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Winners of 2002 Tokyo Type Director's Club Awards
( Inofficial announcement, see also the Call for entries for more details. The Tokyo Type Director's Club will soon publish official results.)

02 Tokyo TDC Non-member's Awards
We selected four works from around 1200 entries in Non-members Division:
- Mr.Ralph Schraivogel (Switzerland)
- Mr.Stefan Sagmeister (USA)
- Mr.Gento Matsumoto (Japan)
- Mr.Kenjiro Sano (Japan)

02 Tokyo TDC Member's Awards
We selected three works from around 700 entries in Member's Division.
- Ms.Nagi Noda (Japan)
- Mr.Tsuguya Inoue (Japan)
- Mr.Masayoshi Nakajo (Japan)

02 Tokyo TDC Awards Grand Prix
We selected just one work from Non-member's and Member's Divisions.
- Mr.Stefan Sagmeister (USA)

02 Tokyo TDC Interactive Design Award
we have not finished the jury.

The Award Presentation Ceremony will be held at the Opening Party of the Exhibition in the 4th of April at the Ginza Graphic Gallery in Tokyo, when cherry trees blossom so beautifully.

Here are two of the winning entries:

Ralph Schraivogel
Cinemafrica 2001, poster for a festival of african films

Stefan Sagmeister
Grand Prix for his book
Sagmeister: Made You Look

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