WEB POSTER EXHIBITION - Street posters in Vienna


Main entrance to the poster collection at the Austrian National Library. The former tenants of this building, the austrian emperors, had the foresight to have the door made large enough so that even today's huge posters can be brought in with no difficulty. The dark speck just right of the door, about 5 pixels high, is me.
Remy and Susanne invited us to their wedding in Vienna, and so I had a chance to visit the world's most beautiful poster collection (see picture at left) and also to look at the posters in the streets of Vienna. I found an abundance and variety hardly seen in any other city. Here is a short link list on Vienna's main attractions:

Christian Maryska, curator of the poster collection of the Austrian National Library. His office is on the top floor, just to the left of the balcony, from where he runs the library's excellent poster page. He credits much of the recent revival of interest in posters at the library to his boss, Marianne Jobst-Rieder.

Intro Typo Sex Heads Litfass Huge Movie

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