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Winners of the 9th International Poster Triennial 2009 in Toyama, Japan
Received 2006.07.18 from Shoji Katagishi, curator of the IPT
Please see the official web site of the Toyama Museum of Art or the Call for entries for more details.

On July 17, 2009, the jury ( Werner Jeker (Switzerland), Michel Bouvet (France), Mitsuo Katsui (Japan), Koichi Sato (Japan) ) awarded the following prizes from 4516 entries received, from which the preselection jury ( Kazumasa Nagai, Shigeo Fukuda, Mitsuo Katsui, Shin Matsunaga, Koichi Sato, Mizumaru Anzai, Kazunari Hattori, Shoji Katagishi ) had chosen 409:

  • Grand Prix
    Ralph Schraivogel (The Netherlands): Beautiful appearances remnants to Zurich interiors

  • Gold Prize
    Tadahiro Gunji (Japan): Little family tree
    Alain Le Quernec (France): They are people like us only with Down syndrome

  • Silver Prize
    Hiroaki Nagai (Japan): Paul Klee
    Barlock (The Netherlands): Schoon of schijn fake or fair
    Wieslaw Rosocha (Poland): Homage a Henryk Tomaszewski

  • Bronze Prize
    Sano Kenjiro & Endo Yuko (Japan): Grease
    Ralph Schraivogel (The Netherlands): Chris Marker A farewell to movies
    Melchior Imboden (Switzerland): Designer Portraits exhibition in Hangzhou China
    Uwe Loesch (Germany): World Industrial Design Day
    Stasys Eidrigevicius (Poland): Terezin
    Piotr Mlodozeniec (Poland): Hamlet
    Pierre Mendell (USA): Posters for the Opera
    Takahiro Eto (Japan): Sumo wrestling
    Ana Albero (Spain): Psoriasis
    Kasia Rogowiec (Poland): Henry Miller Plexus

  • The 4th Yusaku Kamekura International Design Award
    Vladimir Chaika (Russia): Frida Kahlo + Diego Rivera = 100Years Of Love

Here are some of the winning posters:

Uwe Loesch

Piotr Mlodozeniec

Stasys Eidrigevicius

and some pictures from the opening ceremony:

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