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Results of the competition for the 17th International Poster Biennale Warsaw 2000

( see the web site of the Poster Museum in Wilanow for more details )

The 17th International Poster Biennale Office accepted 2341 works of 786 designers from 50 countries. The Qualifying Committee selected for the Competitive Exhibition of the 17th IPB 451 posters of 280 designers from 35 countries:
97 posters in group A - ideological posters
301 posters in group B - culture posters
53 posters in group C - advertising posters


The Jury of the 17th International Poster Biennale consisting of the following members:
Seymour Chwast (USA), Heinz Edelmann (Germany), Andrzej Klimowski (Great Britain), Ralph Schraivogel (Switzerland), Mieczyslaw Wasilewski (Poland), chaired by Seymour Chwast awarded the following posters:

Ideological posters

Gold Medal: Alexander and Svetlana Faldin, Russia
Silver Medal: Marcin Wladyka, Poland
Bronze Medal: David Tartakover, Israel

Cultural posters

Gold Medal: Stefan Sagmeister, USA
Silver Medal: Franciszek Starowieyski, Poland
Bronze Medal: Michel Quarez, France

Advertising posters

Gold Medal: Giichi Okazaki, Japan
Silver Medal: Kenzo Izutani, Japan
Bronze Medal: Yutaka Murakoshi, Japan

ICOGRADA Excellence Award:
Lex Drewinski, Poland / Germany

The Honoured Prize of Jozef Mroszczak:
Artur Widurski, Poland

The Union of Polish Artist's Prize:
Przemyslaw Kozanowski, Poland

see the web site of the Poster Museum in Wilanow for more details

Ideological posters

Poster, 9k 1999, Aleksander and Svetlana Faldin
Poster, 10k 1999, Marcin Wladyka
Offer for Europe, Metabolism ' 89 - ' 99
Poster, 12k 1998, David Tartakover
United Colors of Netanyahu

Cultural posters

Poster, 11k 1999, Stefan Sagmeister
Sagmeister AIGA Detroit poster
Poster, 13k 1698, Franciszek Starowieyski
Penderecki, Polish Requiem Homage Victims of Katyn Genocide
Poster, 8k 1998, Michel Quarez
Saint Denis ' 98 World Soccer Championship

Advertising posters

Poster, 22k 1999, Giichi Okazaki
The Millennium Calendar
Poster, 13k 1998, Kenzo Izutani
IBM ADSM, The lost file is very vexing
Poster, 7k 1998, Yutaka Murakoshi
Unheard of style (African)

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