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front cover 2 + 3D
Polish design quarterly
Published by Fundacja Rzecz Piekna, WFP ASP Cracow (PL),; edited by Czeslawa Frejlich; 2D editor Jacek Mrowczyk; about 80 pages, 21 x 28 cm, about 200 color illustrations; softcover; ISSN 1642-7602; 12 PLZ for one copy (about US$ 3.00); in polish with english summaries

The cover of nr.6, 2003.01, is the winning entry of a magazine cover contest won by Zuzanna Czyz-Mazurkiewicz.

2 + 3D is a new polish design magazine in the tradition of the venerable publication Projekt which had reached the end of its time, with a very fresh outlook on both polish and international trends.

I met some of the staff (Jacek Mrowczyk, the 2D editor, Kuba Sowinski, the graphic designer, Ewa Wrubel and Zdzislaw Schubert, two freelancers) in Warsaw during the 2002 Poster Biennale, and was impressed by their speed, energy and good cheer.

I will present below only the part of the magazine concerning posters, maybe one sixth of the total volume, with at least one sizable article on them in each number, the rest being typography, CD covers, furniture, glassware, logos and other lesser crafts that run under the heading Design. Still, I am greatful for what they are doing for posters, and realize that the good old days of Das Plakat, Gebrauchsgraphik, PlakatJournal and Affiche are over, and they are practically the only one to keep the banner up (until the chinese publications become wider known).

I like their no-nonsense, concentrated approach and magazine design, their extensive calendar of fairs, competitions, exhibitions in Poland and abroad, and wish they would have an all english edition one day.

nr. 2, 2002.01, p.36/37
The Fish was THIIIIS Big!
The title of this article by Zdzislaw Schubert about an exhibition of Wiktor Gorka posters refers to a famous polish tourist poster.
nr. 3, 2002.02, p.16/17
The posters of Wojciech "Korek" Korkuc which are hung up around town cause a stir. You can't pass them by without being struck by their loud ideas. Korek's opinion is that controversy excites attention, and that an effective poster is one that gets noticed.

nr. 4, 2002.03, p.22/23
Catherine Zask
Grand Prix 20. International Biennale of Graphic Design in Brno 2002
nr. 5, 2002.04, p.10/11
18. International Poster Biennale Warsaw 2002
with posters by Jianping He, Alain Le Quernec, Dominika Rozanska, Gerard Paris Clavel and Iuri Surkov.
The controversial article on Le Quernec's gold medal poster was reprinted, in polish and english, on the Poster Page.

Contents of nr.6, 2003.01:
p.2 Calendar, p.10 Poster festival in Cracow, p.12 Rock design, p.16 Poster biennale in Mexico, p.18 The typographical landscape of Wolfgang Weingart, p. 24 The swiss poster exhibition in Gniezno, p.28 Young swiss design, p.40 Hannes Wettstein, p.50 Polish roots, p. 52 18. Miedzynarodowe Biennale Wzornictwa Przemyslowego, p.56 Maciek Jurkowski self presentation, p.60 Andrzej Pawlowski the design designer, p.65 Naturally shaped form, p.70 the rest is all in polish.

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