3-a Kitaenko Street, app. 15,
Kharkiv, 61020 Ukraine.

Note for foreign participants
Please, send the works by surface mail. According to the laws of Ukraine the parcel or postal packet to the address of a private person is not imposed by custom duty if its value is less than € 200. Besides only documents, not posters are exempted from custom duties. The Organization committee will not be able to pay the custom fee when receiving the works.

The works that pass the preliminary selection will be presented to the final exhibition which will be a component part of regular VII Triennial of Eco-Poster “The 4-th Block”, published in specialized catalogue and placed on the competition site.

The final exhibition will be held in one of the exhibition halls of Kharkiv in April – May 2009.

Grand Prix and Diplomas of the competiion.
Particular works will be awarded with valuable present and special diplomas.

INTERNATIONAL JURY of the competition
Majid Abbasi, Iran
Alex Jordan. France
Luba Lukova. UAS
Niklaus Troxler, Switzerland
Sergei Mishakin, Ukraine
Vladimir Chaika, Russia

Alongside with the professional jury the public jury will work.
The winner of the 2-nd “AntiAIDS-Ukraine” competition Dmitii Zakharov, Russia is invited as the co-chairman of the public jury.

Oleg Veklenko
Vladimir Lesniak
Valerii Galchenko
Vladimir Kakurin
Mikhail Opalev
Ilia Pavlov
Maria Norazian

From 28 up to 30 April the International creative dacha ‘Designer’s Paradise’ is planned.
By preliminary requests of the triennial participants and guests, journey to Solnechnaia Dolina Health Center will be arranged (Olenevka, Cape of Terkhankut, Crimea).
The program of the creative dacha includes international jury master classes, author’s design presentations, tours and ecological actions at the Black Sea coast, cultural and entertainment program, free communication and active rest at the coast.
On May 1 according to special schedule participants return to Kharkiv and other cities will be arranged.

Contact information
Chervona Stricka Charitable Foundation:
38 Danilevskogo Street, Kharkiv, 61058, Ukraine
Tel../Fax: +38 (057) 739-06-48

We shall be grateful if you share the information about the "AntiAIDS-Ukraine competition with your colleagues and friends!

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