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Europe Today for Tomorrow, international poster contest in Zagreb (HR)
received 2005.03.29 from Tatjana Jallard, Design Manager in Zagreb (HR)

The competiton was cancelled on April 13, 2005, and replaced by a new competition with the same name but different rules and a different deadline.



European Competition of Designers on the Visual Identity of Europe in the Future

How to design Europe 2020?

At the beginning of the 21st century, Europe is at a crossroads. What are its options? What will Europe look like in 2020? Who will be deciding on its appearance? Is there only one Europe or several of them...considering... its peoples... its identities... its cultures... its diversity... its states... its environment... its problems... its solutions... its forms... its future... its expectations... Although it is difficult to predict what Europe will look like, to design it is a completely different matter. This competition is aimed at European designers who wish to participate in the process of designing Europe's future.

Dear colleagues European designers, our continent is still in the phase of designing its integrity. We, European designers have the privilege, and maybe even a duty to participate in this process. Graphic design is the most suitable form of communication to overcome linguistic, cultural and civilizational differences between the countries and peoples of this old continent. Historical heritage, as well as the present, provides the basis for the future of the project of the United Nations of Europe, the single currency is already in use and is one of the examples on the way towards that goal. Economic, cultural, entertainment and sporting events already bear the name of this continent, but have not yet been designed in that spirit. Visual communication in all forms of the media and performing arts are an excellent opportunity to execute and carry out this demanding and historical project. Our profession is still not recognized as an important factor in solving this problem and that is why we need to prove ourselves in a creative and ethical manner. The visual concept depends on us, our inventiveness and our creativity. If we haven't yet got the right answers, let us ask the right questions. Maybe only the future generations will be proud of our pioneering contributions and results, which they will be able to use freely. Although graphic designers do not communicate in words, it has been necessary to say this and to thank you for your creative and completely free and original designs dedicated to Europe 2020. I hope this title will be inspirational and encouraging for yet another competition, and for the exhibition which we are organizing and in which we are inviting you to participate.

After the first poster (B1) competition EUROPE 2020, which demonstrated the great interest of our designer colleagues in the future of Europe, it is our duty to continue with this design project of a unified Europe. The new project task would be much more concrete and connected to reality. The first competition showed that designers are willing to think about the destiny of their continent. The new title EUROPE TODAY FOR TOMORROW would open a new question... the Europe we have, and the Europe we want? That would be an opportunity for European designers to adopt a stance towards their continent in a very responsible and constructive way. The current status quo is definitely not at the level that designers in Europe are able to offer. By suggesting changes for the better, designers would encourage European institutions to improve (define) Europe's visual identity at all levels. Design was born in Europe and it is necessary to confirm this once again: precisely now, at the time when European countries are unifying into a new whole by adding diversity of cultures and of historical heritage in a way that gives Europe a strong and prominent place in the world. The basis of the new competition would be subordinated to the new goal; the existing (realized) design would be open to new proposals or re-designs by the designers. Thematically completely open, but defined by civil and public contents everywhere around us, the competition would result in a large number of good standard solutions and proposals by which designers would once again show their professional and intellectual devotion to Europe.

Europe has to design its future or re-design its history in order to be competitive in the future that has already begun. The chaotic picture of communications in Europe can be seen as a confusion of the elements of its historical identity. The integration of countries also means the integration of their identities into a unique picture on which designers would yet have to work. The great men of European culture are the foothold of its identity. This project is MORE THAN DESIGN; it is a project of the Europe of today for a Europe of tomorrow.

Boris Ljubicic, initiator of the idea and president of the Croatian Designers' Society


  1. All participants accept the rules of competition.
  2. Participation in this competition is open to the invited professional designers and to students of design. All works should be signed by the author or group of authors.
  3. The organizers and members of the jury may not participate in the competition.
  4. Any author or group of authors may submit at most 3 (three) entries.
  5. Works must be in line with the subject of the competition and with the design task.
  6. The format of the work should be 70x100 cm, digitally printed or made in some other technique selected by the author and appropriate for exhibition. On the back, it should include all information about the author or group of authors, along with the enclosed entry form.
  7. Each author must submit under separate cover photographs of his works in digital form on CD-ROM (Adobe Photoshop, A4 format, 300 dpi) or on 36 mm slides for reproduction purposes.
  8. The obligatory text required on each piece of work is: Europe Today for Tomorrow (Europa danas za sutra). If the author wishes to do so, he may include in his design additional text in any European language, but he must also submit the text separately in the English language.
  9. There is no fee for entering the competition.
  10. The deadline for submitting the works is 18 April 2005, by which date all works must be received at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration, Petreticev trg 2, 10 000 Zagreb, Croatia, regardless of the form of delivery.
  11. The organizers reserve the right to reject any work morally offensive on religious or national grounds, and any work not in accordance with the rules of competition or arriving after the deadline for submitting the works.
  12. All works should be rolled up and carefully protected for shipping in a special cardboard or plastic tube together with the entry form, a short project description in English and complete data on the author or group of authors with the designation EUROPE 2020 DESIGN COMPETITION - "DO NOT OPEN".
  13. Shipping costs are to be paid by the entrants. The organizers are not to be held liable should any works be lost or damaged during shipping and delivery.
  14. The submitted works will not be returned to their authors. They will remain in the possession of the organizers, who have the right to use them, in accordance with the terms of competition and entry form, for the purpose of exhibiting them in other European countries, including various European institutions.
  15. The organizers retain the right, without any compensation to the authors, to use all submitted works for the purpose of:
    • displaying them at project-related exhibitions,
    • publishing them in the exhibition catalogue,
    • publishing them in the form of a book printed in co-operation with other European states or institutions, and for the purpose of promoting this event in newspapers,
    • magazines,
    • other promotional materials, including digital public media,
    and for other purposes, as the organizers deem fit.

    The authors shall grant permission for the organizers to use their works for the above purposes by signing a statement at the bottom of the entry form. Should the works be used for commercial purposes, these exceptions will be arranged with the authors in accordance with copyright laws of the Republic of Croatia. Prize money includes a copyright fee.
  16. Prior to the selection of the jury, a special committee will review all works received in order to establish whether they meet the formal terms of competition.
  17. The works will be judged by a European jury of five members: 3 members from Europe and 2 members from Croatia.
    The jury will choose the three best entries and award them the following prizes:
    1st prize € 6,000
    2nd prize € 3,500
    3rd prize € 2,000
    The jury's decision shall be final.
    Winners will be informed by fax, electronic mail or telephone, and announced on the day of opening the exhibition.
  18. The authors will be informed in the invitation about the exact time and place of the opening of the exhibition, to be held in Zagreb on 3 May 2005.
  19. All works that the jury deems as meeting the terms of competition will be displayed at the exhibition. Each author whose work is exhibited will receive a copy of the free catalogue by post at the address stated in the entry form. The catalogue will be made and printed soon after the opening of the exhibition.
  20. All works are to be sent to the following address: Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration, "EUROPE 2020 DESIGN COMPETITION" - "DO NOT OPEN", Petreticev trg 2, 10 000 Zagreb, Croatia.

  21. Contact person: Mrs Katja Šare, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration, Directorate for Information and Education, Petreticev trg 2, 10 000 Zagreb, Croatia, Phone 385 1 4599419, Fax 385 1 4599440, E-mail:

The Pan European Competition of Designers on the visual identity of Europe 2020 Today for Tomorrow (Europa danas za sutra) is organized by:
HDD - Croatian Designers' Society
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration of the Republic of Croatia
at the initiative of the Croatian Designers' Society (initiator: Boris Ljubicic, President).

The competition is held under the auspices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration of the Republic of Croatia, and endorsed by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia and Delegation of the European Commission to the Republic of Croatia.

Application form:

Last name:

Copyright Statement

I, the undersigned, hereby state that

  • I am the author of the work I submit for this competition and this work is not subjected to the author's rights of third persons.
  • I will not hold the organisers of the European competitions of designers in the making of visual identity Europe 2020 "Europe Today for Tomorrow" (Europa danas za sutra) liable for any copyright infringements for using my design for the purposes stated in the Articles 14-15 of the competition rules.
 O  I agree.
 O  I disagree. I would not prefer my designs to be used for:




This filled form must be sent in a sealed envelope together with your information on the back of the parcel. It must be sent with your design work to the following address: Ministry of foreign affairs and European Integration, with the indication "Europe 2020 Design Competition", Petreticev trg 2, 10 000, Zagreb, Croatia.

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