Photo R. Wanner Werner Jeker, born 1944, is one of the great figures of classic swiss poster design. "Classic" means that he has been in the game for many years, and "swiss" in this context means that his posters are technically perfect, the typography meticulous, the composition balanced, the concept clear, the layout clean and orderly, and, I'm sure, his posters are economically efficient and effective. In spite of all of these traditional, old fashioned values, Jeker's posters have a fresh look and a mysterious poetry. He is my favorite and strongest counter example whenever I run into some narrow minded "expert" that tries to convince me that a particular poster is no good because the designer "just used a photograph" instead of drawing a picture himself.

In January 2006, Werner Jeker had an exhibition at the Galerie Anatome in Paris, where I took some pictures, but for various reasons making a web page about the event got delayed. If I keep trying to be as perfect as he is, you will never see that page. Finally, Jianping He's book about Werner Jeker was the straw that broke the camels back, and I want to apologize to all, especially Werner Jeker, that it took me so long.

See del.icio.us for more information on Werner Jeker.

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