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Winner and participants of the 15. Tiburon Film Festival poster contest

Received from Jean-Benoit Levy. Please visit the official web site, Facebook or the call for entries for more details.

The organizers selected the poster designed by Katherine Chen, a student in Jean-Benoit Levy's class at San Jose State University, Design Dpt., DSGD 63, Fall 2015, as the official poster of the 2016 Tiburon International Film Festival.

Prof. Levy had participated with his whole class at the competition and wrote

When they enroll into the Design Department, the introductory class "Fundamental Graphic Visualization" from Jean-Benoit Levy is the very first contact to the discipline of Graphic Design that the young students are having at the San Jose State University, in California. At the end of each semester, all students receive a last assignment where they get the opportunity to participate to a real poster competition. At the end of this very intensive course that addresses many aspect of the basics of Graphic Design, the making of the poster is the moment for them to measure what they have learned during the semester. The themes are variating depending the actuality of the poster competitions.

After participating at "Food in the Loop" initiated by the 5th "Posterheroes" Poster Contest during their Fall Semester 2014, and during the Spring semester 2015 to the competition Right to Healthcare from "Posterfortomorrow" , during last year's Fall Semester, two classes of Jean-Benoit participated at the 15th Annual Tiburon International Film Festival Call for Poster, announced on this very website.

Above and below are some posters that Prof. Levy's classes have created.

Alan Farinas

Alexander Martinez

Alexandra Lac

Andrea Gutierrez

Bridget Cox

Brijido Cisneros

Brijido Cisneros

Eric Benjamin Vasquez

Gabriella S. Etheridge

Grayson Garcia

Irene Campos

James Louie

Jasmeet Singh

Jennifer Nguyen

Jocelyn Gutierrez

Jorge Sanchez

Kernen Dibble

Kevin Manuel

Malik X. Williams

Mark Kua

Matthew Lee

Megan Torrecampo

Monica Arreola

Nathan McNeil

Nathan Tendido

Nichelle Jarrell

Norman Fung

Oscar Ramirez

Pawan Narayan

Rachel Lagula

Rebecca Downey

Ryan Huynh

Salina Noble

Sara Burns

Sheray Su

Shuting Zheng

Stephen Niemeier

Tara Short

Tarun Nalluri

Tony Nguyen

Tuan Nguyen

Young Hong

Zachary Debdeb

Zainab Nisa

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